Feast in foreign land

Hello dears, this is a true incident that happened when I was in the US with my neighbour who was from our neighbour country.

I am Deb, age 30, basically from Kolkata but settled in the US (names changed for privacy). Now, let me introduce the heroine of the story – Shahina, age 37 married with no kids. She has perfect curves at the right places and her size is 36-28 34. She is perfect as wine. Her husband works in the local airport as a travel manager

Now let’s move to the incident.

This happened the day after the New Year night. I was smoking outside my apartment and suddenly, I heard a weird noise from the garage! I slowly sneaked to check whether any robber had come as our area was more prone to car theft. While nearing, I heard a different noise, to be precise, it was a muffled moan! I slowly saw what was happening and was shocked to see my married neighbour having sex with her husband in our common garage!!

I could see her beautiful fair boobs juggling up and down as she was riding her husband from the top. Her nipples were so erect and she was pinching them with her hand and riding her husband’s dick. In that position, she saw me and he couldn’t as he was lying.

Shahina had a wicked smile and was riding her hubby very fast and from their voice, I could hear they were going to reach shattering orgasms. She just laid on her husband and said that the pill had worked and she was happy after a long time. Shahina’s husband was a 46 years old man with a 5-inch dick which she told me later.

They cleared the mess in the garage and went back. I came back to my room and jerked thinking of my married neighbour’s fair boobs.

Nothing happened for the entire week and during the weekend, I was cleaning my car and she came into the garage to pick up groceries from her car parked in our garage. I saw her and decided to break the ice and initiate the first move. I took a paper and wrote, “THAT WAS AN AWESOME SHOW” along with my number and gave it to her.

She took the paper, smiled and left the place. I was waiting for her text or call. I was not sure how she would react.

It was Sunday evening and I received a text from a number. The face in the DP seemed to be familiar. Bingo, it was my Muslim neighbour.

She asked about what I saw and was questioning me how dare I could watch someone private. I just said when it was in the public garage it was a free show. She just sent a tongue-out smile and asked to not to tell anyone. It was the right time to hit the cord. I started to play slowly with her.

Again, I said that was one of the best shows and I have not seen it in porn also. Shahina said shut up and went offline.

She again came back after 2 hours and our conversation went like this –

Shahina: So, what did you see?

Deb: I came at the end, so I missed to see the full action. I have seen enough of your yummy boobs.

Shahina: Shut up! You are shameless.

Deb: Lol. You could have stopped after seeing me, but you are more fierce in your actions after seeing me.

Shahina: Hmm yeah, you know what the thrill of someone admiring our actions made me behave like that and I was enjoying someone younger seeing our actions.

Deb: I loved the show.

Shahina: So, tell me, are you a virgin?

Deb: What is your guess?

Shahina: I have seen a girl going out of your apartment sometimes.

Deb: You are right, I have experience.

Shahina: What’s your dick size?

Deb: 6 inches long and 3 inches thick.

Shahina: Wow, that’s pretty good. My husband is 5 and it’s thin.

Deb: What’s your favourite position?

Shahina: I am not sure about the position. I used to ride my husband as he was weak and couldn’t do from the top.

Deb: That’s bad.

Deb: Does he lick you down there?

Shahina: Nope, he says it’s bad for married women.

Deb: Have you ever sucked his dick?

Shahina: Only once and that too when he was drunk.

Deb: You really miss best the feeling of sex.

My married neighbour then asked me about my experience with my girlfriend. I told her that she was not my girlfriend and we were friends with benefits. She was shocked hearing about that and asked me whether she gave me blowjobs.

I sent her my recent video in which my friend was blowing my hard dick. Shahina said it was amazing and she wanted to see my dick now. I said I will send only if I can see her boobs. She was hesitant at first and later, after so much hesitation, she shared her right boobs out of her bra.

It was not that great view but it was ok for a first start. Slowly, we started to chat daily when her husband was not home. Our conversation moved from various topics but always ended in sex.

We once had a phone sex where we shared our video and in the end, we masturbated in our houses.

Slowly, our video calls extended and she shed her inhibition and she was demanding more. We were waiting for the ultimate day which came when her husband had to travel to the nearby airport and will not be available for 3 days.

Shahina informed me about the same and asked me to arrange for the first sex. I was waiting for the date badly and 2 days went like hell. We promised not to have phone sex also and even calls.


That’s all for now guys, let me know for feedback. I will continue in the next part about our further conversation and our first sex where I licked her pussy for the first time and she blew my dick.

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