Fantasy Becomes Reality – Part 2 (Oral sex with mom)

This is a continuation of my previous story. Give it a try before reading this (link on top). Let us dive into the story now.

After fanciful sex with my mom, now I barely wanted to have oral sex with her. I wanted to feel my penis ramming her throat. I wanted to feel the pain when she bit my penis, and I wanted to cum in her throat. After all, she is my Mom, my Love, my Angel, my Bitch.

We both dressed after having long sex. My mom was exhausted. Poor mom, she thought people do sex only once in a day. She did not know that having sex once a day fuels me to do more!

It had been 7 fucking years. Every day and night, I used to think of only one woman, the woman who gave birth to me, the woman who fed me, the woman who grew me up, moreover the woman whom I loved. Not as a son anymore.

I did not know what was this, but I did know one thing. No one can separate us. No one can stop me from squeezing my mom’s boobs. And no one can stop me from playing with her hair. No one can stop me from kissing her wildly. No one can sweat her more than me and moreover, No one can stop me from loving her.

She was holding her back, her buttocks as I had torn the white ass of hers. Now she remained with half torn clit and a big pinkish mouth. That mouth with big pink lips drove me crazy.

The aroma of flowers was still ON. Her hair was not perfectly molded. Her tilak made a wide line on her forehead.

They say, “Sex makes your skin glow”. Looking at my Love, I realized it was true. Then she went near the mirror and adjusted her saree. In no time, she looked as gorgeous as before.

Me: Up for one more round?

Mom: No, I got to sleep. My ass is paining.

Me: Love, you got a mouth!

Mom: What do you mean?

Me: God gave us mouth not only to talk and eat.

Mom: Then?

Me: Let us do oral sex.

Mom: No way! I refused to your father also. He is up for oral all the time and I deny it every time.

My mother understood that I was very desperate for it. But she was in no mood. And I always feel consent is important. If she says no to it, then that is it.

She then came close to me and kissed me on my lips. She put both hands back on my head which I restrained back saying that I was hungry.

Mom understood that I was not happy about it. But she kept silent and went to prepare supper.

She was preparing Maggi for us. I always wanted to have sex in the kitchen. So I went near her and looked at her waist. The flesh around that waist was not bad. It was an ultimate turn-on for me.

Then she suddenly turned back and saw me. She understood that I was looking at her waist. She took my both hands and kept them on her waist. I yanked her toward me and her soft fluffy boobs touched my rock-solid chest. I was breathing heavily on her forehead. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear:

Me: I am leaving tomorrow.

She did not know what to do now and kept silent. Then she served Maggi for us. She gave me the plate and I moved the chair beside mine. She did not sit on that chair. Instead, she sat on my lap.

I remained silent. Then I took the fork and was about to eat. She took the Maggi from the fork with her hands and told me to gobble it up from her hand. I took a bunch from her hand and ate holding her soft hand. She held one end of a Maggi piece and put that in her mouth. Then we both dripped the same Maggi piece and came close.

At face-off, she opened my mouth and took the Maggi into her mouth which I ate just now.

Me: There is Maggi on your plate also.

Mom: It does not have your saliva in it.

Looking at the childish mentality of my mom gave me a big laugh on my face. Innocent typical conservative mom, who wanted to stay with her son. But she did not know that this was my plan!

Emotionally unstable people will do whatever others will say. It just needs a little time, patience, and great effort. Then I suddenly stopped smiling.

Mom: Son, what’s wrong with you?

Mom: Please understand my problem. My gag reflex is terrible. I can not take your cock in. I tried it with your dad, but I was not able to do it.

Me: You need to tell me this before. I have a solution for it.

For the next hour, I explained to her and showed her the videos of the toothbrush technique which is used to reduce the gag reflex.

After that, she was in a dilemma about whether to do it or not. I am no ordinary person, I kept on trying. At midnight, she accepted my proposal.

Mom saw some blowjob videos on the internet and got ready. Then she came near me, rolled her hair in a bun shape, and bent down. I got off her shoulders with both hands and lifted her. She got confused about what I was doing.

Me: You need to know how it feels to do oral. The foremost greatest sex of all time.

Mom: What are you talking about?

Me: You need to experience it first before you do it to me.

Mom: Now you are gonna suck my clit or what?

Me: It is all about pleasure mom. Enjoy it. Later you can pay my debt.

Mom: No son, it is ok for me, I will do anything for you.

Me: Just enjoy what I am going to do, bitch. Keep quiet.

I held the pallu of her saree and pulled it down. I put my hands on the fluffy breasts of my mom and squeezed them hard for which she moaned, “Aaaahhhh..”

Then I tore her big blouse and her huge melons jiggled a bit. I took my mom’s big boobs in my hand and kept them in my mouth. I bit the right boob around her areole. She was giving soft moans as I squeezed her boobs. There is nothing more heavenly feeling than squeezing my mom’s boobs!

Then I tore her petticoat too. Now she was only in her lingerie. I commanded her to jump once and my eyes saw a magnificent visual. The big 44D cup melons dangled vigorously.

Then I told her to do it once more as high as possible. Oh my goodness, that was it. I tore my t-shirt and shorts. I grabbed those boobs and kept my face on them. My mom’s droopy fluffy soft heavenly boobs were enough for me to live without oxygen also.

I tore her lingerie too. Now she was naked, just like the day she was born. I went to kiss her clitoris which was bushy as a forest. I never mind it as I did not like it. Yet, I went to kiss.

Then I stopped. I could smell the pee that was there in her bushes. I took her to the bathroom and bought my trimmer and shaved her pussy.

There it was, a beautiful brown clit, around it was a milky white-colored skin. Immediately, I took my mother to the bedroom and told her to sit on my face. She shied a bit. Then I said –

Me: My dear love, you will enjoy being eaten out of your clit, which feels good to the heart. And if the heart is happy, then we will.

Mom: Son, are you sure you can take my weight on?

Me: I am bloody sure as much as I gonna deep throat you after this.

Till then, insecurity had been stopping her. Now she liked to sit on anything. She happily obliged and came over to me. She put her legs on either side of mine. She was looking at me and got paranoid.

Me: Sit with powerful confidence and have an intense orgasm.

She bowed and was about to start the session. I looked at her vagina.

Me: Looking up at you like this is incredible, bitch.

I could not take my eyes off the beauty of the vagina in front of my face. She started by laying down the knees on either side of me. She lowered the vagina down towards my face bending her knees and lowering her hips.

I grabbed the white legs of my bitch with my hands and pulled her vagina deeper into my mouth. I adjusted my mouth position over her vagina. I started grinding her pussy. My first genital contact. I was lucky because I was having it from my mom, my love.

I was eating her pussy. The brown pussy lips were so fragile, so tasty. All I hoped was she should not fart on my face. Hopefully, she did not do it.

I was biting my mom’s pussy lips. I kept my tongue deep inside my bitch’s vagina. My mom bitch was enjoying it a lot. She liked it very much.

I could hear the noises as I was pleasing her, “Yes keep going.”

Mom: You bloody ape, eat it!

She started scolding me. As I could understand, anyone would do it vulgar while sex was like fueling the engine of a vehicle.

Mom: Bastard! Eat your mom’s pussy.

For the first time, I felt how gravity works and it was overwhelming. Then I patted her thigh. She stopped and I gasped a large chunk of air. And I asked her –

Me: Bitch, how is it?

Mom: I think this is called heaven, son.

Me: You are being in a dominant position, bitch. Make me your slave or else you will regret it.

Mom: Now see, what I am going to do.

She took my head and yanked it to her vagina. Almost my nose went into her vagina. I grabbed her legs, took her vagina in my mouth, and bit it roughly. For which she moaned, “Oh my goodness.”

Mom: I love the way you eat me out, bastard!

She willingly put all weight of her body on my face and pinned me down to bed. Now she was being dominant and I was being submissive intentionally.

Mom (with a gasping voice): Remember boy, I am your MOTHER. This is what I can do.

Now she was suffocating and bouncing on me Intentionally. My mom bitch covered my face with her white fat skin and I was not able to breathe properly. I held her pussy tight and kept my tongue deep inside her clit.

Mom: Am I smothering your face, my dear dirty bastard?

Me (with a grumpy voice): Not really, bitch.

Mom: How do you feel my punk?

Me (with a grumpy voice): It is ok if I die like this also.

Mom (gasping air rapidly): Do not talk like that. I love you, please do not die, you bloody piece of shit.

I was breathing partially, smelling and tasting her juices and exploring all in one glory. Then she turned around and sat in the other direction. Now she was slapping my penis and pinching my nipples. She humped and grounded my face at the same time. Now she was exceptionally dominating me in all ways.

“This is what Queening means, my boy”, her last words while an intense orgasm. I felt like a huge pressure building up and suddenly released. She squirted ruthlessly on my face.

She moved a bit and I woke with the Juices of my mom on my face. My beard and hair were drenched with the juices of my busty milf mom bitch. Then I went to the bathroom to wash my face saying-

Me: Get ready bitch, my turn now.

I washed my face and came out. Then I went near my mom and kissed her on the lips. I took her lower lip and put my tongue inside her mouth. Then I spit my saliva in her mouth which she took happily. She kissed me on my forehead and went down on her knees.

Some like being in control or being more out of control. But as for me, I like to control. Now I was in a dominant position. She was my slave now. And she knew it very well.

I put my both hands on her head. Oh my goodness, looking at her like that gave me an instant hard rock solid Hard-on.

Me: I am going to massage your throat muscles with my penis, bitch. I love to choke you and I would love to hear you gasping.

Mom: Sir, I am your slave now, do whatever you want. I will obey your orders.

Then she put my cock in between her boobs and pressed her boobs from either side. That soft touch of my mom’s boobs gave me extra energy. In a few moments, “I am going to feel my penis in her mouth.” This thought aroused me a lot.

Me: Start with balls, bitch.

As a perfect servant, she took the balls in her mouth and started chewing them. Then I put my right hand on her hair and grabbed hold of it. She continued to chew my balls for 6 minutes.

With every chew, the balls decreased their width and the penis increased its length. LO AND BEHOLD. For the first time, A woman, moreover the woman I love took my Penis in her Mouth.

Getting a blowjob from a mother is like the best birthday present. I decided at that moment that whatever happens, I should cum in her throat only. She was doing it out of a sense of obligation. It was a proud moment for me.

I was slow as she needed to adjust to it. For the first time, a woman gave her head to me. I was playing with her hair while she was sucking my dick. She only took half of my dick in till now. It was not a glamorous thing, but it was worth trying. Then she spat my dick out and said-

Mom: Is this what dominant means, bastard?

With that, my ego got hurt. Then I grabbed her tightly and rammed my cock into her mouth. She gagged, and I did not stop. My mom bitch should feel the pain. She was right, her gag reflex was terrible. Then she grabbed my penis with her hands and pulled out and gasped air.

She took 5 big chunks of air, and she passionately looked into my eyes. Then she spat on my penis and said-

Mom: I won’t gag anymore, do it.

With that permission, I punched her face with my dick, and I bent down and kissed her on the lips. Now I started deep-throating her ruthlessly.

With each blow, her mouth got wider and my penis went deeper. With her hair in my hands holding it with flowers made my dick increase a little bit more. I remembered what she told me while she sat on my face.

Me: You told me Something earlier bitch, “I am Your Mother I can do whatever I want.” Now listen carefully, I am a mother fucker who is fucking his own mom’s mouth right now.

Then I took her big left boob with my left hand. The boob was so big that, it came near her mouth. Then I pinched her nipple very hard for which she said-

Mom (while gagging): Ohhh bastard! Leave my tits.

Me (while holding her hair and pinning her towards me): You are the best mom? Every mom should have sex with their children. And every mom should become slut to their children. Every mom…

Before completing my sentence she bit my penis hard, and I liked it a lot. This psychological joy of it all causes physical pleasure. It was like I almost touched the G-spot in her throat. I liked having her mouth and throat filled up with mine.

Me: And listen properly bitch. This is what KINGING means. And keep this in mind. I am not a boy anymore, I am a man now.

IT FELT LIKE A PORN STAR THING TO ME. She was pleasing me with her mouth while she rubbed her clit. I was receiving the best pleasure on my whole penis at once. This was the best pleasure I had ever got, physically and mentally. This was heaven to me.

I bet her head back with my elbow towards me. Then I looked at my beautiful busty milf mom, my love. I loved it when her eyes watered and spit was dripping down from her mouth. My balls got tighter than ever and released the hot lava in her throat.

I had done the most spectacular thing ever, truly spectacular. I kept it in a few seconds till all my cum slashed her throat. Then I took my penis out. She suddenly bent down on the ground. A few seconds later she stood tall and kissed me very hard. While kissing she said-

Mom: Bastard, that was excruciating.

Me: I know bitch, I am your son.

Mom: Today is the best day. I will give you whatever you want. Ask me anything.

Me: I got you. It is more than enough for me. I love you, mommy.

Mom: Love you to my child. But still, ask me anything you want.

Me (holding her boobs): I want this.

Mom: They are yours, my son.

Me: And one more thing.

Mom: What?

Me: I do not want dad to touch you from this day. They will come, the day after tomorrow. You should not indulge in any sexual activity with him.

Mom: That is not possible. He is my husband after all.

Then I pushed her towards me and her boobs touched my chest hard. I kissed her and said-

Me: I am your husband from today. I will marry you very soon.

Mom: What the fuck are you talking about?

Me: I will fucking marry you. And we will lead a happy life.

Mom: We will look at it. Let us enjoy it till the day after tomorrow.

Me: I am being Serious.

Mom: Ok, we will see.

She certainly took it very lite and ignored it. She did not believe whether I was speaking true or not. Then I asked her –

Me: Will you help me with one more thing?

Mom: Yes, what is it, anything for you?

Me: I want to fuck your daughter.

Hearing this she did not know what to do. She slapped me very hard and said-

Mom: Bloody bastard, she is your sister.

Me: Yeah, I know and you are my mother. I have the same right to her as I have to you.

Then I put my hand on my mom’s vagina and told her –

Me: We both came from here. I want to see my sister moaning while I fuck her.

Mom: What the hell are you saying?

Me: Yeah, you heard right. I want both of you. Soon I will marry her also. I will marry both of you.

Mom: I am not going to allow it.

Me: You will do it, my love.

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