Dad’s bitchy daughter – Part 2

My daughter got ready. She came out in a sexy red shirt, leaving her first two buttons and showing her milky white cleavage and the complementing red bra. She waved bye to us and left home.

She did not know I had started sharing her location while she went into her room, leaving her mobile out. After 30 minutes, I got ready and checked my mobile for her location and bingo!

She checked into a hotel, I think, as it is showing some oyo which is 3 km away from our place. I reached the place in 15 minutes. It was the lucky day of my life as the oyo in which she belongs to my friend.

Sometimes we party there, drink and watch the videos of the young girls who got banged there. Yes, he runs a blue film business as well. He placed cameras in all the hotel rooms and captured their steamy fucking sessions.

So I went to the reception and the boy there recognized me and stood up and greeted me. I asked him to take me to the control room from where we could watch the live feed. Once inside the room, I searched for the red shirt on all the visible screens.

There it is in room number 69. “What a lucky number,” I thought. I asked the boy to connect that to the main LED screen there, and he did the same. They were kissing each other with their lips locked. My daughter’s face was in between Syed’s.

He was tall, around 5’10 and well-built. His hands were on Sneha’s boobs while they kissed and after stopping the kiss. Syed and Sneha were taking long breaths. Syed smiled and kissed her on the cheeks, saying I missed all this for one long week.

Sneha placed her hand over his crouch, rubbed his dick, looked into his eyes, and said, “I missed this.” Syed smiled and asked, “You can have it, baby.” Sneha’s eyes lit as she asked again, “Can I have it, Daddy?”

Syed smiled again and pulled his pants down along with his undies. He has a long white 7 inch dick which was circumcised. Sneha knelt in front of him and took his dick in her hands. She looked at his face, maybe into his eyes. While her mouth was turned into a big O shape.

The dick was in her mouth, and within a second, I saw my daughter’s chin hitting his balls. God! She took the entire 7 inch deep throat, and that too in one go. I was happy and horny to watch my daughter doing such naughty things.

My desire to fuck her went higher in the ration. I wanted to fuck her very badly, as she took his dick deep throat a few times and then began to suck it. She rubbed it all over her face, smelled it in between, and continued sucking until he entered her mouth.

She didn’t spill a single drop out and swallowed everything. Syed then took turns and pulled her shirt out, exposing her milky boobs caged in the red bra. He pulled the straps out and removed the bra. Her pink nipples were hard and erect. He started to eat her boobs like anything.

One hand was on one boob while he ate the other. Sneha started to moan very high in pleasure, and her expressions were damn enough to make any man cum. In the meantime, Syed’s hand reached for her pussy, pressing it hard over her jeans.

He made her lay down on the bed and pulled her jeans and panties. Both are completely nude. He slapped her pussy so hard that Sneha shouted and asked for more. She said, “Ah, Daddy slap it harder. Daddy, punish your naughty daughter, Daddy.”

Syed took out his belt, had a round to his hand, turned her over, and hit her ass with the belt. I could see a clear red mark visible. I was angry, and before I could get up and run to stop him. I heard my daughter asking for one more. He hit her again, and there were two red marks on her ass.

Syed threw the belt away and parted her ass cheeks, and dug his face in between. All I could hear was Sneha’s moans asking him to fuck her ass hole more with his tongue. He ate her ass, turned her into a doggy, adjusted his dick, and sent it all in one stroke.

Sneha let out a huge moan and began his rampage over her. Sneha was asking him to be more aggressive and fuck her harder. He was doing the same. He was spanking her ass, pulling her hair, biting her shoulder and fucking her hard. He turned her and spat on her face.

He had her legs over his shoulders and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. He stopped after 20 minutes, and then my bitchy daughter took over. She began to ride him.

She moaned, “Daddy, your dick is longer than my boyfriend’s. It’s touching the spot that I never even imagined touching Daddy. Fuck your daughter daily like a bitch Daddy. I am going to cum.”

She came and fell over him. Syed adjusted her a little and began pounding her from below. Soft moans escaped from Sneha’s mouth, and he increased his strokes. I think he is going to cum. I watched him pulling out his dick and cumming all over my daughter’s ass.

They slept like that for an hour, after which my daughter gave him a blowjob. Once it’s done, they get ready and leave. I was still sitting there with cum all over my hands as I masturbated watching them. I took a copy to my mobile and deleted the video.

I don’t want my friend to watch as he might blackmail her. But the word blackmail gave me a new idea. While going home, I took a new sim and installed WhatsApp with the new number. I waited till night to send a small clip of my daughter sucking him.

Will tell you how I blackmailed my daughter and fucked her in the next part. Thanks for reading, and if you like it, give a thumbs up to the mail .