Does he deserve it – Part 4

“OYY HUBBY!”, called topless Puja winking at him.

Surya ran into the bedroom with his cage hanging in the air. Surya went close to her and hugged her tightly. Although she wasn’t comfortable, he held her strong and close.

SMACK! Puja spanked him with the hairbrush she was holding behind in her arm. The spank was strong, he immediately let loose of her.

“YOU ARE STILL THE SAME MISCHIEVOUS BOY! No development at all. Shame on you”, groaned Puja. Surya was not happy hearing this and bowed his head down.

Puja smiling inside, raised her husband’s head by holding his chin with her arm and said, “But still there is some change in my boy. So I will give you your reward. But if and only if you let me tie your hands.”

Even though Surya was not happy listening to this, he let Puja tie his hands with her chunni. Then she took him close and hugged him tightly and kept kissing his neck. Surya was aroused and his penis was struggling inside that cage. His groans explained the pain he was facing. After kissing for 5 minutes, Puja sat on the bed and signaled him to sit on her lap. Surya did so.

Then Puja bent her left boob toward him, allowing him to suck on it. Surya kept sucking the boob like a baby. As he was sucking, she played with his hair and rubbed his back just like a mother does while feeding her baby.

Surya kept sucking for almost 10 minutes. Now she kept another boob in his mouth adjusting his position in her lap. Surya sucked the other one too for 10 minutes. Puja was looking at him with her eyes full of love. She kept wondering how good their future would be if he keeps himself being a good boy like this. Surya without noticing all this, kept sucking the boobs.

Surya then shifted his tongue toward the sides of her waist. He knew the weak spot of her wife. It was the sides of her waist. Whenever Surya caressed them with touch or tongue, she immediately got aroused.

Puja tried resisting as she understood that her husband was making some silly plans again. But Surya pushed himself over her making her go down and him being on top of her. He continued kissing and licking the left side of the waist, from ribs to hips.

After some 10 minutes or so, Puja was aroused. She played into her husband’s dirty plan. She tried getting hold of the hairbrush from under. But Surya being intelligent enough, kicked it from the bed. The hairbrush fell on the floor. Using his strength, he let his hands loose and started pressing her wife’s boobs.

“Stop it, Surya. Don’t do it. I didn’t want this. This is not what I want,” she kept screaming. All those screams being unnoticed, Surya continued pressing her boobs.

Although Puja was enjoying it from the inside, she didn’t want to ruin the discipline of her husband.

“Who cares, you bitch. You and that bitch Aparna played it wrong with me. What do you girls think of yourself? Do you know how embarrassing it is for a grown man to be disciplined by women?”, he groaned out in anger.

Then he played with her nipples and then they were erect. “Seems like my wife is enjoying this. Then why can’t you just accept it and take pleasure instead of trying to be a bossy wife?”, he asked.

“I am feeling embarrassed, Surya. Don’t make me go through this,” she said. Surya took her completely in his arms and carried her over to the wardrobe. Pressing his wife completely under his right armpit, he took out a chunni. He threw his wife in bed and tied her hands. Then he took another chunni and tied her legs strongly. He left her on the bed and went out of the bedroom, indeed out of home itself.

So he went outside and returned after some 45 minutes and came into the bedroom. He then removed his clothes and sat beside his wife. Now he took her over his lap and started rubbing her ass slowly.

Surya kept rubbing and pressing her ass.

“Ok then, it’s for you to decide. I will give you two options. One, either unlock me and I won’t spank you. Two, take 20 spanks and you don’t need to unlock me. On both occasions, I will leave the room immediately after completion of what you choose.” said Surya.

Surya knew he would succeed in his plan. If Puja would unlock him, then it was good for him. Or even if Puja chooses to be spanked, she won’t resist more than 3 to 4 of his spanks and would eventually give up and unlock him.

Cursing herself inside, Puja chose to unlock him. “Aparna will be very mad at me if I unlock you. I shouldn’t have shown mercy on you. I made a mistake. My dumb ass love is the reason for all of this,” she told Surya where the key to his lock was.

Surya got himself unlocked and went to Puja and untied her arms and legs. Although her top was naked, she still had her night pants on. Surya slowly pulled it down.

“What are you doing, you son of a bitch?”

Surya pulled his wife’s pants down and started licking her pussy. Puja started feeling the arousal again as he kept licking her. Surya kept licking her until she was wet.

Looking at the fluids coming out of her pussy, he understood the signal and slowly inserted his dick inside her pussy. Surya started penetrating slowly. He let his dick touch feel her wife’s pussy. He was fucking her after 5 days.

Surya started increasing the pace of the thrusts and Puja couldn’t resist anymore and eventually gave in. She laid down there and let her husband rim her ass. Soon, Surya came in her pussy. The act lasted 10 minutes as Surya was doing after a gap. Then he got up and wore a boxer.

“Now, I am leaving this room, I will lock it from outside, Just stay here silent like a tiny little bitch. If you try something silly or try to make a scene, this time my cock wouldn’t be the one to destroy your pussy,” he said showing his cage to her wife (warning that he would insert a cage in her pussy) before locking the door.

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