Exciting Munnar trip with sister-in-law Renu – Part 1

This is a real-life incident that started last year between me (Ram) and my cousin brother’s wife (sister-in-law) Renu when we went on a family trip to Munnar from Chennai. We planned to go for a 5-day trip to Munnar, and we were 8 people including 3 old people and 5 youngsters. We planned to take two cars.

We had decided that in one car which my brother would drive, there will be 3 old people, and in my car there will be my sister, my young brother, and the story’s heroine my sister-in-law. It all started between us just before the start of the trip in my brother’s house when everyone was rushing to start before 5 am from Chennai.

I was packing the bags and loading the bags in our car. Everyone started to come to the cars one by one. I went back to the house to check whether everything was closed and checked all the things that were packed. Then I went to all the rooms and checked each room. When I went to my brother’s room, my SIL was changing the dress which I didn’t notice while I entered the room.

Then when I saw her, I turned in slow motion and stood still and asked her sorry which she saw and started to scold me.

She asked me: Why you didn’t knock and come?!

I told her that I was in a hurry and told her that I thought no one was there. She understood and asked me to leave. Then I came back to the car. After 5 minutes, she came and sat in my car in the backseat and we started. She constantly stared at me whenever I saw her through the center mirror.

After 2 hours of journey, we planned to stop for a break and everyone got down and went. I was still in the car. Then my sister-in-law Renu asked me whether I saw anything. She meant whether I saw her boobs? Because at that time, she was about to wear her bra. I replied to her, “Not clearly!” She was shocked by my answer and asked me –

She: What do you mean?! Then you saw me when I was wearing a bra?

I said: Yes.

After this conversation, my brother called my sister-In-law and asked her what she was doing in the car without coming for tea. She said that she was changing her earrings. After this, we started the journey and whenever I saw her, she was staring at me with an angry face.

When we stopped for the next break, she was telling me –

She: Ok, let’s forget what happened. I will not tell anyone and let’s enjoy the trip.

I said: Ok.

Then I started to talk freely and we were enjoying the journey by cracking jokes. We reached Munnar, everyone was carrying their own luggage to the room. Renu came and she bent down to pick up her luggage. As she was wearing a loose shirt, I could see her cleavage through her shirt.

When I was staring at her cleavage, she suddenly saw me and she asked me to check her other bag and not ‘this’ (by indicating her breast in a naughty way). That was the green signal for me to go forward. I was on cloud 9 and I replied to her in a naughty way indicating her suitcase that was big for one person.

For that, she said that: Don’t talk with double meaning.

That night after refreshing, everyone was tired and ready to sleep. I was not feeling sleepy and planned to go for a walk and asked everyone who was going to accompany me. For that, only my little brother and Renu were ready. But my brother asked Renu to sleep so that the next day she would be fresh to explore Munnar.

Then my little brother and I went for a walk for a km and came back to the room. When we came to the room, my sister-in-law was sitting outside the rooms on the staircase.

We asked: Why you didn’t sleep?

She said she was not feeling sleepy and my brother was snoring so that she couldn’t sleep. She asked us for another walk with her. But my little brother was not ready and he went to his room. I hesitantly said ok and we started walking and chatting about the college days in between.

Renu: Do you have a girlfriend?

Me: Yes I had, but not now.

Renu: What happened? Have you both broken apart?

Me: Yes, we were not made for each other.

Renu: Oh, ok ok!

I asked about her love story with my brother as their marriage was a love marriage. She explained how they met and how my brother proposed to her and all that stuff.

Then I asked: I have a question, but you shouldn’t get angry and it should stay between us.

She told me that she would not tell anyone but question should not be vulgar. She thought that I was going to ask about the sex between them.

But I asked her: My brother was your first bf?

Renu: I thought you were going to ask some other thing. Yes, of course, he is my only BF.

Me: Oh, great!

Then I told her that I had another question and asked –

Me: Before the question, I have an idea.

Renu said: Tell me your idea. Let’s see if it works.

I told her: Can we play a game? I will ask a question and then you can ask me, and so on. But the answer should be correct and sincere.

She said ok and she said that she would start.

Me: Ok, ask.

Renu: Have you kissed your girlfriend?

Me: Yes, of course I did.

Renu: Ok, now you ask.

Me: When did you lose your virginity?

Renu: Just before marriage to your brother.

Me: Great. You ask.

Renu: Have you fucked your gf?

Me: No I didn’t, but we had oral sex.

Renu: Oh, you naughty! Then you have experience.

Me: Yes, I do have. I liked to fuck, but she was afraid.

Renu: Oh Ram, I thought you didn’t know anything.

Me: That is not my mistake. These days even a 10th student knows everything, Renu (I called with her name).

Renu: What Renu, you rascal! (in a jolly manner and tapping my butt)

Me: Ha ha ha, what is your bra size?

She was stunned and asked: Why do you want to know?!

I said: I have seen your boobs, so I need to know your size. (while looking in her eyes)


I will continue in part 2. If anyone wants to chat with me, then comment below.