Enjoying Holi With Mom – Part 3

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great and enjoying this story of Holi with my mom.

You can call me Hunter, and I’m 22 years old. My mom’s name is Neelima. She is 46 years old. Her figure is 36-34-38. She’s a school teacher by profession and a single mom.

This is the continuation of the previous one. Please read that, then continue this one.

While she sucked my dick, I loaded my cum inside her mouth and went downstairs as it was already 6. At 6:10, my phone started beeping. It was Ali Bhai. I told him to meet me at the gate and started waving my hand. He came inside the building in his Honda civic asked me to enter his car.

Me: Hello brother, how are you?

Ali: I’m fine, have you counted my money?

Me: There’s a little problem. At this time it is very difficult for me to arrange such an amount of money.

Ali: It seems like you are not interested in paying my money back. Should I opt for another to take money from you?

Me: All I can pay right now is 5k and a little surprise.

Ali: A little surprise? What do you mean? Do you think I’m joking?

Me: No, Ali Bhai, it’s not like that. Please wait for a second, let me show you something.

I opened images and videos and gave my phone to Ali Bhai.

Ali: Who’s this hot chick? And what are you proposing?

Me: I’ll pay you 5k plus one night with her.

Ali: It’s been a very long time since I have done something due to this covid. So I’m thinking of accepting your offer. But next time, you better pay your dues on time.

Me: ok, brother, park your car here, and follow me to my house.

Ali: At your house? Aren’t your parents there?

Me: No, they went to our native village nearby and will arrive after 2 days.

He followed me to my floor. First, I unlocked the door, and then I directed him to go to that room over there. As he enters the room, my mom made him sit down and started giving her lap dance without any conversation.

I introduced her as Shruti to Ali. I hid a wireless camera over there and went to the other room. He locked the door from the inside.

Now you’ll be hearing their conversations

Ali: So Shruti, how well experienced are you?

She: Not much, but I know how you make your dick hard.

Ali: Is it so, wanna make a bet? If you do it within 5 minutes, I’ll pay you 5k right now.

She: If not, then?

Ali: I will take your ass. Now it’s up to you. You want to make 5k in 5 minutes or not?

As she was a little high on viagra, so she said, “Ok, challenge accepted.” She played music ‘Zara Zara’ and started removing her t-shirt seductively and come towards him. She started performing a lap dance like a real slut

She then removed her bra and held his face between them. She started sucking her finger like she’s sucking a dick. Ali seemed to be ready for it. She faced her ass to Ali and removed her panty, and throws it to him. Then she inserted her hand inside his pants and started stroking them.

She put some saliva on her and stroked more, and within a minute, his dick was hard. She won and started jumping. Her melons were jumping too. It was so sexy to see such a scene. Ali took 5k and put it in her mouth. She then put it in her carry bag.

Ali: You are too good. Now let’s have the real fun, come and start kissing me and sit on my lap, show your inner beauty to me, you filthy slut. Today I am going to rip your vagina.

She: Why not? I’m waiting for a very long time. Make your slut happy today.

Ali: It looks like you are in this business for a very long time.

She: Ya ya, it’s my lifestyle now, stop talking now, let me suck your dick and balls.

She bent down, hold his dick started kissing it like a pro slut. She was sucking it very passionately. He was holding her hair and forcing her head to penetrate the whole dick in her mouth. Now they both were nude in bed. He made her lie in bed and started inserting his dick in his vagina.

He: Oh baby, your vagina is still tight. It looks like you don’t fuck every client.

She: Consider yourself lucky then, hehe.

He started penetrating his dick very faster. Mom was enjoying the session. I can hear her satisfying moans was saying, “Fuck your slut harder, I beg you.” He replied, “Yes bitch. You are so hot and warm. I’ll fuck you till you get normal.”

After fucking for 15-20 minutes, he made her sit in a doggy position. Then, he started fucking her vagina. He was riding her perfectly. She, too, was enjoying the moment like it’s what makes her happy. Then he cum in her mouth.

After that, they had dinner, which I served. When I entered her room, she was sitting on his lap nude. He was kissing her neck and holding her tits. She winked at me and signaled the 5k near her clothes. I bent down and collected and left.

Then they had few more sessions till 3 in the morning. At 7 A.M Ali Bhai came outside and thanked me for the service, and told me, “I liked this one, whenever I’m free I’ll text you for her. She’s a bomb and you are such a nice pimp, keep it up and next time and  invest your money safely.” He left.

After leaving him to his car, I went upstairs and saw mom making tea without clothes and a bun in her hair. I instantly got my boner and went behind her and hugged her tightly.

She: Looks like someone else is also up in the morning, lol.

Me: Don’t laugh, it’s all because of you and btw thank you for everything.

She: Why thanks, now you are my pimp na, I heard you guys.

Me: Well, it’s a nice idea to earn extra in this difficult by spreading happiness.

She: Wait, you are serious?

Me: Yes, if you want to earn more and live a good life.

She: Ok, let me think for a day, then I’ll make my decision.

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