Dream come true with chachi – Part 3

Hi all, hope all are doing well. This is Abhay again with my darling chikki (chachi). After the incident, I came home and the mixture of her juice and my juice was making good sense on my dick.

Later I found her brown underwear in my pocket which was wet and there were some stains on it. I sniffed and the smell remained the same. Then I started sniffing and got my dick erect.

I started rubbing my dick using her panty and wiped our juice from my dick. Her underwear was making my dick hard which was paining a lot after our sex. I Whatsapp her saying, “Today, I really enjoyed more chikki, I really wish you were my wife. I would have fucked you daily.”

I got her reply after 10 pm saying, “Ho, really?! I also enjoyed it a lot, you are so good in bed. Your uncle never did this much for me till now. Now also you are using me as your wife only na.”

Me (sent her pick with my erected dick covered by her underwear): See what I got.

She: You took my underwear? I was searching for where it went.

Me: Hehehe, I put it in my pocket and it came with me.

She: What you will do with it now?

Me: I will cum on your underwear.

She: Chee, keep it yourself. I don’t need that anymore.

As my energy was drained, I slept sniffing my chachi’s underwear, which had her pussy juice and my saliva.

Days passed, she was busy with her family and I was busy with my work and stuff. But we used to chat every night after 10 saying what to do next.

After a year, in 2022 March one Saturday, she texted me saying, “Will you be able to come home today?” I was always ready and said yes, but she replied, “There will be very little time, as your cousin and uncle are going shopping and they may come early. I replied, “That’s fine, at least I can kiss you and spend some time with you, it’s been a long time.”

She said okay and asked me to wait. I went to my friend’s grocery shop and waited for her message. As it was the hottest summer and my dick was hard remembering her, my energy was drained. I waited nearly one and a half hours for her message.

After a long wait, I got her message saying, “They are ready to leave, be ready.”

Then I got ready and waited for her next message saying, “They left, you can come now.”

I ran to her house as the shop was new to her house. I knocked on the door. Chachi opened the door. She was in an old orange nighty with a big shy smile on her face. I went in and closed the door. I kissed her lips and bit her cheeks and chin. She said, “We don’t have much time. Whatever you want to do, do it fast.”

Then we hugged and moved to the room. I sat on the bed and made her sit on my lap. I asked her to give me a blowjob and she said, “No, I can’t. It is the peeing place and I don’t like to do it.”

I was disappointed and asked her to at least give me a handjob. She was okay. I slid my pants and underwear down and sat on the bed again. She sat next to me, took my erected dick and started moving up and down using her rough hands. It was a heavenly feeling! She started playing with it so hard that she even pulled my foreskin.

Later she started playing with my balls using her left hand. I unzipped her nighty and started playing with her boobs. She was breathing heavily and I continued playing with her pussy over her nighty. As I was standing ousting in the sun and my stamina was weak, I felt like I was cumming. I asked her to stop and held my dick and rushed to her bathroom and ejected my cum on the floor. I felt embarrassed as I cummed early that day and I hadn’t fucked her as well.

Then I came back to the room. Seeing her, my dick was getting hard. I asked her, “Shall we do if we have time?” She said, “Okay, but do it fast.”

Then chachi allowed me to remove her nighty and underwear only. I lifted the petticoat and started licking chachi’s pussy and playing with her boobs by sliding the bra and navel. I was enjoying her body even though we were semi-naked and my dick was hard again.

I then slowly pushed my dick into my chachi’s pussy and started fucking her. It was so wet and my dick was getting ready for the second time ejection. As I had cummed, early it took more time for me to cum. In the meantime, she said she would like to ride.

Without removing the dick, we rolled on the bed and she came on me like a cowgirl. She started moving her body and pussy, it was making my dick to cum again. After a few minutes, I grabbed her ass and started slapping and pinching the ass cheeks.

She was closing her eyes and breathing heavily and making low noises. I held her ass cheeks and started riding her as well. She said she couldn’t do it more and asked to swap the position. As I was nearing to cum, I said to her, “I am about to cum, please wait.”

I grabbed her ass cheeks and started moving faster. We both started making noises and soon, I released the cum in chachi’s sexy pussy.

As it was getting late, I pulled my pants and underwear up. She wore her underwear and nighty which we removed or slid. She arranged her boobs, bra and made herself look good. Then I hugged and kissed her and left her home immediately as I was also getting a call from my home.

After a few weeks, I asked chikki, “Have you had sex using a condom?”

She: No, I haven’t tried.

She: But I like to have sex using a condom.

Me: Okay.

She: Why you asked? Me: Thinking of having sex using a condom as I have not tried.

She: Okay, get a condom because next time, we will have sex using a condom.

Me: Okay.

We chatted and slept.

I ordered dotted condoms from online. I opened it to see how to use it and how it works. I masturbated using one condom out of 3. It was a mango-flavored one and the dots were giving me extreme pleasure. I even took a photo and showed it to my chachi. She was surprised and was willing to have my dick with the condom on in her pussy.

It was a very hard time for me to wait and keep the condoms away from my parents’ eyes. We were not getting time to meet as well. As it was COVID time, my uncle and cousin used to stay home most of the time.

One Saturday in August 2022, I was about to travel to my mom’s native place. I was getting ready for the same but my chikki texted in the morning saying, “If you would have stayed, we could have sex today evening.”

Me: Seriously! Then I will go in the evening after meeting you.

She: What about you going to the native? Your mom will not ask you or scold you.

Me: I will manage that. As my shift ended in the morning, I can say I need to have rest and then I will leave.

She: Okay, I will let you know in the afternoon.

I waited for her response till the afternoon. She still hadn’t confirmed. Then I planned to leave in the evening with or without meeting chikki. In the evening at 5, I got a WhatsApp message from chikki.

She: Where are you?

Me: Home, in Bengaluru.

She: Didn’t go to native?

Me: No, only after meeting my darling.

She: Who?

Me: You!

She: Don’t joke.

Me: I am not joking.

She: Okay wait for a few minutes.

Me: Okay.

After a few minutes, she messaged, “When do you want to leave?”

I replied: After meeting you, no timings at all.

She: Okay, in a few minutes your uncle is leaving home for something and will be back only at night. I will somehow manage your cousin. Will you be able to come?”

Me: Yes, I will. (I was flying in the sky!)

After a few minutes around 6 pm, chachi texted me to come. I asked her, “Shall I bring the condom as well?” She replied yes.

Then I took my car as it had all the luggage and went to her home. I waited for her next message. She messaged, “Where are you?”

I replied, “Near your home.”

She said, “Everyone left, come now.”

I went to her home wearing shorts and a condom in my pocket. The door was open and I felt like she was waiting for me. I went in and found my sweetie sitting on the sofa, wearing a pink nighty. I closed and locked the door. I went near her and kissed her on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and lips.

Suddenly, she separated and said, “We have less time, let’s go to the room.”

While we walking toward the room, she asked, “Have you brought the condom?” I replied, “YES.”

We went to the room and started removing each other’s dress and got naked. I asked her to give me a handjob. She gave it and then she slept on her bed, naked and showing hairy pussy to me. Her boobs were jiggling.

I went on my knees and started licking my married chachi’s hairy pussy as she was not having time to trim those. It was really awesome; she was wet and leaking her juice. The juice was spread all over her pussy hair. I started licking and fingering her pussy. She was getting wild.

She then started pulling my hair and rubbing my head. I was playing with her pussy with my fingers, tongue and mouth, biting the pink skin, and chewing her pussy walls. Even her hair was stuck in my mouth. On the other hand, I was playing with her boobs and nipples. In between, I used to get up and suck her boobs, nipples and bit them as well. Even I kissed her in between on her lips, cheeks, chin, and neck.

After some time, I removed the condom from my pocket and asked her to put it on me. She removed the packet and rolled the condom on my dick. I pushed her on the bed again and started rubbing my dick on her pussy lips. The tip of the condom was tickling. Then I pushed my dick hard into my chachi’s pussy. She was holding her breath and started breathing faster in her mouth as well.

I started fucking her while she sleep naked on the bed and me standing near the edge of the bed. I was also kissing her boobs, nipples and biting them one after the other in between. Also, sometimes, I even licked her pussy in between the fucking. The taste of her mangoes was in my mouth along with her juices. I felt like I was sucking pulpy mangoes when I was doing this! And my dick was rock hard than I had ever expected. I think it was the condom’s magic!

I fucked my chachi for nearly 20 minutes and in between, I licked her pussy as well.

Soon, I started fucking her hard and she was making loud noises and the bed was shaking with our move.

It took nearly 30 minutes for me to ejaculate and I completely unloaded all my cum in the condom itself. I also felt like she also cummed as the condom was too much sticky.

I slept on her. She was rubbing my hair and I was kissing her boobs and sucking her nipples.

Then we got ready as it was getting late for me and I left her home after kissing her lips. She asked me not to throw away the condom there because she didn’t want to risk having it I shouldn’t risk going to my house with it. My dick was limp, her juice was on the condom and my sperm was inside the condom. I was tickling and making my dick hard again.

While driving to my native, I stopped and threw the condom out and wiped my dick using a tissue. Then I understood why they use condoms to have sex, not to prevent STDs or getting pregnant. It gives an instant hard-on and it is long-tasting.

It was the last time we had sex. Till today we have been waiting for a chance to get some private time to have sex. See you soon next time, once we have sex.