Does he deserve it – Part 5

Surya exited the room locking his wife Puja in. After some time, he returned and entered the bedroom once again. Puja was still lying there, tied up. She was half asleep.

Surya tapped on her and she woke up immediately as if she woke up from a nightmare. Then Surya again took her closely and started rubbing her ass slowly. Puja knew what her husband Surya had in his mind, yet she chose to remain silent as she regretted her mistake of trying to be kind to her husband.

Then Surya pulled her close and started kissing her neck and lips vigorously. The inner lusty demon in Surya woke up. He kissed her for 10 minutes.

He then completely lifted her into the air and inserted his dick into her pussy. He was fucking her in a standing position. He fucked for 20 minutes and he came.

Then he left the room brought some food for Puja and untied her. He wore his cage back to pretend as if nothing happened in front of Aparna. He knew very well that Puja couldn’t tell what happened to Aparna, because that would make her furious. Aparna would be deeply upset if she came to know that Puja didn’t listen to her advice.

The night passed away. In the morning, both Aparna and Puja were ready to go to the office. Aparna visited Puja’s home. Aparna did notice that Puja wasn’t the same as before. Despite seeing a sad look on Puja’s face, Aparna chose not to ask why. They both started to office and Surya being completely nude started to do his household chores.

On the way, Aparna asked Puja why she was moody. Puja didn’t say anything and tried to cover up saying she was happy and there were no such issues. Aparna, even though she was not convinced with the answer, stayed calm and decided to not ask the question again. As she knew Puja would share that later, if not then.

It was evening. Aparna came out from the office and was stunned to see Sujith waiting for her there. He came close and asked, “Would you like to go out on a movie date with me tomorrow?”

Aparna was delighted. She never expected this in the first place. She immediately nodded her head in joy. Sujith could sense the happiness on her face. Then they went on his bike. Puja went to her home. Later that night, as a part of the disciplining Surya program, she visited Puja’s house.

Surya this time didn’t have that worried look on his face. Aparna was dumbfounded. This was not what she expected, she understood something was fishy out there. Then she decided to understand it all by herself and came into the home.

Then she took Surya into the second bedroom (the first bedroom was where Surya fucked Puja yesterday night ). Surya was happy inside as everything was going according to his plan.

Aparna: Okay slave, now go there and stand in the corner. I have to decide which punishment I give you today.

Surya: Yes, mistress!

After thinking for a while, she decided to go on with a ball-bursting idea.

Aparna: I came up with a really good idea, something which you won’t like but that doesn’t matter at all. Now you will regret every mistake you have committed. You will say out loud each wrong deed you have done with Puja and you will get one kick as a punishment for each mistake. Is it okay, slave? (with a grinned smile on her face)

Surya was worried about ball-busting but he wanted to experience it too. He was made naked, spanked, and now would be ball busted, humiliation after humiliation. The levels of humiliation were going one up day after day. This level of humiliation was never faced before by Surya but he still liked the kinky pleasure from getting dominated.

Surya: Ok, mistress!

Aparna: Start saying your mistakes.

Surya: I was very rude to Puja.

Aparna kicked in his balls.

Aparna: Don’t count this kick-in. You have to start your mistakes from the beginning. Not like you say everything you remember. You have to follow the order. Start from the moment you used your wicked brain to make her fall in love with you.

Surya: Ok, mistress. I will do as you say (with excruciating pain).

Surya: Firstly, I made her fall in love with some flirting tips and dating skills and some relationship advice I have sought from social media.

Aparna gave him a blow. Surya was down in pain.

Aparna: Wake up, you bitch. Are you just showing off? Don’t you have any kind of masculinity? Now wake up and take it like a man.

Aparna’s words were even hurting. Along with the blows, he was facing slurs. Surya woke up.

Aparna: This is my first mistake. So I’m excusing you. If you fall again, I will take you out like this and make you stand naked in front of the flat’s door. Do you understand that?

Surya was taken aback but he nodded in agreement. He was stunned by what he listened to. Standing in front of the flat all naked like a doll in a cloth showroom. The masculine man, the gym dude, the big guy would now become a comedian for them to laugh off. Thoughts kept wandering in his head and he decided to not drop back no matter what happened.

Aparna could understand from his look that he would take her blows. Just how elevating it would be for a woman to break the determination of a strong muscular man. Aparna was feeling that pride all in her nerves.

Feminine energy which was considered weak and useless in this patriarchal world would now make toxic masculinity crumble. Surely this would be an achievement for Aparna. As Surya stood up again, he continued.

Surya: Then I tried to fly out of the relationship after consuming her (blow) I shamed her, and threatened her (blow) to leave me. But she didn’t. A few days later, she married me reluctantly.

Aparna: Reluctantly? You were the weak sigma who tried to run away. She just improved you and made you responsible.

Saying this, she gave 3 continuous blows. Surya was done. He kept his hands on his knees with his thighs wide open and trying to be in balance. His breathing became heavier. Aparna was kicking like a well-trained kickboxer and her kicks were giving electric shocks to him.

Surya: After marrying, I had rough sex with her, precisely anal sex multiple times (blow). Even when she was not willing to do it (blow).

Although Aparna was astonished at how Surya was accepting all his mistakes, she rather thought in a way that Surya might be changing.

Aparna: There are still some bad qualities in you. Say them out loud too.

Surya: I’m proud (blow) I’m toxic (blow), I’m aggressive (blow), I’m disrespectful toward women (blow).

Aparna: I’m really amazed to see this much change in you. If you keep it up, we can part ways and live our lives. None of us have to go through this.

Surya: Yes, mistress! Under your guidance, I strive to improve consistently.

Aparna: Wow, Surya. That’s so good! I like you now.

Saying this, she hugged him.

Aparna: Mommy is impressed. Now, keep it up. Mommy is really proud of you. Maybe you deserve a reward.

Aparna called Puja into the bedroom.

Aparna: Puja, your husband has improved a lot. I feel he deserves a reward. How about you giving him a nice and good handjob?

Puja was astonished, yet she nodded her head in acceptance. Then she unlocked him and started giving him a good handjob in front of Aparna. Aparna watched the monster grow and throb in excitement. Later she screamed, “STOP”. Puja, frightened listening to this scream, immediately stopped shaking his cock.

He was on the edge. Knowing this, evil Aparna wanted to stop this so that he would be on edge, infuriated, stressed and she could enjoy watching a grown man throb in disgust.

Surya held Puja’s hand and said: No baby, please don’t stop. I want to cum.

SMACK! A thunderous spank landed on his ass.

Aparna: Leave her hand right now. You shouldn’t show any kind of authority over here. Now, not her, It will be me giving you a handjob.

She signaled Puja to come aside and took his dick in his hand. Then she stroked it until he was about to cum. Then she stopped stroking with precum dropping. She edged him around 5 times and all Surya could do was keep groaning in disgust.

Aparna: The more you shout, the more late it will be for you to cum. Man up, bitch!

The word “Man up”, it’s a very dangerous one. It is the word that has been a huge obstacle for mankind to be free and happy. This word caused many men to suppress their emotions for the sake of what society thinks. This word stopped men from being vulnerable and emotional. It is the word confined men from raising their voices, showing their despair, showing criticism.

This word made the world believe that kind men are weak, and emotional men are weak. In simple terms, this word is just a weapon for some evil women to get their job done.

The same word was causing Surya a lot of trauma. He couldn’t handle it anymore and he couldn’t spill his cum out either. After treating him like this, she let him cum with one fine handjob. Aparna then rubbed her cum filled hands all over his face before locking him back in the cage.

Aparna’s phone rang. It was her son. She immediately packed and left.

The next evening, Aparna was ready. She got herself dressed in traditional. Sujith came to pick her up from her home. He was impressed by her attire. She wore traditional before, but never on a date. She wore a kurta and sat on his bike and they went to a restaurant.

They ordered food. When they were about to start eating food, Sujith’s phone got a notification. It was a WhatsApp message. He checked it and was astonished to see it. It was a video of Aparna giving a handjob to Surya. Aparna, not knowing this was looking at Sujith in awe. He showed the video to her.

Sujith: Miss Aparna, may I kindly know what is happening here?

That video shocked Aparna and she had no answers. The man whom she wanted badly in her life, now came to know about her dark side!

Aparna: Th… Th… That.. That’s nothing, Sujith. Don’t… Don’t… care… about… it.

She said in a guilt-ridden tone.

Sujith: Ohhh… Is it? So, a woman whom I wanted to marry giving a handjob to an unknown person is nothing? And I don’t need to care about it?

Aparna was blissful. Although he said in an angry tone, he just expressed his desire to marry her. But what a situation it was to be when the crush of your life wants to marry you, takes you out on a date for the first time and you get caught being bitchy with somebody else.

Aparna was feeling mixed emotions. She was very happy and very sad at the same time.

Sujith: I believed in you. I love you. I am proud of how responsible you are. I felt my mom was half as responsible as you are, my life would have been better. I wanted to get all that love I missed until now through you. And I thought you will be my strength. Similarly, I wanted to be your strength. But bitch, you are also the same as others. You shameless bitches play with men’s emotions and pretend to be the victims all the time.

Sujith kept shouting with teary eyes.

Aparna: That’s not what you think. I too love you. I will always be your strength. This is completely different (showing the video). Please believe me.

Sujith: Enough is enough, Aparna. Sorry for calling you bitch, he might be better for you than me and you might have taken this decision. Be happy and don’t meet me again.

Then he went to the counter, paid the bill, and left the restaurant.

Aparna was there until the restaurant closed. Her phone kept ringing as her son called her multiple times. But she was in no mood to answer any calls. She was feeling guilty.

She sat there with a heavy heart and teary eyes. Tears kept flowing through her eyes all night long until the server asked her to leave at midnight 1 am.

Then she went to her home. She wiped her tears off, gathered some strength, made a normal face, and entered the house. Her son was sleeping there on the sofa. Probably after waiting so long, he was tired.

Stay tuned. Happy reading.