Elder Cousin’s Distracts Nerd Brother With Sex

Hi friends, this is a story about how my cousin’s lust for me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Karthik and my cousin’s name is Mouni. My age is 29 and I am the only son of my parents. I have a good gym body and my cousin (my mother’s brother’s daughter) is 3 years elder than me.

I have fucked so many girls and 2 aunties. But I have never fucked my cousin. If you want the reason, then you need to read the story fully.

My dick length is 5 inches, but I can fuck a girl or aunty for an hour straight. They enjoy themselves to the fullest. So I am telling you out of experience, the dick length is not an issue. The thing that only matters is how long we last in sex.

This story is a series because she had huge lust for me since my schooling days to till date. The story started when I was in 18+ years old and was in 12th standard.

I was a class topper. My cousin Mouni was in another state and had so many affairs. One fine day, she wanted to elope with one of her boyfriends. But somehow, the news was leaked in my home. Soon, my grandfather ordered Mouni to study along with me in my place of Telangana.

She was in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. So this story was revolving around my summer holidays. We were coming to Hyderabad from Guntur. We were on the express bus. I and Mouni were sitting in the two seats and my parents were in another two seats beside us.

I had a pure sister love toward Mouni. Mouni’s outfit on that day was a Punjabi dress. Her figure was a 36-30-38. She was a virgin girl and very fair. Whenever she went out, she used to expose her boobs to everyone on the street in such a way that anyone could see the middle line of two boobs. Whenever she bent, the two boobs would be visible partially.

So, coming to the story, as usual, Mouni was exposing her boobs sitting beside me. I didn’t know what she was doing. So the whole night, she kept her hand on my thighs and I rested my head on her shoulder and slept peacefully.

In the morning, we reached home in Hyderabad. Mouni was 19. Everything was going so calm. In the 1st unit test, I got 1st rank and she got 21st rank in her section. Her class strength was 22 and she got 21st rank.

My mama got so angry with her results as well as my father too was angry. They gave a good lecture to her. She got furious about it. So, to take revenge on me, she started exposing her body to me. And that was the time of my downfall in my studies! Till now, I am average in my studies and career because of the way she lusted for me.

One fine day, at night my cousin wore a nighty without a bra and panty in such a way that if she bent in front of me, I could see her entire nude body. So I was studying in my room. We had board examination and I was studying hard.

All of a sudden, she came in front of me and asked for her notes in an angry tone. I told her –

Me: I don’t know, check yourself.

So she became angry and bent before my head and checked the notes. Then I saw huge mountains for the first time in my life. She knew that I was watching. Then she said –

Mouni: Karthik, what are you looking at?

Me: Nothing, I am just reading my book.

Mouni: You are watching my breasts. (For the 1st time, I got the name of what I was watching.)

Me: No, I am reading. Can’t you see properly?

She got furious again and she bent again for nearly 10 minutes.

Then I got mad because 10 minutes means a lot to me. So immediately, I called my mom and told her –

Me: Mom, Mouni is disturbing me.

I never told them that she was exposing herself. But I told her that she was disturbing me. Then mom gave a good lecture to my cousin. She told Mouni not to disturb me because I was the class topper. And on this, Mouni got really angry with me.

Generally, I and Mouni woke up at 5 am to study. In the morning after waking up, she came into my room and challenged me.

Mouni said: You will not get 1st rank again in your life. I will make your life miserable. This is my challenge.

I got scared and asked her what was her problem. She told me that –

Mouni: You are so talented. Because of you, I am getting scolded every time. I can’t get good marks because I am a below average girl. So, to make it even, I can drag you down. And I will do whatever I can.

Me: Sorry Mouni, I don’t have any intention to hurt you. So, please leave me.

Mouni: I won’t leave you until you get married. I will show you what a women’s body’s strength is. Don’t worry, you will get mature in your thoughts (she got a lusty wicked smile).

Me: I am not getting what you are saying.

Mouni: Nothing, I will give you a quick demo. Is that ok?

I said ok innocently. Then immediately, my elder cousin kept her hand in my shorts and started playing with my dick! Then she asked me –

Mouni: Are you getting pleasure?

Immediately, my dick got erect and I said –

Me: I am getting a different feeling. What this is?

Mouni: This is feeling of SEX, Karthik. Enjoy it.

Me: What if mom comes to know about it?

Mouni: Don’t tell anyone. If you tell anyone, then they will punish you too.

So, out of scare of my mom, I didn’t disclose that matter to anyone. Then Mouni gave a good massage to my dick and went away. Before going, she gave a deep lip kiss and a kiss on my dick head and told me –

Mouni: This is just a teaser. A lot more is still to happen. So, wait for it.

To be continued.

Guys and girls, please comment as this is my 1st story and a lot to come. I want to know how the story is. You can comment to get my contact details. I will maintain full privacy.