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Hello friends,

Do you remember Amit & Amrita and their friends, Sanjay & Sunita?

Here again we are going to tell you one more good experience of our life. Indeed we had much good and bad experience but this one is better than others.

We had other couple friend (we will tell them Kanti & Kavati) almost same age as of us. Kanti was a normal man with good business while Kavati was a housewife but very shy lady. But we were good friends.

After our first experience at Daman with Sanjay & Sunita, I talked this to Kanti. He was very eager to have same experience but he had a problem with his wife, she was very shy and very poor in sex too (Which he informed me). Kanti asked me for help to convince his wife for fun. After getting all information about her wife I asked his permission that my wife would try to convince her. I gave all information to my wife Amrita and she took quick decision that she will do it as soon as possible.

Now in the words of Amrita..

As Kavita was very shy person I have to be very careful. So, first time we met, we had good chat on normal life and then in next few sessions slowly I started talking about sex in picture (both Hindi and English) and asked her views. As soon as sex word came she was red on face, but slowly as time passed she was taking normally for sex in her personal life.

Once we were alone, both of our hubbies were out of town for more than 10/12 days, so I asked her that you are not feeling lonely without your hubby? She said yes, she feels very lonely but there is no other alternative too. At that time I just caught her nipples with cloths on and press and asked why not try other man when you feel lonely. With this she was like red and yellow and in shyness she put her head down also. Kavita said it’s a sin of thinking of other man.

Then I explained her that life is for enjoyment, you can see from our past that king Dashrath had 4 queens and lord Krishna had many queens. Even queen Dhropati had 5 men in her life. With this she came to a openness and just came near to me and was lifting her hand to touch my nipples but from half she dropped a plan and was feeling shyness. So, I caught her hand and put on my boobs and also I put my hands on her boobs, and started caressing/pinching them. She also responded with her hands to me.

After few minutes I took her to our bedroom and let her sleep on our bed and removed her blouse and bra and started sucking and licking her nipples, and pressing her boobs. She was enjoying so much that she was like half unconscious. In the mean time I started touching her lower parts and reached her pussy and started pressing with cloths on. And slowly removing her sari and petticoat I started kissing just above her pussy hole. Now she was in heaven. With my other hand I just opened one of our side drawers of bed and took out one small vibrator and started using it on her pussy. At last she started moaning and shouting for more help as she was on fire. She grabbed vibrator from my hand and started using in and out on her pussy and enjoying. With in few minutes she was realizing watery fluid like a running tap of water. She enjoyed this most and asked to keep vibrator with her.

Then after one day I informed her about our game with Sanjay & Sunita, and informed her how we are enjoying more after that. She also agreed and tells me that from that day she is also enjoying more sex with her hubby. She said that now she wears low-neck line cloths to arouse her hubby more and he too is responding more and some time she comes 4/5 times in one night. Now she has become more bold and open in many ways.

After few days we hosted a dinner to all our friends including Sanjay, Sunita, Kanti & Kavita. After dinner all of our friends left and only one couple left and that was Kanti and his wife. They helped us clean all things and replace all chairs and other things to their respective places. At around 11.30 pm we all were free and just sitting on sofa to relax, Kavita stood up from her place and came near Amit (my hubby) and sits on his lap and started kissing him on his forehead and cheeks and last directly on lips.

On seeing this myself and Kanti and even Amit was surprised! Before we think any thing else she started rubbing her hands on Amit’s pants and started unbuttoning & unzipping them and pullout his man hood and started sucking directly. After sucking for few seconds she stopped and shouted “hi amrita, what are you waiting for? Enjoy with Kanti”. This gave a signal that she was very horny now. And I obeyed her. I went to Kanti and caught his hand and put on my boobs and pressed and started kissing him on his forehead, cheeks and lips too. This gave a courage and life to my hubby (Amit), as he felt dumb from sudden attack from Kavita; he too started pressing her boobs.

After few minutes. All four of us were in our birth suit and were sucking, pressing, licking and enjoying all parts of each other. Kavita was very sexy in looking; she was about 34/25/36 with big black nipples about 2 inches in round, which were very erect and hard too. While Kanti was about 7/8 inch long and 2 inch in thickness in his manhood when erect. Both of them were very hairy on their privates.

Kavita was moaning very loudly and she pushed Amit and sat on his manhood and she was riding on him like horse. As her boobs were very soft they were flying in air like jumping jack. My hubby love to see flying balloon’s (boobs) so he started giving thrust from bottom too. He tried to catch her boobs but failed to do so as she was riding him like horse. She admitted later that first time in her life she came continually for 4/5 time in few seconds. After riding him for more that 10 minutes, she was tired so she changed position and was ready for doggy style. Amit too was happy with her and prolonged his cum for long time.

This side myself and Kanti too started having sex in sideways position and then changed it to normal missionary position between Kavita’s leg and hands and I started sucking Kavita’s boobs and Kanti entered in me. Kanti came after few minutes and I too got many orgasms in mean time.

We all four were very tired after that and slept in same room without any cloths just got covered with bed sheet. In the early morning Kavita and myself got up early and started sucking cocks of our respective hubbies to wake them up. They both got up both ways and also their respective cocks too were flying high in air like a flag pole.

Suddenly I got a idea to play new game where both man should sleep parallel to each other keeping some distance on opposite side i.e. one man should have head on window side and other one should have leg on same side. Then both ladies also slept parallel to each of them with same position but Kavita’s mouth was on Kanti’s cock and her pussy was been suck by Amit and my mouth was on Amit’s rod and my pussy was been suck by Kanti. This went on for more that half an hour and both men exploded in our mouth and we too came many times in their mouth. After some foreplay we all went to bathroom for shower.

Above experience have been written on our mutual understanding. And confirmation has been taken by all of them.

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