Everyone Loves MILFs – Part 1 (Mom Sex With Her Boyfriend)

Hi everyone, I am Raj, age 19 from Mumbai. I live with my mom Shobha who is 43 years old and a divorcee and runs a beauty salon in south Mumbai. She is a gorgeous and curvy lady with modern thoughts.

I had recently got into college and boys in my college always used to talk about milfs and such stuff. I never thought older women have so much craving for sex. I was attracted to milfs but never knew if I would have one ever.

Recently my cousin aunt Nancy who was 34 years old and unmarried had come to stay with us for a few days. She was a nice, good-looking lady and I was quite friendly with her.

One day, she had some work so she told mom that she will return the next day only.. Around 6 pm, our doorbell rang and as I opened it, I saw Ratan who was my mom’s boyfriend. He had been dating my mom for the past few months and the only thing I hated about him was that he was younger than mom. He was just 29 years old.

My mom saw him, ran toward him and gave him a nice hug as he had come to meet mom after almost a week. We then had our dinner together and as always, he was going to stay the night with us. So I went to my room to sleep.

Around 11 pm, I got up to get water from the kitchen when I heard some whispering from the kitchen. It was Ratan and my mom in the kitchen. I was nervous as I didn’t know whether to go ahead or not as I didn’t want to see them making out in the kitchen if they were up to it.

Anyway, I took the courage and tried to take a look inside the kitchen. My mom’s boyfriend Ratan was talking to his friends on call who was asking him to come to their place for the party but mom looked unhappy. I overheard their conversation –

Mom – What happened, Ratan?

Ratan – Shobha, today is my friend’s birthday, so he wants me to come to his place.

Mom – You have come after so many days and now you want to leave early?!

Ratan – Darling, I will be back tomorrow.

Mom – What about me? I want your love too.

Ratan – I know. I won’t leave without making love to you.

Mom – But I wanted you to stay the whole night.

Ratan – Baby, let’s forget all this, let’s not waste time.

Mom was not happy but after he convinced her, she gave him a naughty smile. He removed his shirt in the kitchen and threw it on the floor. They got into a romantic kiss on lips and their tongues were making love and sexy sounds now.

I got excited watching my mother and her bf make out so much that I decided to see more. Mom started to dominate Ratan. I never thought she was such a horny lady.

She started kissing his chest and biting his manly nipples. She inserted his hand inside his pants and pulled out his cock from the pants. She then quickly got into her knees and started sucking her boyfriend’s cock.

He whispered, “Ahh…Shobha..Your tongue makes my cock go wild!”

My mother smiled and continued sucking his cock. I could see his precum on her mouth. After sucking his cock for about 5 minutes, he lifted her nighty and pulled her panty till her thighs. Then he placed her on the kitchen slab and slowly started licking her navel first. Then he buried his face between my mom’s legs and on her pussy. It was clean as if she knew she was getting it that day.

He was licking her pussy when she moaned, “Puri chut saaf kardo chat ke Ratan, aaa ohhhh..” My mom’s lover was digging his tongue deep inside my horny mother’s pussy.

He then completely pulled and removed her nighty and threw it on the floor. She was wearing a push-up bra which he unhooked. He grabbed my mom’s 34-sized boobs and started caressing them. He also pinched her nipples to make her moan, “Ohh my god Ratan..You have made my nipples tight! don’t tease me more..Ahhh..”

He sucked her nipples and boobs for a few minutes. Then, it was time to enter.

Ratan placed mom in standing doggy position with her hands on the kitchen slab and her panty down till her thighs. He spat on his cock and lubed it and without any condom, he entered his cock inside my mom’s vagina. He stroked it for a few minutes inside her pussy and I could hear her moan, “Ratan..aaah…mazaa aa raha h…karte raho..”

He then took out his cock and applied some oil on it. He turned my mom into sitting missionary on the kitchen slab and slanted his cock inside her pussy. This time, it was smooth and the kitchen was filled with thap thap sounds.

My mom’s boyfriend was an athletic person, so his cock was rock hard and pumping mom’s pussy hard. Her pussy got red soon with the hard pounding. She had cummed in between He now as well.

Then Ratan lay on the floor and mom sat on his cock and started riding his cock like a slut. She was so happy riding his cock.

After some time, he was almost on the verge of climaxing. He got up and took mom in standing cowgirl and started pounding her so hard and whispered,

“Shobha, mai jhadne waala hu tumhari chut me pani ger du kya..”

Before he could do anything, he had cummed inside my mom’s pussy!

They both were sweating. Mom kissed him and hugged him nicely. Mom did not want him to go but he promised her that he will come back tomorrow.

I never thought I would be watching my mom’s sex live! This got me more into milfs and in the next part, I will tell you how this led to my sex with Nancy aunty. Not only this, I even saw mom and Ratan indulged in anal sex and other stuff. Even my friends would tease me by saying that my mom and my aunty are the hottest milfs whom they are craving for.

Guys, it is a reality that the older the woman, the better she is in bed and more demanding too! You can read that in as well.