Erotica With Bhabhi – Part 3

I told my bhabhi about this story yesterday and told her that I had not revealed our names in the story. She got mad at me. But when she read it, she just went into our flashback and started imagining those days. She started smiling and started recalling all those pretty moments we had.

She liked this story and asked me to reveal the names (just first names). So, guys, I am here with our real names. My name is Pratik, and my bhabhi’s name is Tanuja. Everyone calls her Tanu, and I call her Tanu bhabhi.

Let’s get back to the story.

What is Affection? Affection or fondness is a ‘disposition or state of mind or body often associated with a feeling or type of love.’

As the statement says, ‘state of mind or body that is often associated with a feeling or type of love.’ That same love made me say “Ok!” at first. But I didn’t know I would regret that.

It was a month now. We hadn’t talked to each other like we always used to. Wherever we got a chance to talk, it was just a kind of formality. Everything was ruined between us. It was hard to get her out of my head and heart. I knew that it wouldn’t happen.

I accepted my fate that I’d have to live my whole life regretting what happened between us. Finally, it ended like this. She might be regretting it, too. I know her very well. She is a kind of sensitive woman and an over-thinker. She, too, might be thinking about me and trying to let my thoughts out of her head.

She knew, too, that it was never going to happen. Our bond was god gifted, and we could never get rid of each other in any condition. But now, this gift was turning into hell. The gift we thought was the beautiful thing of our life was breaking us into pieces.

One day I was busy with some programming stuff. I got a call from my brother. He asked me to come to his home for some work. I had no mood to go there because I knew I would see her face. I was going to start thinking about her again. I just threw myself on my bed and stayed.

It was for a while until I got another call from him complaining that I hadn’t reached him. He said he was in a hurry and had to attend an urgent meeting. But he had some work before that. I reached his place and knocked on his door. As the door opened, I was really happy to see her opening the door for me.

She was too beautiful to admire. Her dense black hair, wet pink lips, pretty fair hands, and red sari (Indian traditional wear). Her bangles create a pure Indian traditional bangles sound. It gives a romantic wife kind of feeling. I can see the rose petals floating around me.

I can feel the cold breeze playing around, hitting my face, and tickling my hair. I could see the warm glow coming from her back. She was smiling at me while being shy at the same moment. I was lost in that heaven until I noticed her sad and disappointed face.

WTF! All rose petals vanished, the cold breeze was gone, the glow disappeared, and her smile? There was no smile. I got my senses back when I learned that I was dreaming.

“Kya hua? Neend puri nahi hui kya? Andar aao jaldi bhai kab se wait kar rahe hai.” (What happened? Are you still sleeping? Come in fast. Your brother has been waiting for you so long.) bhabhi said and made her way to the kitchen.

She asked me, ‘What happened and are you still sleeping?’ But I know that she knows the answer. She knows me very well. She knows I was lost in her and was also lost in me. At least for a second, ‘But I know you, Tanu, you are too struggling like how I am.’

I went to my brother and stood by the wall. I asked how I could help him. He said he had an urgent meeting today and needed to be there. But Tanu needs to go to her doctor for her treatment. I was worried about her or what might be happened to her.

I asked my brother, “Kya hua bhabhi ko?” (What happened to bhabhi?) He replied that she was not well for a few days. They took the doctor’s treatment and did some tests. Tests showed that she was 3 months pregnant and going to have a baby.

OMG! It was just an OMG moment for me. My happiness fell off my face. I had no words to explain, but I was very happy for my brother and my bhabhi. It was great news I got.

“Aaj subha se ise 3 bar ulti hui, to humne doctor ko call kiya. Unhone bulaya hai unke clinic mein.” (Today morning, she vomited 3 times, so we called the doctor, and she asked to show up to her clinic.)” he said.

“Mubarak ho bhai, main bohut khush hu. Itna khush ki bata nahi sakta.” (Congratulations, bro, I am so happy for you, I can’t explain it in words.) I said.

“Haan bhai pata hai, shukriya.” (I know, my brother, thank you.)

I wanted to congratulate her too, but I was unsure about her reply and reactions. I knew she would not be so welcoming. So I decided to say nothing to her.

“Main hamare pados wale didi ko bol raha tha ki ise le jao doctor ke pass. Par ye boli ki mujhe kisi pe bharosa nahi hai. Main Pratikji ke sath hi jaungi, isliye maine tujhe call kar liya.”

(I asked one of my neighbors to take her to her doctor. But she said I don’t trust anyone else, so I’ll go with Pratik. So I called you.) bhai said.

I was shocked to hear that. I didn’t expect this from her. I felt so grateful to know that she trusted me the most. That was the second great thing that happened to me today. I know my brother will be busy with his daily work, and there is no one to take care of her.

I just made up my mind that I will take care of her until her delivery. Tanu bhabhi came out to the hall and said, “I am ready.”

“Ok then, let’s go,” I said. We all went out. My brother left for his meeting, and bhabhi sat on my bike. We made our way to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, we sat on a bench in a waiting hallway. We sat quietly, staring at the front doctor’s cabin door.

I was trying to look at her face to know her expressions. She was blank. I then finally decided to talk to her. “Kya bolte, kaise ho?” (Whatsup? How are you?)

She turned her face towards me and said, “Mast hu.” (I am good) I was about to speak further, but she started speaking again, “Abhi yad aai aapko ki bat karna chahiye karke?” (You remembered now that you should talk?)

“Mujhe laga aap mere pregnancy ki news sun ke muje badhai donge aur mujhe hal chal puchonge. Mujhe laga aap meri care karte ho par aap to bass apne ego mein rehte ho.”

(I thought you’d congratulate me for my pregnancy and ask me how I am doing. I thought you cared about me, but you are just in your ego.) said bhabhi again.

I was happy for her; the baby was a good way to forget everything and move on. It could be a new start for her.

“Nahi bhabhi main to bohut khush hu. Baby hone ke bad to aapke yaha bohut sari khushiya aa jaingi. Uși bahane aap pahle jo kuch bhi hua sab bhul jaingi.” (No bhabhi, actually I am happy. After you have a baby, you’ll get much happiness in your life. It will be easy for you to forget everything that happened in the past.) I explained.

“Main bass dara hua tha, ki aap mujhse bat karonge ya nahi. Main aaj bhi aap ki utni hi care karta hu jitni pahle kiya karta tha.” (I was just scared tha you’ll not talk to me, I still care for you the way I used to.) I confessed.

She looked at me again, but this time the expressions were different. She was about to cry, and she finally did. Tears started falling from her eyes. I was confused about the reason for the tears.

“Kya hua bhabhi, kyu ro rahe ho?” (What happened bhabhi, why are you crying?) I asked. She started explaining to me in a crying tone

“Maine aapko bohut miss kiya, bohut jyada. Aap ke siva mera koi dost nahi hai. Main din bhar akeli hoti hu, koi mere se bat karne wala nahi hota. Aapke bhai subha se bahar hote hai ghar aa kar thak ke so jate hai. Bass aap hi the jo meri care karte the, aap hi the jo mere life me khushiya late the. Ab koi nahi hai.”

(I missed you so much. I have no friends except you. I live alone all day. There’s no one to talk to, and your brother stays out for work all day and goes to sleep after coming home. Only you were the one who used to take care of me, my friend who used to bring happiness to my life. And now you’re not.) she explained.

Yes, I know that she was the one who set everything apart. But now I can’t blame her because she was not in a condition to quarrel. She needed some care right now, so I decided to apologize.

“Mujhe maaf kar do bhabhi. Maine bhi aap ko bohut miss kiya. Main bhi aap ke bina nahi reh sakta. Main vada karta hu ki iske bad kabhi aap se dur nahi jaunga. Hamesha aap ki care karunga aur aap ka dost ban ke rahunga.”

(I am sorry, bhabhi. I, too, missed you so much. I, too, can’t live without you. I promise I’ll never leave you again and always care for you. I’ll always be your friend.) I said.

I was paralyzed when I felt her hand on mine. She grabbed my hand tight and said, “Thank you, Thank you so much, Pratikji.” She was still crying, looking at me. She might be waiting for me to wipe her tears like I always used to. My right hand was held tightly by her.

So I slowly moved my left hand to her face and touched it to wipe her tears. Don’t know what, but this time the feeling was different. My hand was shaking a little. My legs were getting heavy. I could feel my breath. I could hear my heartbeat. Everything was changing.

The world around me was changing. I was again entering into my world of imagination. And you know, guys? This time I felt one more thing that was like heaven for me. It was my dick getting harder and harder. “Please let me out. I want to grow like hell.” My dick yelled from inside.

I was sure that my hardness was just for my Tanu bhabhi. My dick was calling her like there was no one else in this world. My dick was starving to see that beauty sitting in front of me, holding my hand like nothing was living in this world. We were lost in each other. Our eye contact was unbreakable this time.

I said, “Bhabhi, I’ll always be with you. You can trust this friend more than anyone.” She took a heavy breath, tightened her grip on my hand, closed her eyes and said, “I already trust you more than anyone else.”  She opened her eyes, and we smiled and adjusted our positions.

Our hands were still holding each other, tightening it as much as we could. I again tried to look at her face to see her expression. They were very charming and full of joy this time. Finally, I was satisfied, which brought a huge smile of joy. My dick was still hard and not in the mood to calm down today.

I just wanted to touch my dick once to feel it more. I was dying to grab and jerk it off like hell. I was enjoying my boner. It was a jackpot for me. Her smile, beauty, lips and hand grabbing mine and my hard boner were like I was in heaven.

But guys, not everything stays forever. The doctor called her. She left my hand, stood up and went to the doctor’s cabin. Damn! I was enjoying that, and might she was enjoying it too, who knows?

Later we went home. I dropped her off and went to mine. I again took my laptop and started working. After a few minutes, I got one text message from bhabhi.

“Pratikji, meri peeth bohut pain kar rahi hai, please wapas aa ke daba do n!” (Pratik, my back is paining so much, please come back and get me a massage!)

I replied her, “Haanji Bhabiji!” (Sure Bhabiji!)

To be continued.

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