Dark Lust for my Family – Part 1

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me. What are these dark impulses which are on the edge of consuming me? But now I realize that it is not just me. It’s everyone around me. The only difference is they have suppressed their dark impulses, and I cannot.

My name is Lucky Khurana. Fancy name, right? Well, even though my name is Lucky, life was a bitch to me. I lost my mom at a young age, so I don’t know what a mother’s love is.

Soon after my mom passed away, my father got remarried. Soon after that, they were blessed with a baby girl. My new stepmom didn’t like me much, so my dad asked me if I could move out.

My father was heavily loaded, so money was never an issue for our family. My father purchased a 4.5 BHK duplex for me and asked me to move there. Every month he will send me a huge amount as pocket money. I also inherited all my mother’s assets after she passed away.

I was pretty young when I moved to my new apartment. My dad hired a caretaker for me. Her name was Muskan. She was responsible for cleaning, cooking, and all the other house chores. She was a student at a government college. She had financial issues.

Her father, Amir, was my father’s driver, who passed away in an accident. My father decided to help Amir’s family by placing me under Muskan’s care so that she could support her family.

Muskan had a sick mother. She used to come early in the morning and leave late at night. As her place was nearby, it was never a problem for her.

Rishi is my childhood friend. I met him when I first visited Muskan’s place to see her mother. Muskan’s mother had poor health conditions. Rishi and Muskan were neighbors. We became best friends instantly. Rishi started to visit me with Muskan on weekends.

But that was not enough for me. I didn’t have any friends, so I wanted to spend more time with Rishi. I decided to ask him to attend the same school as me. Muskan had a word with Rishi’s family, and she convinced them to send Rishi to my school.

Of course, I was taking care of the financial expenses. My father didn’t care what I was doing with my life, so he never interfered. It’s been 10 years, we are 21 now, and we are both in our third year of college. During these last 10 years, a lot has happened.

Muskan was staying at my duplex with me. Rishi and his family think of me as their own. Rishi’s father had cancer, and the treatment expense was too much for his family to bear. So I supported them financially, and soon he was able to recover. But he was still too weak to support his family.

Rishi’s elder sister Ritu got married. She is 2 years older than me, and her husband is a normal serviceman. Rishi also got married soon after Ritu’s marriage. Rishi’s younger sister Pari who is 1.5 years younger than me, is currently in the first year of college.

I was always there to support Rishi’s whole family. They loved me and cared for me like their own. I didn’t have a family. So I decided to make one for myself, and now I have one. Rishi’s family was my family, and Muskan was my family too. Muskan was like a mother to me, as she was always there for me.

But everything changed when the dark impulses inside me finally started to take over me. Starting with the downfall of Muskan, the mother.

As you may already know, Muskan was from a simple family. The first time I saw her was when she visited my house with her father. She was much older than me and always treated me like a younger brother. She was 19 when she became my caretaker.

After paying her salary for a few years, my father asked me to take care of her salary. I didn’t mind that. Muskan was an honest woman who always said she would repay me one day. She decided to get married to fulfill the last wish of her mother. Soon after which, her mother passed away.

Muskan was married for hardly 2 years. During this time, she was still working as my caretaker. She could have secured a good job as she had a degree, but she did not want to leave by my side.

Muskan was childless. Muskan and her husband had been trying to have a baby for some time. They finally decided to seek medical help. The medical report stated that Muskan might never be a mother. Then her husband started to abuse her, due to which they separated.

Muskan is 30 and divorced. She is staying with me now. Her height is 5.3, and her figure is 34-28-34. She has a very beautiful face. She looked like the Indian actress Kajol. For me, she is like an older sister, a mother. For her, I am like a little brother she never had and like a son, she may never have.

It all started when I first caught Rishi and Muskan making out. Rishi was married. But he was still attending college with me. He was doing some part-time work to support his family.

Rishi’s wife, Neha, was the same age as his younger sister. She is very beautiful. Her figure was 34-26-34. Her height is almost the same as mine. I am 6.1, and she is 5.10. She is taller than Rishi, who is 5.7. She looked like Indian Actress Kirti Sanon.

It was Sunday afternoon. Muskan was at home busy with her daily chores, or so I thought. I went out to one of the small-scale textile companies my mother owned but now owned by me. While studying, I also learned about the business I would take over one day.

There was a sales meeting, and I was supposed to return late evening that day. But the meeting got canceled, so I decided to return home early.

When I reached home, I noticed Rishi’s shoes outside. Rishi also had keys to my duplex. So it was nothing new if Rishi was hanging out at my place. I opened the door and went inside, and it was too quiet. I went to the first floor near Muskan’s bedroom, where the door was not completely closed.

What I saw next snapped something inside me. Rishi was sucking on Muskan’s juicy lips. I never considered Rishi a guy who may cheat on his wife, but he was furiously sucking on Muskan’s lips.

He slowly started to slip his hands under Muskan’s dress. I did not like what Rishi was about to do with Muskan. I quickly took a few photos of them. After that, I silently went outside. I got inside my car and drove to the nearest cigarette shop.

I called Muskan on her mobile. After a few rings, just before the call was about to get disconnected, Muskan picked up the call.

I could see the building I live in and everyone moving in and out.
Muskan: Hello, Lucky. (With heavy breathing)

Me: Hello Di (I used to call her di, short for didi)

Muskan: Is everything okay? You called me in the afternoon.

Me: Yes, everything is fine. But what about you? Why are you breathing so heavily?

Muskan: Oh,, it’s nothing. I was shifting some heavy boxes.

Me: I called to inform you that my meeting is canceled, and I will reach home in 5 minutes. Let’s go to a movie today. What do you say?

It was very common for us to hang out sometimes.

Muskan: Oh, my Beta wants to spend time with his Di? How can I say no? (she used to call me Beta)

Me: Hehehe, okay, I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Be ready.

Muskan: Okay

All this time, my eyes were fixed on the entrance of my building. I noticed Rishi leaving my house. I never lusted after Muskan. I loved her like my own family. But seeing Rishi and Muskan together, I was not sure what I felt.

There is sadness, confusion, jealousy, and anger all mixed within me. But for the moment, I had to keep my cool. After Rishi left, I went back to my home.

Me: Di, where are you?

Muskan: I am in the bedroom. Give me 5 minutes. I will be ready.

Me: Okay.

After 10 minutes, Muskan was back. She was wearing a green suit. This was the first time I noticed that she was so sexy. Her figure was perfect, and her milky white skin could drive any man crazy.

Muskan: What happened, Beta? Something wrong? You are staring at me so intensely.

Me: Nah, nothing. I was thinking about something from work. Let me check if Rishi would like to join us.

When I mentioned Rishi’s name, Muskan was a little uncomfortable. I can see her cheeks turning pink.

Me: You know what, how about we go alone? Just you and me. Like a date, what do you say?

Muskan: Oh my god! Do you want to go on a date with an old lady like myself?

Me: Old lady? Are you kidding me? You are beautiful, Di. I will choose you over anyone. You are my Di, after all.

Muskan got a little emotional. For a moment, there was something else on her face. She gave me a tight hug full of motherly love. But right now, all I can feel is her ample breast on me. All I can think about is RIshi and herself making out.

After that, we left for our date. I took her to the mall for some shopping, then we went to the movies, followed by a late-night dinner, after which we returned home.

Once we were back, I asked Di if she wanted something to drink.

Muskan: No, you tell me what you want to drink? I will prepare.

Me: No, Di, I will have some scotch. I will prepare it myself. How about you get yourself some green tea and give me some company?

Muskan: Okay, Beta, I will be right back.

Di knew I smoke and drink sometimes, and she was not bothered by that. She asked me to promise her that I would not overdo it.

Di was back within a few minutes. I sat on the sofa with a bottle of Black Label and a whiskey glass. We chatted for almost an hour. I was 3 pegs down, and I could feel the scotch kicking in. Di said that was a lot of alcohol. But she had no idea about my capacity to drink.

From now on, I will refer to Muskan as Muskan Di

Muskan Di: That’s enough. You had a lot of drinks.

Me: No, Di, you forgot it’s a date, and we are supposed to have fun. Don’t be a buzz killer.

Muskan Di: The date is over, big boy. It’s time for you to go to sleep.

I didn’t respond and had one more peg. This time, it was a 90 ml neat. Di was shocked, and she tried to stop me. But before she could say anything, I spoke,

Me: You betrayed me.

Muskan Di was surprised she was not sure what I was talking about.

Muskan Di: Beta, what are you talking about? I can never do that. I can never betray you.

Me: So you were not making out with Rishi?

Di’s face got pale. She was now scared. She was not sure how to respond. She finally gathered the courage to speak up.

Muskan Di: Beta how do you.? I can explain Beta. I was…

But I cut her off before she could complete it.

Me: Don’t call me BETA! (I shouted) How can you call me Beta after you were doing such shameful things with my friend?

Muskan Di: I am sorry, beta.. Please listen to me. I was helping him.

Me: What kind of help was that? He could have asked me if he wanted to fuck women other than his wife. I would get him 100 prostitutes.

Muskan Di: We didn’t have sex. We just kissed…

But once again, I cut her off before she could complete it.

Me: STOP IT! JUST SHUT UP! (I shouted at her)

After a moment of silence.

Muskan Di: You hate me. I got it. I will leave first thing tomorrow.

She was crying, and both her cheeks were soaked with tears. I didn’t respond and just sat there quietly. She cried for some time, and then she left for her room.

I was not able to sleep till midnight. I finally came to my senses and wanted to apologize to her. So I went back to her room. I knocked a few times, but there was no response. I opened the door and saw her sleeping. She was wearing a nightie, and her cheeks were all red. She must have cried a lot.

I went to her and slowly caressed her face. I was feeling a little guilty that I shouted at her. This was the first time I got angry with her. I was looking at her face in the little dim light.

Looking at her, a sense of darkness started to take over me. I realized she would be taken by some other man one day. If that’s the case, I will not let her go. I slowly placed my lips on her and started to kiss her. I slowly sucked on her lower lips and then her upper lips. This sudden kiss woke Di up.

She was once again confused about how to respond. I was passionately kissing her lips. After some time, I broke the kiss. Di was staring right into my eyes. I placed my hands on her face and said in a low voice.

Me: I can not lose you again to some other man. I lost to your husband once, but now I will not let any other man take you away. You are mine. Your body is mine. Your soul is mine. Everything about you is mine. If someone else touches you, I will make them regret it.

Muskan Di: Beta…

I started kissing her once again. She tried to resist her best, but I held her hands tightly. After a passionate kiss for another 5 minutes, I parted my lips from hers. She was breathing heavily.

Muskan Di: Aah, Beta don’t. If we cross the line, we can never go back. Please stop… Haah… We can pretend like it never happened.

While speaking, I slowly pulled her night dress up to her waist, exposing her sexy navel, thick thigh, and black panty. Her smooth milky skin can make any sane man go insane. I slowly slide my hands in between her legs.

Me: Your mouth is asking me to stop but look down here. Your pussy is telling me a different story. Your panties are soaking wet.

Muskan Di: Ahhh. No, don’t. Mmm.

Me: I cannot leave you like this. You will go to someone else if I do not satisfy your needs. I cannot let that happen, Di.

Saying that, I slide my hands inside her panties. She had a bush down there, as it must have been years since she had used this place. I slowly started to play with her clitoris. Her whole body was trembling, and she let out an erotic moan.

While using my thumb to play with her clitoris, I slide my index finger inside her pussy. She was trying her best to control her moans. There was an extremely erotic expression on her face. I once again put my lips on hers and started to kiss her.

This time things were different, and she was not resisting me anymore. I sucked on her upper and lower lips while playing with her pussy. I could feel her pussy gripping my index finger like it was trying to suck me whole.

Her clitoris was all swollen up. She had given up on controlling her moans. She was moaning while I was sucking on her lips.

Finally, she gripped me tightly with her hands and raised her hips. Her pussy was now gripping my finger so hard that it was trying to break it. I synchronized my movements with hers, and she had her first orgasm in a very long time.

Looking at her expression, I may not be surprised if it was her first orgasm in her life. In India, people are still not so open about sex. Men don’t care much about their wife’s orgasms, and women feel too shy to ask them about it. So it’s very common that most women may not have experienced a good orgasm.

Di tried hiding her face in the pillow to hide her embarrassment. Never a man had ever made her feel something like this. I slowly moved near her ears and whispered.

Me: You don’t want me to cross the line, right? Okay, I will not. Not until you shave your pussy and ask me to fuck your pussy senseless.

Muskan Di slowly turned her face toward me and looked at me. Her eyes were sparkling with tears. Her breath was heavy. There was a super erotic expression on her face, and the sweet scent of her love juice was all over the room.

But it seemed like she was also relieved as all this was over, at least for today. But to her surprise, the next words which came out of my mouth were something she had never expected.

Me: Don’t think it is over yet. I am just getting started. Today I am going to play with your pussy till you pass out. I will make it so that your pussy will only remember my touch.

She was taken aback by those words. But before she could respond, I again placed my lips on hers and started playing with her pussy. This time it was wet, and it was much easier to slide my index and middle finger inside.

Lewd sounds of her wet pussy getting played had filled the whole room. Di was also enjoying this sensation as she was kissing me back. I was pretty sure she had lost her senses to think clearly. I played with her pussy for hours, and she must have had almost 14 orgasms.

When I finished, her bed sheet was soaked with her love juice. Her pussy was twitching like crazy, and she passed out from the intense orgasm she had. She was naked from her waist down. I had already removed her panties after her 4th orgasm.

She was naked from her waist down. I placed a thick dry cloth above the wet area of the bedsheet. I pulled her nightie down, covered her with a blanket, and left the room.

It was just starting. The real fun will begin now.

This will be continued,

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