Cuckold Fantasies of my Hubby! – Part 2

Hello all, I hope you all are doing well. I am Sushma, and posting this story on behalf of Reema. This story belongs to her.

Continued from part 1.

Saran is making me horny, and I started to feel it. My pussy is getting wet, and suddenly, he bites my nipple. He bites a little hard, and I start to moan. Then he started to suck my 34-size boob. He was sucking so perfectly, and I could not control my moans. “Ahh, suck, baby.”

He is aggressively sucking my boob, and the room fragrance makes him horny.
I started to enjoy it. I don’t want to sleep with a wet cunt on my first night. So I have decided to support Saran on the bed. Saran started to kiss my belly and left love marks on my belly.

Then he tried to remove my saree from my waist but could not because of my waist pin. Saran got frustrated as he didn’t hold the waist pin properly. He got angry and pulled my saree powerfully. In that process, my saree was torn down at my waist part.

I love his aggression because I have never seen him like that before. I removed the waist pin, and he removed my saree and petticoat. I was in the nude, and I started to remove his tee. His bare chest has raised my pussy heat. I started to lick his chest nipple to raise his warmth.

He responded by saying bitch, and hold my hair. Saran started pulling my hair, and I licked her chest. I started to bite his chest nipple, and he pulled my hair hard. I became bitch for him and moved down to his abs. I licked his abs, and slowly I removed his belly button.

I did not waste time and pulled his pant along his boxer. I was excited to see his long thick dick. I have seen his dick many times. But I started feeling the heat from my first night and the room’s aroma. I looked around the room, and I did not spot my hubby. So I started to lick his dick slowly.

I can feel Saran’s feelings. He got goosebumps as soon as my tongue grazed his wet dick. I started to roll over my tongue on his dick. Intentionally, I started to lick slowly because I loved his feelings. Saran’s legs were nervous. I pulled his dick skin and started to lick his dick head.

That’s enough for him to hold my hair like a bitch. I increased my licking pace, and he was pulling my hair hard. I love his aggression and licking his dick like a lollipop. Soon he cum inside my mouth. I love his cum, and we both moved to the 69 position.

Saran is in a hot mood and started to lick my pussy without wasting time. Ah! It was an awesome feeling, and I adore his aggression. As a girl, I can’t ask for enough foreplay from him. But I decided to heat him and put down his dick skin. I slowly move my tongue over his dick.

I sense his shivering legs. I boiled his blood with my tongue, and he reached a new level. He started to lick my sweet pussy at a good pace. At the same time, I was giving blows to him. He was licking my pussy, and suddenly, he rolled me down. I was down with his dick inside my mouth.

He was at the top of my pussy. Later we rolled again and licked each other personal parts. We had up and downs on the bed, and we both detached after 10 minutes. I drank down his cum, and my face became wet with his cum. Also, Saran’s face was wet too with my cum.

My body is covered with cum, including my hair. I smell nasty, but I enjoy the night. I asked him to fuck me as I was desperate. He put condom and stretched my legs wider in the missionary position. I closed my eyes shyly, and without wasting time, he pushed his dick inside my pussy.

My pussy was wet, and his dick moved easily inside of my pussy. I was moaning. Indeed, he is in a good mood and thrusting his dick inside my pussy. He was using all the bad words while fucking my pussy. It was like a dream come true for me.

Love bites, blow, tight hugs, pussy licking, cum spread overall on my skin, and mostly fucking with my loved person. It’s a perfect first night for any girl. Both legs were raised, and eyes were closed. I was moaning. My fingers were rubbing his hair, and my boobs were moving up and down.

We both completed two rounds and were about to start the next round. He put a pillow under my bum and spanked my pussy. He pushed his dick. I moaned, and all sudden, I spotted my hubby. He was beside me, and I lost my comfort zone. Honestly, I did not feel secure about it.

I see my hubby when Saran is pushing his dick inside my cunt. I pushed Saran and covered my body with a bed sheet. I requested Saran to stop, and he respected my decision. Saran left the room, and my hubby removed his clothes.
He is nude, and his dick is longer and thicker than the Saran.

Hubby: Come, let’s have a shower.

Me: You have. I will have it after your turn.

H: Let’s do it together.

Me: Together? Hmmm, no, not now.

H: It’s our official night. Let me see your body.

Me: No. Not today. I am not in the mood.

H: Don’t say no. I should have a memory with you.

Me: Ok. Please don’t touch me.

H: Fine.

We both were inside the bathroom. But I did not feel confident nude in front of him. Rohan started the shower. After a few minutes, he touched my boobs I removed his hands.

H: Tell me one thing.

Me: What?

H: Have you enjoyed with Saran?

Me: No, I did not enjoy it.

H: Why did you ask him to leave? He is middle of something with you.

Me: Well! I can’t stay nude in front of two men. I felt insecure about it. Also, I agree with Saran because it’s your fantasy. From now on, don’t do this again.

H: Let’s do it now.

Me: you will call him again? Please don’t do it.

H: I will do it with you.

Me: Madharchod (Mother fucker)! Don’t make fun with me. I have seen you in the past, and you don’t know the process.

H: Which process?

Me: Fucking process. Look, I am tired. Let me get some good sleep. Tomorrow evening we need to go out.

I came out of the shower and wore a blouse and a petticoat. My hubby came out from the washroom. He looks hot with his six-pack abs and muscular body.
He is nude, and his dick is tempting me. He came near to me and asked me for a blowjob.

Hubby: Take my dick inside your mouth.

Me: Get lost. Don’t eat my brain.

H: Please, baby! Just once.

Me: I am tired. Saran has crushed me. Not in the mood for a blowjob.

H: Don’t say that. You look awesome. Still, we have enough time for sex. Officially our first night is not done yet.

Me: Your body has grown up, not your mind. Sex is not a game.

Then he held my hair hard and pushed his tongue inside my mouth. It was like a flash, and I didn’t have time to react to his action. My hair was in pain as he pulled it hard and our tongues twisted. He is not in the mood to break the kiss and pull my hair hard.

His feet are on my feet. I was feeling his weight and pain. Suddenly he looked like a different person, and he broke the kiss. His kiss was so nice, and I was shocked because he had never kissed me in dating. He tore my blouse easily and pushed me onto the bed.

After that, he tore my petticoat and made me nude. I was in discomfort and hid my pussy with my palm. Then quickly, I covered my body with a bed sheet.
He smiled and said, “Bitch! Look at my dick. It’s in hungry after watching live porn of you. No drama bitch.”

Then he pulled the bedsheet. He is stronger than me, and he pulled it easily. His body language changed, and my heartbeat was high. I was fearful and nervous. He laid down on me and bit my neck. He started to suck my neck deliberately, and I was trying to push him with my hands.

I did not succeed in pushing him. Later he pushed my hands and bit my lower lips. He is a strong person and 6 feet tall. He is muscular with 100 plus kilos.
He held my arms and locked my legs with his legs. I could not move an inch on the bed. He started to lick and bite my cheeks, lips, and neck.

My upper and lower lips were damaged. He tore out the lip skin. He started to suck my 34c boob. He was sucking perfectly and biting my nipples occasionally.

After that, he bites my waist and slaps my pussy hard. He slaps more than three times on my pussy, and unknowingly, my pussy becomes wet.

Hubby: Bitch! Your pussy is red and wet. I will have fun.

Me: What are you doing? I am losing my sense, and my body is in pain.

Hubby: Come, let’s take my dick inside. Do it fast. Can’t wait for pussy.

Me: Please leave me. I am tired. I can’t take your weight.

But my hubby did not listen to me, and he sat on my boobs and pushed his dick inside my mouth. I loved his act, and I lost my sense. He cum inside my mouth, and I swallowed it. He realized cum was on my face. Also, he picked up the saree and knotted them to my hands.

My hands were tied, and he stretched my legs wider. I inhaled loudly and closed my eyes. He put a pillow under my bum and kissed my cunt. After that, he licked my pussy for some time, and unknowingly I raised my legs and moaned softly.

He licks deep inside my pussy and is better enough than Saran. My pussy is wet, and he put his index finger inside my cunt. I was in lust as soon as his index finger touched my spot. A few minutes later, he pushed his middle finger inside my cunt.

His middle finger is thick and reaches a further distance in my cunt. His two fingers were inside my cunt, and he started to rotate the fingers. I lost my sense and moaned like leave me. Then he removed his fingers and put them inside my mouth. I felt wet inside my mouth and tasted my cum.

He spat on my pussy, and then he started to rub his dick over my pussy. He did not wear a condom, and I felt his hard dick. At that point, my heartbeat was very fast, and I was scared of him. His dick was thick and long, and he was mostly horny.

I couldn’t escape from him as he tied my hands and stretched my legs wider. He is a strong and muscular person. I closed my eyes and held my waist tightly. He slowly pushed his dick inside my cunt. It’s not easy for me as his dick is thicker than Saran.
Suddenly, he pushed his dick powerfully and tore my pussy skin. I can’t say the pain, but his dick reached well a distance. I had never experienced it in the past.
My moans became louder, and tears came out of my eyes. He did not stop for the next 10 minutes, and I moaned hard throughout the 10 minutes.

Then he sat my boobs and pushed his dick inside my mouth. He holds my hair and pushes my head to and fro. His dick is wet and full of cum. I tasted his dick, and he realized cum on my face.

Again he started to fuck me hard. This time with more aggressively. I do not have the strength to moan as my throat needs water. I can hear huge noise when his thighs hit my pussy.

He fucks me for more than 10 minutes and says, “Bitch! How come you have virgin pussy? Huh! Saran did not fuck you well! Your pussy is tight.”

Then he removed the knots, and we drank water. My face was dried up with cum, and my lips were dried up with blood. I smell nasty but Roshan is looking for sex.

H: Bitch! Your ass is awesome. I will fuck your ass now.

Me: Please leave me. I am tired and in pain.

H: Stop crying! Cooperate with me to finish early else I will force you.

Me: Why you plotted me to fuck with Saran? You know how to fuck.

Then he pushed me onto the bed, put me in a doggy position, and moved my hands to the back. Then, he tied my hands with his shirt and slapped my ass cheek. He slapped me hard and said, “Bitch! I will become horny after watching live porn, so I plotted live sex.”

Then he pushed his dick inside my ass. Oh! It was painful, and at the same time, he was pulling my hair and slapping my ass hard. He was in beast mode and fucked my ass for some time. Then he fucked my pussy doggy style. He fucked for some time and removed my knots.

Then again, he started in missionary position and I fall asleep without my knowledge. The next day, Rohan woke me at 10:00 am. He said that we should leave the room before noon. It was difficult for me to wake up from bed because of body pain. I slept without clothes.

Somehow I managed to go inside the washroom. I checked in front of the mirror and found lots of love bites on my skin. My cheeks were red because Rohan had bitten me last night. My lips were dried out with clotted blood. I have a sore ass and pussy. My asscheeks is in pain.

I took my shower, but I didn’t have anything to wear. Rohan managed to dress for me and later noticed that bedsheet had plenty of strains. We left the hotel and reached Rohan’s house. Everyone started to laugh at me because of love bites, and I could not walk properly.

I took a month to recover from body pain, and he did not fuck me during that month. Later he took me on my honeymoon to Udaipur. He started again with his fantasy on our honeymoon. He arranged three lesbian and they sucked and licked my pussy. After that, he fucked me for the whole night.

The next day, he called 7 foreigners, and they all fucked me with condoms. Post that, Rohan fucked me without a condom. I used to fuck with other men with a condom before he fucks me. Till now, I slept with more than 40 men for his satisfaction.

I resigned from my job before marriage. It was my biggest mistake. Apart from that, I have two kids with him. I dislike staying nude with other people, but my fate is different.

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