Foursome Sex With Two Hot Girls In Goa

Hello everyone, I am Sahil once again with another story. I am from Pune working for a reputed leading company in Viman Nagar. I am 25 years old with little muscular body after consistent workouts and also a 6-inch dark dick.

So, this story is about a foursome sex I had in Goa.

In the month of December with chilly atmosphere in the night and sunny in the day, I went with my friend named Tanya (name changed) for a 4 days vacation. We both needed a break from office work from home situation because during lockdown, we couldn’t go anywhere. Tanya was not just my friend but she was my friend with benefits (FWB).

After reaching to Goa, we decided to have a chilled beer on a beach called Arambol. But the problem was Tanya is from a conservative family so she doesn’t have bikini at home because her mom questions her a lot. So, we decided to buy a couple of pairs of bikinis and a swimming trunk for myself.

Tanya freshened up in the washroom for the beach and now it was my chance to freshen up. I went to the washroom and was awestruck. Tanya’s new lingerie was hanging in the washroom, means she wasn’t wearing any bra or panty inside! This made me hard and excited.

We went to the bikini shop to buy some. To my surprise, we found our mutual friend Pooja with her boyfriend Rahul (name changed) there. We all hugged and created each other as we were meeting after lockdown. We all were happy to see each other.

Let me tell you about Tanya and Pooja. Tanya has a boobs size of 34D which makes her look super hot and Pooja has a pair of 32B which was ok for me.

They both went inside to try the bikini in the changing room. I was waiting outside my friend Tanya’s room so that she can show me how the bikini is looking on her. But Pooja thought that her boyfriend Rahul was waiting outside her room, so she opened the door to show Rahul but it was me! When I looked at her, I was mind blown. She was looking like Abela Danger (pornstar). Her boobs were looking amazing in those pink bikini.

When she saw that it was me, she got shocked and closed the door immediately! I was trying to save that image in my mind and that silly Rahul was talking on the phone.

Tanya opened the door and showed me herself which made me super hard. After purchasing the bikinis, we all went for lunch. Pooja was sitting next to me and she noticed my hard on and gave me a naughty smile. I understood that something fishy was going in her mind. So, after the lunch, we all went to our respective rooms.

I and my friend with benefit Tanya had the most amazing sex of all times because in my mind I was thinking that I was fucking Pooja! Even Tanya asked me that what had gotten into me that night.

After our sex, I was planning to fuck Pooja on the vacation. The next day, Pooja called Tanya to inform that we all will drink that night and have fun. I was very excited thinking about Pooja will be in the same room and things might go in another direction.

At 8 pm, Pooja and Rahul came to our room with alcohol bottles. I was shocked to see Pooja. She was wearing the shortest shorts and a crop top. Her shorts were so short that her but my cheeks were clearly visible from it and that again gave me a instant hard on.

Pooja was a true bitch, she again noticed my hard on and gave me a naughty smile. Tanya came out from the washroom and even she was wearing a short top with ample amount of boobs visible. Rahul couldn’t stop noticing Tanya’s cleavage.

We opened the bottles and started drinking. After a while, we all were tipsy and started dancing. While dancing, Tanya and I started kissing but I was looking at Pooja and even she was doing the same.

Looking at us, Rahul and Pooja started kissing too. I was already very hard and it was visible as I was wearing only my boxers with no t-shirt. Everyone saw my hard dick and started laughing. Stating this situation, Tanya said that she had a solution to calm my dick.

Suddenly, she pulled my boxers down and my hard dick was hanging in front of everyone. Pooja’s eyes were wide open to see my hard dick.

Tanya started giving me a blowjob and I was already tipsy so I was feeling good. Looking at us, even Pooja started giving a blowjob to her bf Rahul. I saw his dick and it wasn’t getting hard. Maybe Pooja wasn’t satisfied with him.

I was searching for a condom but my jeans was near Pooja. So, she removed the condom box from my jeans and threw at me. I removed one for myself and one for Rahul. I removed Tanya’s clothes and she was nude in front of me.

I had already seen Tanya so I know in and out of her but Rahul had gone crazy after looking at her and Pooja too as Tanya’s boobs were bigger than hers. After my blowjob, I started licking my horny friend Tanya’s brown pussy(I love to do it). She was moaning loudly as I was doing it right with her clitoris as well.

Even Pooja wanted her pussy to be licked but it seemed Rahul didn’t like it so he didn’t do it and directly started having sex. But to Pooja’s bad luck, Rahul came in the condom within 2 minutes.

I could see from Pooja’s face that she was disappointed and wanted more. After their sex, they both were looking at us how we were having sex. I was fucking Tanya hard and looking at this, Pooja’s eyes were wide open.

Pooja came to Tanya and started kissing her and fondling her boobs and with the other had, she grabbed my balls! I was shocked and looked at Rahul. But to my surprise, Rahul gave me a smile as he was fine with it. I got this as a signal and started pressing Pooja’s boobs on top of her bra.

I removed her bra and her pink nipples were calling me to be sucked and pressed. While I was fucking Tanya in missionary position, Pooja sat on Tanya’s face for her pussy to be eaten and I was holding Pooja’s boobs.

Now I wanted to fuck Pooja so I removed my dick from Tanya’s pussy and Pooja started giving me a blowjob on top of the flavored condom. She was a pro in blowjob as she was giving me a deep throat. Now I understood why Rahul didn’t last long.

We changed our position to 69 position as she wanted me to eat her pussy and she was enjoying it to the fullest. Meanwhile, Tanya started giving Rahul a blowjob to make him ready for round 2.

Finally, I inserted my hard dick into my hot friend Pooja’s tight pussy. She wasn’t fucked in a long time so it was tight. As I entered my dick in her pussy, she started maiming so loudly that I had to close her mouth with my hand.

I fucked Pooja for around 10-15 minutes and wanted to cum. Pooja told me that she wanted to taste my cum. So, I removed my condom and Pooja again gave me a blowjob. As it was a deep throat again, I came immediately inside her mouth. It was the best sex of my life till now.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Rahul started having sex and this time too, Rahul didn’t last long. Tanya and I understood that he was not good in bed. So, after this round, we all were naked inside the room drinking alcohol again.

Once I regained my power, I lifted Pooja and took her to washroom and started fucking her her from behind. She was moaning and moaning and looking at us, even Tanya and Rahul joined us. This is how I ended up having a amazing foursome sex on a Goa trip.


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