Finally Had Sex With Didi – Part 15

A few weeks had passed since that last encounter with my brother and his friends. Not a day had gone by when that incident did not run through my mind. Whenever I got those flashbacks, I would start craving it again.

Luckily, my birthday was coming up in a few days, and our parents were also leaving for a function. We were going to be alone for three days.

I was already excited to have an amazing celebration with them. A day before my birthday, Sameer came into my room and told me they planned something special for me.

Me: What have you planned?

Sameer: You will know on your birthday, Didi.

Me: (smiling) Don’t scare me, bhai.

Sameer: You will remember this birthday your whole life, Didi.

Saying this, he left the room. I was excited but nervous after hearing this. I kept imagining what they could do to me now. They had undressed me outside the home, put a buttplug inside me, and deep-throated me with a blindfold. Even fucked me on the terrace.

And how could I forget the last encounter, how they thrust my panties filled with their cum inside my mouth and fucked me on the balcony. What more could they possibly think of now? I tried to sleep properly as I did not know what might happen tomorrow.

Mom and Dad were about to leave when I woke up the next day. Once they left, bhai kissed me and whispered ‘Happy Birthday’ in my ears. I kissed him back lovingly and thanked him.

Me: So what is the big surprise?

Sameer: Look how eager the slut is already.

Me: (smiling) Is that any way to talk to your sister?

Sameer: Mom and Dad are not here, Didi. You are just a slut don’t forget.

He said this so commandingly I automatically nodded my head in agreement. He asked me to get dressed and said we were going somewhere. I went to my room and wore a new crop top with jeans. I heard the main door open. I looked below, and Vikas, Rahul and Pratham were there.

I smiled and them and came down. All of them gave me birthday wishes. I was feeling so special.

Me: So where are we going? What is this big surprise?

Rahul: Just get in the car, and you will find out.

Vikas: Yes, Riya Didi, this will be your most memorable birthday ever.

I kept asking them where we were going, but they did not tell me. I got in the car with them, Sameer was driving, and Pratham sat beside him. They made me sit in the backseat between Rahul and Vikas.

All along the way, Rahul kept his hands between my legs, caressing my thighs. Vikas sat to my right, constantly looking for chances to steal kisses. Whenever there was no car in sight, he would put his hand on my neck and put his tongue inside my mouth.

All this consistently aroused me, and my legs started acting up. I knew I was already getting wet inside, but I enjoyed it a lot. After almost an hour of drive, we reached the location on Delhi’s outskirts. We stepped outside, and it was a luxury farmhouse.

From the very first look, it looked expensive. I was feeling excited that they were doing all this for me.

Me: Why did you bring me here?

Sameer: We will celebrate your birthday here.

Me: We could have done that at home also, yaar. This looks so expensive.

Rahul: We own a sexy slut like you, it’s okay to spend some money for her birthday.

They all started laughing, making me feel embarrassed. I knew I had no control over their actions now. They were two different people in front of others and when we were alone. I was nervous about all this. But I went along with them because something inside me also felt excited.

We went to the reception, and bhai completed the formalities. The manager took him to the side and asked him something. They were both looking at me while talking. I was a little scared that he might have discovered we were siblings. But soon, they returned to the counter and handed over the keys.

The manager looked at me and said, “Please enjoy your stay, ma’am. We again got in the car and drove further inside the farmhouse. We finally reached our stay. It almost looked like a private residence. There was a huge villa, and no other houses could be seen nearby.

Even the reception was around 500m away from this place. We got inside and checked out the place. It was super luxurious. Everything looked so amazing. I was eager to check out the whole place. They were also equally excited to see what we got.

Once inside, there was a big living room with a sofa, dining table and chairs. In the end, there were two bedrooms. There was also an attached gym space, with just the basic things like a treadmill and a few weights. The bedrooms were also enormous.

One of them had access to the backside area. Outside was a decent-sized garden and even a small private pool. I roamed around everywhere and could not see a single soul in sight. The garden and pool were under open sky, but no houses could be seen nearby.

I realized why they chose this place because it had complete privacy. My mind started to imagine what would happen to me here. I got excited already. We were all standing at the entrance to the garden from the bedroom. Vikas hugged me tight and started kissing me.

Vikas: Do you like this place, Didi?

Me: (shyly) Yes, it looks amazing.

Sameer: Didi, why are you still having your clothes on?

Me: Oh come on, bhai, can’t you let me enjoy this place normally?

Sameer: For a slut like you normally means completely nude.

Rahul: It might be your birthday Didi but don’t forget you are still our slut.

I started blushing, and the reality started to set in. I was in for an intense sexual encounter for god knows how long. And with no one around, I could only imagine what they had in mind. But I still did not remove my clothes. I wanted them to initiate. And without surprise, they did not waste any time.

Pratham was the first to take the lead. He grabbed my throat and gave me a passionate kiss. And without any wait, he pulled out my top. I was wearing a light green coloured bra underneath. Once everyone else saw it, they also could not control themselves.

Rahul was next to kiss me. Meanwhile, my brother unbuttoned my jeans from behind. I surrendered to them completely and kept kissing anyone who put his lips on top of mine. Sameer pulled down my jeans, but they got stuck on my ankles as I wore my sandals.

Vikas took them off and threw them far away in the room. I laughed when this happened, and everyone else also smiled. Vikas then stood up and started to kiss me. I was feeling hands all over my body, sending currents throughout me.

Pratham finally pulled out my jeans. I was now in front of them wearing a matching green coloured bra and panty set.

Everyone became too excited and immediately made me fully naked. I was a little awkward at first since this was a new place. But I gave in to their actions. They all stepped back once I was fully nude. They were staring at my assets, and I felt pride in getting their attention.

Sameer: Lets go now, Didi.

Me: (confused) Go where?

Sameer: In the garden.

Me: (shocked) Are you crazy? Someone might see us!

Rahul: (laughing) There is no one in sight you saw yourself. Now stop making excuses and come outside.

They were right. No one was outside, but I was still not ready to go outside fully naked. I kept telling them no and did not move out. There was light outside, and I was nervous someone might watch me. They looked at me and realized that I would not comply.

Sameer came close to me and put his hand on my neck. He choked me so hard that my voice died in my mouth. I was in his complete control now. My breathing was also struggling. He pulled me strongly and dragged me outside the room. I struggled to walk, and their faces were proud to treat me like that.

He kept taking me further and further, and I just closed my eyes. They were also walking, and once we finally stopped, I opened my eyes. I looked back at the door, and it seemed so far away. Then I looked at their faces and saw the lust in their eyes.

I was standing fully exposed in front of them under the open sky. My mind was so nervous and concerned. Their domination was starting to take hold, but my mind still did not give in. I was trying to hide my face with my hands. I heard their laughs.

Rahul: She is still feeling uncomfortable.

Vikas: Let’s move her around a little. Her nervousness will go away.

Sameer: (laughing) That’s a great idea. Come on, Didi, start walking.

I was thinking to myself what had come over them. They wanted to parade me naked as if bringing me outside wasn’t enough. I refused to walk and kept hiding my face with my hands.

Pratham: We need to fix her hands.

Pratham took out a little packet in his pockets. He grabbed my arms tightly and brought them behind my back. And he tied them together. There was no way to hide my embarrassed face now. Then he brought out a choker belt and put it around my neck.

I couldn’t move my arms but did not give in to them and kept struggling. I kept pleading with them to stop. Hearing me talk constantly pissed off Vikas. He snatched the packet from Pratham and took out something.

I immediately realised that it was a fucking mouth gag. Out of fear, I told him I would be silent now and not to put it in my mouth. But he did not listen. He strongly grabbed my mouth and tightly wrapped it around my mouth.

While all this was happening, my eyes were on Sameer. He was watching all this happen to his sister. Instead of stopping them, he was encouraging them. I closed my eyes again, imagining how I would look right now. Sameer came close to me and said, “You can’t escape Didi, so you should do what we say.”

They had completely made me their slave. Even though my mind was not accepting it, my body had given in. My pussy was starting to leak. I just nodded my head in agreement. Sameer then brought out a thin chain from his pocket. He hooked it to the choker of my neck and started to pull.

I had no choice but to start walking. All of them were around me, looking at my humiliated face as this whole episode was happening. They brought me here to celebrate my birthday. Instead, they had stripped me, tied my hands behind my back, gagged my mouth, and put a chain collar on me.

They were parading me naked as if I was their pet bitch. All along the way, they kept exchanging the chain among themselves and took turns spanking my ass. I wanted to scream with each spank, but the gag in my mouth did not let me. All this humiliation and spanking had brought tears to my eyes.

I felt so ashamed making eye contact with any of them. But they were lustfully looking at my face constantly. We kept walking for almost fifteen minutes. We went around the pool and walked in circles around the entire property. Finally, they felt satisfied enough to stop.

I felt relieved as my naked parade finally came to an end. We were back where we had started. They looked at my embarrassed and humiliated face. Tears were still flowing from my eyes. My cheeks were completely wet with them, and some even went down to my boobs.

Sameer unhooked the chain and removed everything except the choker around my neck. I immediately wiped my tears and took a deep breath. I was sitting on the ground, and they smiled at me.

Sameer: Let’s take her to the pool now.

Vikas: You all go ahead. I will bring her over.

They all smiled and went ahead.

Me: Don’t you want to join everyone?

Vikas: Yes, but your slut pussy is desperate for a dick now, isn’t it.

I had lost myself completely during this episode and did not realise how wet I was.

Vikas: You did not answer, Didi. Your slut pussy needs a dick or not?

Me: (teasingly) Why don’t you ask it yourself?

He hugged me tight and started kissing me. This entire naked parade had turned me on immensely. I unbuttoned his pants and put my hand inside. At once, I got hold of his rock-hard dick. My hand started stroking him as he kept sucking my tongue.

I was getting increasingly horny, feeling the warmth of his dick in my hands. It felt so huge in my little fingers. I could not take it anymore. I whispered to him, “Please fuck me, Vikas. I can not wait any more.” He smiled at me and said, “Say it again.”

I smiled and repeated, “Please fuck me, Vikas, please.” I got embarrassed and started kissing him. He pushed me to the ground. He removed his underwear, and his dick sprang out at once. I was looking at it so lustfully. He positioned me in doggy style and held my throat from behind.

I lifted my ass to show him my pussy. I was facing the pool and saw everyone else jumping inside. Vikas wasted no time and inserted the top of his dick inside me. I was dripping wet, so there was no struggle. It went inside without any pressure, and I felt the tightness in my pussy. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

But he was teasing me and thrust only half his dick inside me. He was moving in and out, and I was becoming more and more aroused. I could feel his strong dick piercing my pussy lips and moving deeper. I started to moan a little in pleasure as he continued fucking me.

With his other hand, he held my hair and lifted my head. The slight pain from the hairpulling made me uncomfortable, but I did not stop him. They had made me so aroused I knew I was about to orgasm any second now. As I neared my orgasm, I signalled him to hold my arms from behind.

He held my arms with one hand, and with the other, he was pulling my hair. I was in his complete control. And just then, he thrust his dick completely inside me. I let out a little scream.

I could not hold on any longer, and after a minute, I orgasmed uncontrollably. My legs were shaking badly, but Vikas did not let me fall. He held me strongly and continued to fuck me with force as I kept orgasm. I knew this was the first of countless orgasms for my birthday.

I became powerless with his dick going in and out, and he soon reached climax. He took his dick outside and pushed it inside my mouth. I was finally tasting a dick after so much arousal. The taste of his dick mixed with my pussy juices flowed through my mouth. And just a minute later, he ejaculated.

His thick cum immediately covered my tongue and teeth. Looking at his face, I smiled and kept my mouth around his dick till the end. Once he finished, he smiled at me and said, “Happy Birthday, Didi.” I also smiled at him, opened my mouth and showed him the result of his hard work.

I was barely able to keep his cum from overflowing.

Then I gulped it down and said, “Thank you, bhai.” The session had taken away all my energy, and I just lay there on the grass. Then he said, “Let’s go. They are also waiting for you.” I had no energy to walk and asked him to carry me.

He carried me in his arms and brought me to the pool, where Sameer, Rahul and Pratham eagerly looked at me. He said to them, “The slut is all yours now.” He threw me into the pool without warning, and everyone laughed. Sameer helped me stand up. I took a few dips in the pool and felt a little fresh.

The three of them gathered around me. They were all wearing swim shorts, and I was naked already. They started kissing me in circles. They would also be super horny and feel immense power after parading me naked everywhere. Even though I was just fucked by Vikas, I did not want to stop.

It was my birthday, so I wanted to be as nasty as possible. I was fully responding to their kisses. They had their hands all over my body. I felt a finger go inside my pussy. I could not figure out who it was. I just moaned and got back to kissing.

Two hands were over my boobs, busy caressing my nipples. The pool water was turning on all of us. They slowly took me to the corner of the pool. Rahul and Pratham sat on the edge of the pool with their feet inside.

They removed their shorts, and they could see how my mouth was watering, looking at their dicks. Standing in the pool, I started sucking them off in turns. Sameer was behind me in the pool. He also undressed and placed his dick between my legs inside the water.

It was a completely new sensation for me. I had never been fucked inside a pool. He kept rubbing my pussy lips for a minute, and then he thrust it inside. Half of his dick was inside me. I looked back at him lovingly, and he kissed me for a while.

Then he let my head go and returned to fucking me with full strength. The water made it difficult for him to fuck me, but he was not backing down. Meanwhile, I was lovingly sucking Rahul and Pratham’s dicks. I was so fucking aroused that their dicks tasted like an endless dessert.

But I could not continue for long as their dicks started to fall out of my mouth once Sameer started fucking me with full strength. He was about to reach climax, and I was also experiencing pleasure. But I did not orgasm this time, and Sameer got out of the pool and sat beside Rahul.

I knew he was about to cum, so I took his dick inside my mouth and let him fill his sister’s mouth patiently. His cum tasted so intoxicating, and he ejaculated an immense amount. Once he took out his dick, I showed him my open mouth and swallowed all of it.

He smiled at me and went inside as well. Now, there were just Rahul and Pratham with me. They lifted me outside the pool and put me in a missionary position. Rahul inserted his dick inside my mouth, and Pratham shifted to my pussy. They were fucking me in complete coordination.

Our bodies had dried by now, and they continued to fuck me like that on the edge of the pool. And then I was about to orgasm once again. I could not focus on sucking Rahul’s dick. My mouth just became an open hole for him. He held me by the throat and gave a few strokes with his dick inside my mouth.

I was inching closer and closer to orgasm, but Pratham could not hold it just then. He took his dick outside and asked Rahul to switch positions. Rahul was also close to climax as he was fucking my mouth like a pussy. They changed positions.

Now Rahul started to fuck me in missionary, and Pratham pushed his dick in my mouth. Rahul brought me to the edge of the orgasm, and just after a few more shots, I started to orgasm. But at the same time, Pratham also ejaculated and filled my mouth with his cum.

I could not properly keep my mouth closed as I was orgasming hard. Pratham held my throat tightly to keep my mouth upward and filled my mouth with cum fully. I was still cumming, and Pratham’s hand on my throat was making it difficult to breathe. On top of that, my mouth was still filled with cum.

It was such an intense orgasm that I had never experienced earlier. After almost a complete minute, I stopped orgasm, and both of them took their dicks out. I coughed a little with Pratham’s cum still inside my mouth. It caused half of it to flow out of my mouth.

I was about to swallow the rest when Rahul quickly held my head and shot his load in my mouth. I had no time to react, and within a few seconds, my mouth was filled with a cocktail of both their cums. The amount was so much that it was flowing outside. I closed my mouth and swallowed it all down.

I collapsed on my back and finally breathed properly. The two of them also sat beside me and wished me happy birthday. I smiled back at them.

Me: Thank you for planning all this.

Rahul: We knew you’d like this, Didi.

Me: (smiling) I loved this, but what was the need to parade me like that?

Pratham: (teasing) Parading like what?

Me: (smiling) Parading me naked like I am your bitch.

Rahul: (laughing) You looked very beautiful during that Didi.

Pratham: Yes, Didi, you looked so seductive, as if you were born to do that. If it were up to me, I would parade you naked everywhere.

I was so humiliated hearing such things from them. Rahul laughed at his comment, and it also made me smile. Their domination was taking more and more hold on me. I slapped him lightly in a fun way, and we kept sitting there for some time with our feet in the water.

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