Experiments With Exhibition – Part 3

The background:

We were planning for yet another adventure but were facing difficulty. In the end, we found some potential candidates. The people were two servants who work at Harp’s friend’s farm. The farm was on the way to where I am currently teaching at a school.

It was quite far away from the roadside and surrounded by a lot of trees. We both went to that farm to meet his friend once. We told him that I am teaching there in the nearby village. The farm was nearly 3 kilometers from my school. The servants looked at me with lusty eyes at that time.

They were both middle-aged. One was a local and other was from UP or Bihar. They both roamed around till we went from there.

The Plan:
The plan was according to the rainy season. It was like raining every day. The plan was to go there by giving an excuse of rain and staying there with those servants. Then see how things work. We checked the place thoroughly. There were a lot of potential things that we can do.

The Execution:
The day of the plan arrived as heavy rain was expected on that day. I went to school wearing transparent pajama kameez. It was not that revealing but it would be if it is wet. I also kept a pair of clothes in the scooter. There was no male staff except a guard in the school. It was a kindergarten school of a village.

So there was no fear of grazing eyes. I was doing a lot of planning during school time. To my luck, the rain started near the time to leave. It was not heavy but enough to make my clothes wet. I started my scooter and went ignoring my colleague’s advice to stay in school.

I was riding slowly so that I could get wetter. To my luck, it started heavily raining on the way and now it was difficult for me to drive. I reached the way from where I had to take the turn to the farm. I stopped there in the rain and observed myself.

I was completely drenched. My undergarments were properly visible in the wet white salwar kameez. The shape of every corner of my body was noticeable. I again started riding. There were trees near the farm on the rough road. I could see the servants standing up to see who is coming.

I reached and pretended to be feeling cold and stopped my scooter. There were two rooms at that farm, one for the machines and other for the servants. They came to me. I talked to them casually that if they remember me. They told yes that you are the teacher where their children study.

They also told me that you came with your husband that day. Three of us went under the veranda before the rooms. They were noticing my curves in the wet suit. The heavy wind was also lifting my kameez from front and back whenever I took a turn while walking.

My light red bra and even the panty was visible to them. As I told the suit was quite transparent because of wetness. They casually started talking to me about heavy rain and other things. Then the Bihari whose name was Nama asked me if I need tea as they just made it.

They both went to take the tea in the backside of the farm room. I lifted my kameez and started squeezing it. I was revealing my panty, wet legs and a bit of my bareback. My back was facing the way they went behind. I could guess why they came after a lot of time.

They were observing me doing that from behind. They came and the other servant, Darsi, had his eyes stuck on my visible back and bra shape. The clothes were sticking to my body. I could also feel that my back and ass and even the tummy was nearly visible to them.

I removed my dupatta and they both stopped talking while drinking tea. The reason was the deep neck kameez. The deep cleavage was visible to them now and boobs were wet. The water was pouring from the head and then through the cleavage in the boobs.

I squeezed the dupatta while bending. It was enough to reveal nearly half of my boobs. Even the short kameez got lifted. I guess my legs till my panty was visible from behind. The heavy wind gushes were also lifting my kameez from behind revealing my panty to them.

They were both dead silent. They were busy in catching a glimpse of my legs and boobs in the wet clothes. It was also turning me on. Then I stood up and they both also came back to their senses. I told them I have another pair of clothes. I need to change as I will catch a cold soon.

They told me that I can do it in the small room. I told Nama to get the clothes from the scooter. The plan was now clear to me as to what to do next to surprise them. I went into the room and observed it. It was a small room with a door and a big window in the back.

There was a diwan, a big wooden bed, before the window till the door. The room was attached to the machine from one side. The heavy wind was opening the window and even the door. My previous plan was to came out nude pretending to have a snake in the room. But I changed the plan.

The plan now was to use the heavy wind to open the door suddenly and to throw both pair of clothes outside. So that the wind could take them away. I loosely closed the door, messaged Harp about the situation and started the work. I removed my wet clothes and undergarments.

I was now completely nude. I was hearing them murmuring near the door. I heard them talking to each other in Punjabi. Darsi was saying that what an ass and boobs. If in this weather he got to fuck me he will readily accept death after that. Nama was telling him that he will suck the boobs till his last breath.

They were talking dirty about how they will fuck me and what they want to do with me. It was making me horny and wet. The conversation was fueling me for sex. I always dreamed of hearing such things related to me. I came to my senses too and planned the things. My heart was also pounding doing that.

I was waiting for the heavy gush of wind. I took both pair of clothes in the hand and opened the door lock. It was now just closed but not locked. The gush came and I myself opened the door and threw my clothes outside. The plan was to tell them, if they ask, that the wind took the clothes as they were on the table and opened the door too.

I pretendingly came near the door, completely naked. I was pretending to be catching the clothes and willingly slipped. And ‘dhadam’, I was lying there, fully naked, on my tummy, before two complete strangers. I could easily stand up. But I pretended to be hurt and unable so that they come.

They were awestruck at that moment. Their wish just came true after seconds of their conversation. They came hurriedly and was figuring out where to pick me as I was fully naked. I covered my face pretending to be ashamed. Nama got me from my underarm and Darsi too.

They helped me to stand up. My body was now full of dirt on the floor of the veranda. They were both looking at my nude body as they got me in the room. They made me sit on the diwan. My firm boobs, shaved pussy, and round ass, as well as full sexy figure goddess, was before their very eyes.

They were dead silent at that point and lost in the moment. I was not looking at them as I wanted them to check me more. They were just standing there before me, observing me with deep sighs. They did not know what to do. My brain was also working very fast at what to do next.

My hunger was telling me to get the dicks in all the holes. I felt that the initiative must be taken by me. I made a plan and acted on it. They were facing each other and I was sitting in the middle. I stood up and fell in the feet of Darsi saying that please do not tell anybody about it. I have a lot of respect in society, my husband is very strict.

While doing that my back was facing Nama. I spread my ass towards him while falling so that he could see the asshole and the shaved vagina clearly. Darsi was clueless at that point and silent. But I was in full senses. I did the same to Nama after that I showed the ass and pussy spreading to its limit.

I could see their dicks erect in their wet pajamas. Nama came to his senses and told me that we will not tell anybody about it. But I did not want that. I continued the scene. I told them if they want to do anything with me they can but not tell anybody about it.

They were quite shocked at that moment like their dicks. But were still hesitating to start. I then took the charge and hugged the waist of Nama. I said that that if they want I can do anything for them. I stood up and hugged him. He did not stop me. I did the same to Darsi to exaggerate the scene.

Finally, they gave up after what I did next.