Dominating Neighbour Student – Part 2

Thank you, readers, for clicking on my story. Here is a true-life story about my neighbouring student, Richa. After she became my student, she teased me, and finally, we decided to break her virginity.

We came to my friend’s vacant flat, and she removed my boxer and came on top of me. She gasped, “Oh my goodness, it’s so much bigger than I expected!”

Counting on the next part.

I quickly told her, “Hold on, let’s put on a condom first!” I said, “You come on top, as you can control the speed and depth of penetration. That way, you can make sure you’re comfortable and take it slow.”

She then climbed on top of me, and I could feel her tight, chocolaty skin against mine. The moment my dick parted her clitoris, she said, “Ahhh… no, it’s too big! I don’t think I can fit it!” She tried to back out, but I held her hips firmly and thrust forward.

Her tight, chocolaty skin slid up the crown of my dick as she tried to take me in, but it felt like it was going to burst as it reached the edge. She let out a scream as I entered her, and I could feel her muscles contracting around my penis.

It was like a tight glove squeezing me, and I suddenly felt every nerve in my penis tingle with pleasure. As I thrust into her, I simultaneously caressed her breasts and kissed her neck. She was breathing hard as I increased the speed of thrusts, her moans intensifying as she reached the peak of pleasure.

“Please,” she begged, “enter me slowly. I’m a virgin, and it’s hurting.” I replied mischievously, “You know what they say, no pain, no gain!” I slowed down my thrusts as I kissed her neck and held her hips. I whispered in her ear, “It’s alright, I’m here with you. I’ll make it as painless as possible.”

As I continued, she relaxed and enjoyed it. She started to move along with me, and soon, she was begging me to speed up faster. After a few minutes, I asked her to stand up, and when she did, her face was beaming. She thanked me for the experience and told me that she felt so much lighter.

After that, I lifted her and opened her legs so I could fuck her in a standing position. She wrapped her legs around me. I could feel her inner walls tightening against my thrusts. I kissed her neck and nipples as I moved in and out, feeling her pleasure grow with each stroke.

Soon, she was crying out in pleasure as she reached her orgasm. I could feel the warmth of her body. I continued to thrust into her, each movement pushing her further and further into pleasure. Even after she had reached her orgasm, I kept thrusting into her, pushing her into further waves of pleasure.

Her moans and cries of pleasure only increased as I continued, and soon, she was screaming out in ecstasy. I held onto her tightly as I moved in and out, feeling her body tremble with pleasure. Finally, I felt my orgasm coming, and with one final thrust, I released into her.

We both lay there, breathing heavily, our bodies still trembling with pleasure. We held each other close until we both came down from our highs. She said, “That was amazing. I’ve never felt pleasure like that before.” I smiled and kissed her forehead. I whispered in her ear, “Me neither. Let’s do it again soon.”

I bought some food and coconut water for us to replenish our energy after our passionate lovemaking. We lay in bed, enjoying food and drinks, basking in the afterglow of our shared pleasure. She playfully said, “You are a monster, you know that? You make me weak in the knees.” I smiled and kissed her forehead.

She giggled and snuggled closer into my arms. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, and then I slowly stood up and scooped her into my arms. I kissed her again and carried her to the bedroom for round two.

As I put her down on the bed, she kicked off her panties and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. She whispered, “Take me, I’m yours.” I lay her down and closely looked at her pussy hole. Her pussy became red from the intense fucking, and her lips were swollen from my passionate kisses.

Her tender pussy was beating fast as if it was relieved to have finally lost its virginity. She lay on the bed with her legs wide open. I whispered to her softly, “You are so beautiful, my darling. Your pussy is so tight and perfect.”

She blushed, and her face lit up with pleasure as I carefully explored her hymen with my tongue. I then moved down to her asshole and licked around it. I then used my tongue to probe her asshole, savoring its velvety texture gently. I felt my dick harden again as I licked and explored her body.

She moaned and quivered in delight as I kissed and licked her most intimate parts. I could tell she was aroused and ready for more, so I moved up to her clit and began to lick and suck it. “Bitch, are you ready again?” I said, grinning as I licked her clit.

She nodded eagerly, and I smiled, knowing I was about to take her to the next level. I quickly got up and guided her onto all fours, pushing her hips down and pulling her hair back as I entered her from behind. This time, I entered her in one thrust, pushing deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her.

I grabbed her hips and thrust into her, pushing her to her limits as we moved into a rhythm of doggy style. “Oh, yeah, that’s the spot!” She moaned, and I could feel her juices drip down my balls as I pounded her.

I knew she loved a rough fuck, so I grabbed her hair and started slamming into her faster and faster. I could feel my whole dick slipping in and out of her, and my balls were hitting her hard with every thrust. She must have been loving it because she was screaming, “Yes! Yes! Harder!” at the top of her lungs.

I fucked her roughly, pushing her body against the bed as I pounded her with my thrusts. She moaned louder and louder as I increased the intensity, and I could feel her orgasm coming close. I kept pushing, not slowing down until I felt her body tense up and her moans become screams of pleasure.

She screamed out, “Mercy me!” as her orgasm reached its peak. She gasped for air, “Please, please, no more.” I can’t take it. I will die!” I pushed her further, her pleas for mercy only escalating as the intensity of my thrusts increased.

I could feel her body shuddering and trembling with pleasure, her orgasm seemingly never-ending. But I was nowhere near orgasm. I pushed her to the brink of pleasure, yet I was still far from it myself. She said, “I can’t take anymore! Please, I’m begging you, let me come!”

Then, I felt her entire body tense up, and she started squirting all over the bed. I released her, feeling satisfied that she had experienced her moment of bliss, yet wanting it for myself. As I removed my dick, she fell onto the bed in a moment of intense pleasure and bliss.

I patted myself on the back, thinking to myself, “Job well done! Now, where’s my reward?” As she was sleeping upside down, I could see her ass, and it made me tingle all over. I had never seen such a perfect ass before in my life. My dick was in no mood to soften.

I could feel my cock hardening as I admired her perfect curves. I got up and straddled her, pressing my hard dick on her ass. I wanted to make her moan and scream with pleasure, and I knew that this was the best way to do it.

So, I started thrusting my hips and grinding my dick against her ass as I kissed her neck. She quickly woke up and said, “Stop it! I can’t take it in my ass. Please stop!” I replied, “But my monster is still hard, and I want you so badly.” She said, “Okay, I guess I can take it in my mouth then.”

She got on her knees and took my monster in her mouth. She began sucking and stroking it. I grabbed her hair and began pulling her head back and forth, increasing the intensity as she moaned in pleasure. I felt her tongue flicking against my shaft as she sucked and licked it.

I could feel my monster getting harder and harder. She took all of me in her mouth, and I felt the pleasure climbing higher and higher. I let out a loud moan as I felt my orgasm approaching. I thrust my hips forward, pushing myself deeper into her mouth as I felt my climax build.

I held her tight as I released my load into her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop. She looked up at me with a mischievous smile and said, “Wow, you sure know how to give a good show!” She reached up and caressed my face as my body shuddered in pleasure.

I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily as my body slowly relaxed. She kissed me softly on the lips and said, “That was awesome.”