Cuckold husband fulfills obedient wife’s dreams – Part 1

At age 30, I was forced to meet Sudha who was ambitious and much younger than me. During our engagement, a wig was used to cover my baldness. I was obliged to lie about my hair because of family pressure.

The moment she knew about this during our first night, she had some suspicion. And in the intimacy, the wig came off and the truth didn’t hide for a long time. She left abruptly to her home one day saying she went to visit her parents and never returned to date.

After this dreadful incident. I learned a lesson not to hide the truth from anyone. I started to keep any talks very open personally and professionally. My frankness worked against my marriage and I almost gave up the thought of marriage. I saved a lot doing business while being single. At the age of 45, I had financial freedom. The only thing that kept me happy was swallowing all my sorrows by the end of the day was alcohol. A day never went for me without a peg.

One day in the club, I met a new friend Rajesh. Rajesh quickly became best friend of mine and a drinking buddy since we were meeting daily at the same place. He learned about my past and felt sorry for me. As the friendship progressed, one fine day he asked if I was ok to get married at this point of my life.

As he pestered me to convince me to say OK to marriage, I angrily asked him why he cared about me and my marriage. He told me everyone deserves a second chance, so did his sister Anuradha. He went on to explain about his step-sister and why she recently got divorced from her husband because of his orthodox and abusive behavior. Her husband’s side of the story was she was unable to bear a child.

After listening to him, I told him sorry for his sister’s situation at this age, because I really knew the pain of getting separated. I politely asked him for a week’s worth of time to decide for myself.

In a week’s time, Rajesh called me again. But I made up my mind meanwhile to give it a try. I told him I was ready to meet her. He cautioned me not to bring up her previous husband unless she willingly opened up about her past. I said ok and gave him a nice restaurant location address to drop her off for the meet-up.

The day finally came to meet her. I was nervous. I had no idea how to start the conversation. Also, I was not sure if her brother showed her my picture. I was only that sure a mature middle-aged lady would walk toward me with her brother and talk about our opinions very casually.

After a long wait at my table since my early arrival, I heard a voice behind my back calling my name, ‘Ankit’.

Anu: Hi. Ankit, right? Sorry if I am mistaken. Hello?

A hand wave right before my eyes for a bit made me realize I had to respond to her.

Me: Oh, sorry about that. Yes, I am Ankit. How do you know my name? Actually, I am expecting a company with me anytime now which is important for me today. So, please tell me fast what you want from me.

Anu: Hope the person you are waiting for is me. I am Aunradha. Sorry, I am a bit late.

I was shocked and froze for a moment and only came back to my senses with Anu asking me something.

Anu: Ankit, may I sit? Well, Hello! (hand wave)

Me: Sorry I didn’t realize you would be this young. Sure, let me grab your chair for you.

Anu: Thank you. So nice of you.

Me: How are you doing?

Anu: I am good, how are you?

Me: Good. Hmm, where is Rajesh, by the way? I know I am meeting his sister today, but was expecting him too.

Anu: He dropped me and left just to give us some privacy.

Me: Yeah, makes sense. You are sure that you are not forced into this meeting. You can tell me without any hesitation. I can tell him it is my fault that I didn’t show up for the meeting.

Anu: Why do you ask?

Me: I mean, don’t you think it’s weird since you are much younger than me?

Anu: I am aware of our age gap. Please excuse my brother for not informing you beforehand.

Me: Oh, you knew about me already. Good to know. But I am a bit curious to know why me? You are young and beautiful you can easily marry a handsome man if you wish.

Anu: I could. But, I want to respect my brother’s decision. And I thought what could go wrong if I listened to him after all he is like a father figure to me.

Me: A lot can go wrong. Especially society blamed me for not only getting married at this age but also ruining a young girl’s life.

Anu: To hell with society. It didn’t do any good for my mom’s situation or my recent divorce. And why do you think you will ruin my life?

Me: To tell you frankly, I may or may not reach your expectations in bed to be honest because of my age facto. I am a bit old for newlywed life expectations. I actually don’t know how I would perform since it’s been so long.

Anu: In my experience with my first marriage, I always had sex just for the sake of a baby. Sex is not the only thing I am looking for. I need to be loved too. Eventually, my ex started to behave strangely and abused me for small things.

Me: Sorry you have been through all this to you at this young age. Rajesh never told me about you until recently and what surprises me is that he had a young step-sister who is more or less like his daughter’s age.

Anu: Yes, it’s a strange story. Rajesh’s mom went into a coma at a very young age. My mom Shama was a personal secretary to our dad. She started to take care of Rajesh as her own child at Rajesh’s home. My mom spent a good amount of her youth taking care of Rajesh till high school. She was forced to move out of their home as the rumors grew that my mom and dad, then Rajesh’s father had an illegal relationship.

Me: What happened next?

Anu: Rajesh learned that his dad might need continuous care and requested my mom if she could work for him again like before. But the difference now was he asked her to marry his dad. My mom was happy. Soon, the registration marriage was arranged.

Anu: But things only got more complicated when my mom conceived with me in a year. Rajesh got married when I was 5 years old and he had 2 sons and a daughter in the coming years. Our father died asleep because of a heart attack. The next thing was Rajesh’s in-laws took advantage of this and forced me to quit my education and get married and warned Rajesh not to treat me equally to their own kids.

Anu: I am 25 now and you know the rest. Rajesh has been there supporting me all his life you know beginning from my mother. So whatever he says, I just follow. Marriage with my ex was one thing that didn’t end up well.

Me: Whoof! A lot of things happened so fast in your life. Must be exhausted with all this.

Anu: Yes, that was why when my brother told me about you. Instead of questioning why him, I thought why not. And I assume you are not expecting any kids if everything goes well. Because that is something which I cannot give you.

Me: I get it. I am just checking my odds of getting married and not raising kids at this age.

We talked for a while about our interests and likes. The only thing she asked was if I were to marry her she needed my love and support in whatever case it may arise and she did not care about what people would think about our age gap.

After a month of time, we got married and things were going very well. Anu came out of her traumatic journey from the past and she was happy. My lack of sex before I got married to Anu somehow helped me get my horses moving for a couple of months. We enjoyed our bedtimes regularly and I showed the utmost love she was lacking earlier.

But the age factor kicked in after our 2nd anniversary. I could barely get any erection when I wanted it to satisfy her. All she could do was help me with a blowjob and get herself fingered by me.

The foreplay became a routine and boring, so we stopped doing that also. I felt bad that I could not satisfy her with my dick. At that time, I felt I might have ruined her life. Then I talked to her about it and said sorry. But she an angel never complained about my problem in bed and she kept loving me and the same I gave back to her with expensive gifts and paying attention to her.

After a long gap of sex, some nights I heard whispers from Anu. She called out her ex-husband’s name and moaned as if he was fucking her now. I knew that a fellow was good in bed with her. Maybe she was dreaming of her initial days.

This continued for a while. I didn’t tell her about this not sure how she would react. But recently, she was calling out different names which I didn’t even know. Maybe she was watching more web series nowadays.

But I was sure she was horny calling out the names with soft moans. She sometimes called two names at a time. This went on for a while and at our third anniversary, I thought of giving her an orgasm and brought up this topic of moans in sleep. She didn’t deny it or accept it.

Anu: Do you feel bad about what you listen to daily? Sorry, I don’t know I am doing that.

Me: No darling, I understand it is common at your age. I am sorry for what you can’t enjoy now.

Anu: Don’t be sorry. It is our anniversary after all. It is me who chose you. You warned me before the marriage. Ok, you want to make me happy. Let’s try one thing. Why don’t you finger me by calling out the names I whisper? I just need an orgasm to cool down. This way I might not disturb your sleep.

Me: Ok, let’s start with Akki then.

Anu: Oh, did I say that name?

Me: Multiple times and sometimes you bring up Niks too. Are you just imagining different names at different times or two different persons at the same time? Do you know them in real life

Anu: Please dear, I am your wife. Don’t be stupid doubting me with two people and I really don’t know if I am moaning at sleep in first place.

We gave ourselves mutual pleasure by hand and mouth and this continued for some months and new ideas struck me as we continued. One fine evening, I asked Anu while on bed fingering her.

Me: I know I am good at fingering. But what it will be like if I allow you to have a real thing from a lad of your age. Does that sound good, darling?

With more moaning and wetness protruding from Anu’s pussy.

Anu: I bet you would not allow me to get laid by some others. Can you?

I could sense she was testing me. Nonetheless, I brought up the topic of sharing her so I had to deal with it. And I honestly didn’t care if she was willing to be fucked by someone she liked most.

Me: Yes darling, anything for you.

Anu: Ahh ahh enough, that was erotic. I am done with my orgasm.

Me: Nice, what do you say? Will that make you more happy?

Anu: Honey, don’t be stupid. I am only playing along with you to get hornier.

Even fingering with her favorite names nowadays was not working well. On the bed, while fingering her I finally told her that I was dead serious about seeing her enjoy with the men she liked most and I was more than happy to arrange it for her. Also, I told her if she wished she could have two at a time just like she moaned to names at a time.

Anu: Honey, you don’t get it. Those are just dreams that can never be fulfilled. Forget about it.

Me: You dare me. I can make it happen, just say yes. I will arrange it for you on your birthday.

Anu: Shh..Calm down. Ok, I will give it a try when the time is right.

Me: When would it be?

Anu: My next birthday, maybe?

On Anu’s birthday: When I entered the bedroom, Anu was facing the dressing table mirror, applying her red gloss lipstick in contrast to her white deep neck and short sleeve dress with black horizontal stripes beautifully accentuating her curves. The dress barely reached her knees showing a lot of her beautiful toned legs. She was reluctantly wearing this birthday dress only because I promised her a romantic dinner date after the small family gathering.

Me: Darling, get ready soon. Family can be here at any moment.

Anu: Almost done with my makeup honey. I just need to find where I stashed my strapless inner set in the almirah. Can you help me find it?

Me: Sure, I will help later. It is already late and you might want to receive family members. I think the dress has enough padding to keep your tits in place. I think it is fine for now. You decide if they are still required when we go out after the family leaves.

Anu: You always rush me. By the way, how do I look, honey?

Me: You look gorgeous year by year. Don’t you think this dress is too short for a family gathering?

I lifted a little of her dress while I praised her from the backside, leaning above her shoulders with a small peck on her neck.

Anu: I think it is inappropriate if you lift my dress this high. Otherwise, it is ok and very comfortable, honey.

She adjusted her dress and told me: Let us go down.

Me: Darling, as soon as the family gathering is done, we will go to the swing bar I found from some contacts.

Anu: A swing bar?

Me: Yes, remember we already agreed that we will give it a try. What day would be better than your birthday?

Anu: That’s just me trying to calm you down. Don’t take it seriously. We can just go out on a date.

Me: All week we are fingering and still, every other night you whisper multiple names in your dream. I want to make them real on your birthday only because you said you would give it a try.

Anu: Yes honey, I only make up those words just because I get excited during our sex. Not sure I can do it.

Me: Oh, don’t worry, dear. We can make our dreams come true if there is a chance. Only we will get to know once we visit the swing bar. Let’s try it and see if one or two can make you more horny than I do.

Anu: One or more? Where is this new interest in seeing me with more men coming from?

Me: Would you like to be a cuckold or what?

Anu: If that is what it takes to make you feel more bolder and live up to your dreams, then I can be a cuckold.

Me: Don’t you like when one fucks you in the vagina and other on your ass, just like you whisper in dreams? After all, dreams are nothing but some unfulfilled desires.

Anu: Are you sure? I mean I only dream them in sleep which I don’t even know. You will regret being a cuckold later.

Me: Anything for you, darling.

Anu: Ok, I am only accepting this because you insist. Also, I want to see if this is what I truly want and stop dreaming in my sleep. I need to drink first to gather some courage.

Me: Of course. Don’t worry, I will bring on drinks for you all night. Let’s go down.

Anu arranged some snacks on the table and I arranged some soft drinks.

Me: Ok, darling. Whom all have you invited today?

Anu: Not many. I only invited my brother’s family to town.

Me: Cool. Oh, I hear a door knock.

Then I handed the soft drink bottle to Anu and went to open the door.

Me: Hello nephews, how are you! Oh hello sister, welcome. Where are Rajesh and Nina?

Renu: My husband Rajesh went to a business meeting in London. Nina has been sick for the last two days only today she is feeling well moreover she has an exam tomorrow so.

Glad at least her lovely twin nephews Akhil and Nikhil were here. They both recently graduated with their Bachelor’s degree and asked their aunt and me to attend the graduation ceremony. I saw they were very close to the way they hugged each other. Suddenly, something struck my mind Oh wait! Anu’s nephews’ names in a short match with Akki and Niks from her whispers?

Me: Come in please, have a seat. Come sit here.

Anu: Here, have some water. Must be thirsty after all the drive.

Renu: You look beautiful in that dress.

Me: I presented it to her as a birthday present. Isn’t she beautiful in this dress?

I turned her around to show them.

Akhil and Nikhil: She looks amazing. Lucky that you are open-minded and she must be happy now.

Me: Oh guys, come on. You know I am lucky to have her. Do you guys want something to drink beer or whiskey, maybe soft drinks?

Akhil: Sure uncle, I will have whiskey.

Nikhil: I want beer.

Renu: Since when did you guys start drinking with family?

Akhil: Anu used to invite us on some weekends in her previous home and we had fun drinking and playing games when her ex-husband was not home.

Me: Here are the glasses, help yourself. You guys are welcome to my home anytime have fun just like you had earlier.

Just to clear my doubt, I tricked both brothers with pet names before Anu returned with drinks.

Me: So, Akki and Niks, how is your job-search going on?

Akhil: Job trials are good hope we get them soon. By the way, did Aunt tell us to call me ‘Akki’? You are the only other person calling me with that name besides her.

Me: Do you mind?

Akhil: No, it feels new to be called ‘Akki’ by you. The same goes with Nikhil too I guess, because only Aunt calls him ‘Niks’.

Anu arrived and served us drinks. I thought the names she called out were from TV shows. Now it was confirmed she was imagining her nephews fucking her. Should have figured it out earlier that she lusted on her nephews! Poor thing, not able to find happiness outside family even in dreams.

Anu: It’s just us, no more guests. So, just party real good?

Me: Let’s toast for you, aunty.

Akhil and Nikhil: Yes, let’s toast cheers to Aunt Anu’s birthday. Happy Birthday, aAunty.

Renu: Happy birthday Anu.

Me: Happy birthday to my gorgeous Anu.

Anu: Thank you all. Thanks for coming. Thanks, honey.

Me: At 6:00 pm, we will have her cut cake, ok guys?

Akhil: Ok.

The others nodded, Yes. We tried to finish our first toast glass of drink. These Akki and Niks were not that innocent. One was checking out her cleavage and the other was staring at her legs. She knew but didn’t bother to adjust.

I continued to observe them and talked to them casually about different topics we all were going through daily – mostly what was happening in our lives.

Me: Let’s have one more round.

I went on to get more drinks and gave them cheers again. Anu was enthusiastic and was first to bottom down first. We cheered for her. We all clapped her and she asked for more. Others also bottomed down to catch up with Anu.

Nikhil: Anu aunt, you look much better now than before, maybe because of this dress.

Anu: Come on. I work out more often than you guys remember. Ankit is very good at dress selection.

Me: Show them once again, dear. Maybe they didn’t see it properly.

Anu showed her front and back more clearly now, while they were amused to watch.

Me: Look at you dear, beautifully exhibiting your dress. It suits her well, right guys with her amazing body.

All agreed yes. It was almost 6 pm. I brought the cake to the table and all sat in round and Anu bent forward to blow the candles. Nikhil was not taking his eyes away from her deep front neck and Akhil was busy staring at her ass from back as she leaned forward from the couch.

They didn’t even hesitate to think I might watch them. Young blood may be I thought. We ate the cake and enjoyed the delicacy. After a while, Renu said she had to leave.

Me: Why leave early? Wait some more time.

Renu: I left Nina at home alone. I have to go. What about you guys, do you want to give company to your aunt?

Akhil: I would like to stay for a while if aunt and uncle don’t mind.

Nikhil: Same. I will stay if Akhil stays.

Renu: Is that ok, brother?

Me: Yes, of course they can stay.

Anu: Honey, what about the bar?

I thought of escorting her. But since I learned she was more interested in her nephews, I wanted them to try it out slowly first. After all, this perversion cannot happen on its own if someone doesn’t initiate it.

Me: Later maybe? We are having fun, aren’t we? Let’s have fun with Akki and Nicks.

Anu was stunned to hear me calling her dream names and quickly realized that I figured out who those persons were from her moans. She suddenly became silent. Renu left as I greeted her bye.

Anu was still sitting on the couch with her head down. I told the boys to use the restroom if they needed one. Both went to the restroom. I told Anu it was completely fine with me with who she wanted to have fun with today. I was being careful here not directly saying to fuck her nephews because I was not hundred percent sure she wanted them.

Anu: Sorry, I only “dreamt” it, and don’t want it in real life.

There she was. She just confirmed the names she called out in dreams were indeed her nephews.

Me: Dear, just tell me if you want me to make it real.

Anu: What are you saying? That is not possible. They are my nephews.

Me: But they are young and I noticed that they are checking you out.

Anu: Are they doing it? That perversion of them made me feel hornier before, to be honest. But they never crossed their line.


Find out what Anu’s husband planned for her in the next part.

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