Devna’s Weird Crush On Her Boss – Part 2

Hi everyone, you can call me SK (pen name). I am 18+ years old.

Really sorry for delaying the the second part. I was met with an accident so was not in a condition to write for a while.

Most of my stories will be pure fiction and based on my and my girl Devna’s dreams and fantasies.

The story so far-

A billionaire, powerful man SK. A young and beautiful girl Devna. SK gets any woman whom he wants to fuck with money or power. Devna is a hardworking lady in SK’s office.

Devna was shocked after she saw a few fucking sessions of SK with the woman whom she admired. She was shocked and left the office, booked a room in a nearby motel, and crashed there.


When she woke up, there was sunlight coming from the window. She thought that it was still daytime and went to get fresh. After a hot shower, she sat on the bed only with a towel and took her phone. To her astonishment, it was afternoon the next day. She quickly dashed out of the motel and drove back to ‘SK Industries’. She entered the office swiped her card and went to her floor.

Near her cabin, she saw a small crowd. Then she pushed them aside and got into her cabin. She saw Jessica desperately searching for something. Jessica saw Devna and shouted at her, “Where the hell were you? Not answering your phone, WhatsApp, mail anything. Don’t you have any sense that SK had given you an important consignment? Where is that file now? If you don’t submit it in a few minutes, the contract will get cancelled. It will be a huge loss for the company.”

Devna got out of her lousy mood and got into her sharp mode. She thought for a few minutes and said, “The files are in my locker at my home.”

Then Devna rushed out of the office and raced to her apartment. She got in and rushed to the locker and took the files. She went to her computer and sent a virtual copy of the final file to Jessica’s official mail. Then she took the real file and drove back to the office. She rushed to her floor and dashed into Jessica’s cabin. Jessica was sitting with her hands on her head.

Devna asked with a breaking voice, “What happened?”

Jessica said, “The SK industries just lost an important contract because of your carelessness.”

Devna crashed onto the floor and started to weep quietly. Suddenly, the crowd outside Jessica’s cabin moved and came their boss, SK. Jessica saw him and instantly got off her chair. SK, without minding Devna, went and sat on it and kept looking at Devna, whose head was down and kept crying.

There was pin-drop silence in the room, except for Devna’s crying. After 5 minutes, SK broke the silence and told Jessica, “Jessi, can you wait outside for some time? I want to talk with this lady privately for some time.”

Hearing this, Jessica got out of the cabin and closed the door without saying a word neither to Devna nor SK.

Following conversation:-

Devna (in a low and dead tone): I am sorry, sir.

SK (in a strong and commanding tone): For what?

Devna: Sir, because of me, today the SK industries lost a big contract.

SK: Oh, is it? So, what action should I take against it?

Devna: Sir, this is my only career option and I request you not to fire me.

SK: See Devna, what happened we can’t change now. But what worries me more is the future of my company with you as the export executive.

Devna: I will never repeat such mistakes, I promise.

SK: Come on Devna, I can’t risk the future of my company for a promise.

Devna: Please sir, I will accept any other form of punishment, but please don’t fire me.

SK: What do you mean?

Devna (lowers her head): Sir, I am ready to have sex with you to keep my job and as a punishment for my mistake.

SK (stood up and walked toward Devna furiously): I have sex with many women, but that is not considered a punishment. It is more of a reward both for me and for the women. Understand?

Devna: I am sorry sir (crying).

SK: Let me see. Anyway, continue your work today as usual and before leaving the office, come and meet me in my cabin.

Devna’s rest of the day went in fear about how she could save her job and what SK would do to her.

In the evening by 8 pm, Devna took the elevator to the top floor, to the owner’s cabin. She went to the restroom on the way and checked her makeup and outfit which were both pale as it was from yesterday. Then she adjusted her dress and proceeded to SK’s cabin.

She knocked on the door and asked politely, “May I come in sir?”

“Come in”, he replied. She entered the cabin with shivering legs and cold breath. SK was busy on his computer. He signaled Devna to sit.

It was her first time in SK’s private cabin. She observed SK’s cabin, more of a mini-penthouse you can call (on the topmost floor, a big construction with heavy furniture, showpieces, awards, etc., and many other rooms which were closed).

15 minutes went on without no talking. In between, Devna heard some strange slurpy noises, but ignored it and waited for SK to talk.

Finally, SK said, “It’s enough whore, you can go, there are some other places for it to come.” Devna was confused and was about to ask him to repeat when she noticed SK moving his chair back and from below the table her, Jessica just in her panty and pantyhose got up.

Devna kept staring at Jessica’s perky tits and sweaty face from the blowjob that was going on for more than 15 minutes. Jessica was about to take her clothes and put them back on when SK interrupted her and said, “Wait, bend over the table”.

Jessica obeyed each word of SK’s instruction. Then SK took scissors from his table and cut open Jessica’s panty. He positioned his huge and wet cock on Jessica’s slit. The only Devna noticed that SK’s cock was outside this whole time.

SK inserted his 8-inch missile into Jessica’s pussy in one go, and Jessica screamed in pain. SK didn’t mind that and started to fuck Jessica very roughly. Slowly, Jessica’s painful screams were turning into pleasurable moans and Jessica came twice. When SK took his still erect cock outside, she understood that SK had not cum yet, he put his cock back in his pant and closed it.

Then SK said, “You can go Jessi. I need to talk about some important matters with Devna.”

Jessica dressed up and left the room without even looking at Devna.

“Ok Devna, so before I tell you my final judgment in your case, do you have anything to say?”

Dev: Sir, I am really sorry for what I did, it is 100% my mistake. I also told you that I am willing to have sex with you to keep my job. But I thought about it and my mind is not letting me agree to that. So, I plead with you to give me some other punishment and keep my job secure.

SK: Dear, I also told you that sex with me will not be a punishment not only for you but for any woman. Now about your future. I have 2 files here (he took 2 files from his desk and slid them to her side). These are your 2 options. In the 1st file, it is your resignation letter typed, only needs your signature. After that, you can walk off of this room and never come back to this office. You can look for other jobs. I won’t blacklist you in the international business bureau, so you will get a nice job somewhere else if you are lucky.

Tears came down Devna’s cheeks.

Sk continued: On the second file is your new job package in this company itself with nearly 5 times your current salary, and half of your current office time and workload. And it will be permanent till your lifetime. But it comes with a heavy price. I am saying this to you without any filters or consideration, “You will have to be my submissive”.

These words struck Devna’s years and she was blacked out. SK without caring walked to the nearby shelf and brought 2 glasses filled with a very expensive beverage and an ice tray. Then he put 2 ice cubes in a drink and kept it near Devna with a small bang noise, releasing her from the blackout.

SK: Have you seen 50 Shades of Grey movie, somewhat like that? But 2 things, I will not be as kindhearted as Mr.Grey. I will be rough, very-very rough. And maybe, I repeat, maybe we may fall in love and marry and other things, but that is for later even if it happens.

SK: If you are accepting my 2nd offer and ready for the terms and conditions, then sign all the 12 documents in that file. Then strip to your bra and panty and kneel with your hands on your thighs (like in the movie). If you are not ready to pay the price, then just put 1 signature on your resignation form and leave without saying anything to me.

SK: Now, it is up to you, I will not say anything more. I have a meeting now, so take your time to think. Maybe this will be the last time we will be seeing. So, maybe goodbye.

SK got up and went off to another room for a virtual conference. After 2 hours, SK came back to find the chair empty and one of the 2 folders in the trash and the other kept closed on SK’s side of the table.

He went and sat on his chair and saw that there she was down on her knees in a black bra and a white panty head down with respect and eyes that were waiting for SK’s orders.


To be continued.

So, that’s the 2nd part guys, really sorry for delaying it. I was met with an accident, so I was not in a condition to write for a while.

And we got a few reviews that my story is not that sexual and focuses a lot on non-sexual factors. We just have 2 things to say to them, we consider this story as a book and the first 2 parts were just the intro. It is going to be more intense and very much different from the movie 50 Shades.

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