Double Crossed – Part 2

She saw Salim standing at the room’s door.

Chandni: Salim, what are you doing here? Don’t you have the manners to knock before entering?

Salim: I’m sorry, chachi. I asked Prashant, and he gave me permission to come and take my booklet, which I had forgotten here last time.

Chandni: Which booklet?

Salim smiled mischievously and approached further.

Salim: The one in your hands, chachi. I see that you have already started to enjoy the stories.

Chandni: Salim, please mind your language. What do you think? Don’t talk nonsense.

Salim: Oh chachi, stop pretending. I saw where your hand was while you were reading it. I heard your moans. Stop lying to yourself. I know your body is craving sex.

Chandni: Salim, don’t talk to me like this. I’m your chachi. I’ll kick you out of this house if you don’t show me respect.

Salim: Are you sure you want to do that, chachi? Please listen to what I have to tell you first.

Salim opened a picture on his phone and showed it to her.

Salim: Aren’t you sexy in the red lace panty and bra? A Conservative mother like you wearing slutty underwear like this and taking pictures. I wonder what your son will think of you when I show him this.

Chandni was taken aback. How the hell did he get the photo? She was still so ashamed because of the video sex chat that her son witnessed. And now, if her son learns that, it will be more shameful. What will her son think of her?

Chandni: Where did you get that? Please delete this picture.

Salim: It was me that sent you the inner wear. I masturbated a lot in this photo of yours. How can I delete this?

Chandni was disgusted with Salim’s words. How dare he say such kind of perverted words to her.

Chandni: You mother fucker. I’ll report you to the police. How dare you talk to me like this. How dare you use my intimate photo for your dirty things?

Salim laughed loudly.

Salim: Go ahead and tell the police. But what will your son think? How did I get this picture? It seems to be a selfie taken by you. I will tell him that his mom sent this to me. And besides, it seems that you were enjoying my bulge in the boxer photo I sent you. Yes, it was my photo. I know you enjoyed the bulge. You must have also masturbated in my photo.

Chandni was taken aback. He had her photo, which can cause problems. And yeah, he had a point. She did enjoy the boxer photos. This bulge in the photo was bigger than her husband’s. But how will she handle this matter?

Salim: Stop thinking, chachi. I have this proposal for you. I know you are hungry. Since you saw this bulge, I know you want to see it in real life. I know you want sex. I’ll delete the photo if you agree to have sex with me.

Chandni couldn’t bear the guts of this boy. How could he? She came forward to slap him. But Salim blocked and pushed her onto the bed and climbed on her.

Chandni: Salim leave me I say. Get off me, you mother fucker.

Salim was strong enough to hold both arms of hers and started kissing her neck. He kissed and licked her neck. Looked her in the eyes, and French kissed her. She was wrestling to come out of the clutch of Salim. But the latter was stronger. With one hand, he pressed on her boobs, pinching her nipples.

Soon enough, Chandni started to enjoy his roughness. The way he pressed and pinched her nipples was so manly compared to her husband’s romantic lovemaking. She always had a hidden desire to have rough sex. But her husband was always the type of romantic, passionate lovemaking.

She didn’t have the guts to ask her husband. But here, his son’s friend gives her what she always desired. But she continued to resist.

Chandni: Salim, for Prashant’s sake, please leave me. You bastard. Leave me.

Salim tore her blouse and ripped her bra. He stared at her round white breast and laughed.

Salim: Your boobs are so beautiful, waiting to be sucked by me. I know you are faking this wrestle. I know you are getting pleasure from being molested by your son’s friend.

He immediately plunged into her stomach and started eating her whole breast. Right, left, right, left, he kept on changing each time. He then started biting and sucking hard over her nipples. This was definitely what she wanted. Rough hard sex.

Chandni: Oh, bastard….leave me.

He kept eating her breast like a beast for 20 minutes until he pair of boobs was so red.

Salim: Look how beautiful your boobs have become with my sucking. A true man is rough and doesn’t caress but takes what he wants with force. Look how much I sucked your boobs. Your husband should learn how to suck like a man from me.

Chandni agreed with him from within. Indeed this roughness and forcefulness are what she describes as true man-lovemaking. It was always her dream. But she kept denying it.

Salim pressed his body on her and started to kiss her wildly. Surprisingly she opened her mouth and started moving her tongue along with Salim. Salim knew she was faking it.

While kissing her, he inserted his hand inside her petticoat and started to move around her clitoris. This brutal sensation was driving her nuts. She never realized when she stopped wrestling but only moaned out of pleasure.

Salim knew she would not fight anymore. He came near her pussy and started eating her pussy in the wilderness. His way of eating her pussy, biting the pussy lips, inserting the tongue deep inside her pussy, pushing his finger so deep inside.

He was so wild, rough, and dirty. Her husband used to be soft down there. But today, this roughness made her realize the big difference in pleasure she is getting.

Chandni: Salim, mother fucker. I’m cumming.

And she squirted so heavily that she almost fainted. She closed her eyes, gasping for air. Salim knew she was weak. But before she regained her senses, he removed all his clothes and pushed open her mouth. He put his big erect 8 inches cock inside it.

She opened her eyes and mouth. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She could barely take half of it. She was gagging. It was way too big. Her husband’s cock was about 4.5 inches. This one was too big for her.

She remembered how she wanted to touch this while looking at the picture. But she did not even get the opportunity as Salim removed it from her mouth and positioned it just at the entrance of her pussy.

Salim teases her by pushing only the tip of his big circumcised dick inside her pussy. She had already surrendered to him, but he wanted her to beg for it.

Salim: Do you want this big circumcised cock to enter your love hole bitch?

He teases her more. But removing it and only pushing back the tip and simultaneously pinching her nipples hard enough to make her cry in pain and pleasure. Salim teasing her by inserting the tip of his cock made her pussy desperate for this circumcised 8-inch cock.

She knew this cock would tear her pussy, and she was used to her husband’s poor 4.5-inch cock. But she wanted this pain with this big cock. She knew this big cock would open a new dimension of pleasure for her.

Salim: Tell me, bitch! How bad does your pussy want to eat my 8-inch circumcised cock? If you don’t talk, I’ll keep teasing you.

Chandni: Salim….. fuck me, please….. stop teasing me…. Please…

Salim: Bitch! Tell me how bad you want my big circumcised cock to tear your pussy?

Chandni couldn’t bear this teasing anymore.

Chandni: Salim, I loved your big circumcised cock when I first saw it through your boxer in the photo. I want your big cock to tear my small pussy. Now stop teasing me. Fuck me, you mother fucker.

Salim pushed it all in and out and started ramming her vigorously. He was so violently fucking her. She enjoyed this violence better than her husband’s slow, gentle sex. The difference in size made such a great difference. In only 3 minutes, she couldn’t resist and squirted heavily on his cock.

Chandni: Salim…I am cumming again.

Salim turned her around in doggy style, and without letting her recuperate, he rammed his hard dick inside her. He kept pounding her like there was no tomorrow.

Salim: Whose cock do you like the most, bitch? Mine or your husband’s?

Chandni was in another world. She could only respond by telling the truth.

Chandni: Oh, Salim, I love your big circumcised cock. Prashant’s dad’s cock is only small. He is a needle as compared to your cock. Yours is also thicker. I can’t describe this pleasure. Fuck me with your big cock, Salim. Make me your bitch. You have widened my cunt to the extent that Prashant’s dad’s cock will be loose in my hole now. You will have to fuck me every day to please me now, Salim.

Salim: Oh, ill make you my sex slave from now. I’ll fuck you with my big circumcised cock. It’s not only Prashant’s dad that has a small cock. Prashant’s cock also is about the same size. Even if you want to fuck both of them, they won’t pleasure you with their small pathetic dick.

Chandni: Salim, fuck me harder. I want only yours. I want the biggest one. I don’t want a small penis that’s not even worth being called penis. I want yours. Make me your bitch. Fuck me every day. Prashant or his dad’s small cock can go to hell. Salim, I’m cumming.

Chandni squirted again and fell on the bed. Salim removed his cock and pushed it inside her mouth. He mouth-fucked her until she cum in her mouth and made her drink all his seeds. She was damned tired.

Salim carried her to her room, covered her with a blanket, and put her to sleep. He then put back the story booklet and walked out of the house.

I was shocked. I shared my plans with him since the beginning, thinking he was my best friend. But he double-crossed me. Now I’m ashamed to face him, nor will I be able to fuck my mom.

As I know my small cock won’t please her. I sat there in disbelief. Didn’t know what to do. I then remembered Salim’s mother. She wasn’t as beautiful as my mom, but she was fair and plump. All I thought was revenge.

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