Friends With Benefits in Goa – Part 1

Let me introduce myself first. I am Kartik, 5.10 in height and have a good body. Currently, I am working in a reputed MNC in Pune. And about my friend, let’s call her ‘P’. She was my junior in my college. She has a petite figure of 32b-24-32.

Let’s begin the story. As I mentioned, she was my junior at my engineering college. We had to do a few internships during college, so fortunately we landed in the same organization and from there, our friendship started. We exchanged our numbers and started talking over text.

In a few days, our friendship grew and we started talking in a little naughty way. We shared our encounters with other people and fantasies. One of her fantasies was to make out at a beach. I playfully told her that I wouldn’t stop at just making out and then she said, “Who is stopping you.”

Then I graduated from that college and got busy with my work. One day, suddenly her text popped up asking about my whereabouts. Then she informed me that nothing was happening in her life and she wanted to have a trip or a gateway. I suggested her to go to the beach and fulfill her fantasy. As soon as I told her this, she replied, “Will you join me?”

I was stunned by her immediate reply and waited for a few hours and then texted back that I was ready for the trip! Then we planned our trip accordingly. We left Pune on a Thursday night and reached Goa on Friday morning. Then we got freshened up and went for an outing. We roamed in Goa for the entire day. At night, we went to a club.

When we reached our hotel room, we were tired and drunk, She just removed the one-piece she was wearing and got into only a bra and panty and threw herself on the bed. We were so tired that day. I did the same and slept till the morning.

The next day when we woke up, we decided to go to the private beach which only a very few people knew. We went there and my friend removed her outer clothes to reveal her red bikini. She was looking absolutely gorgeous. When I saw her, my dick got into full attention mode and it was about to tear my pants!

We got into the water and played there for a while. While playing, I did touch her ass a few times and she also reciprocated it by touching my dick. She even slid her hand inside my pants to get hold of it for just a moment.

After some time, we came out of the ocean. There was a small broken structure and we went near it and nobody was there. We got into it and I started to kiss her. I grabbed her boobs with my hand and started pressing them while I was kissing her.

Then I put my hand inside her bikini top and started to squeeze her boobies very hard. And after some time, I slid my one hand inside her panty. She was moving like a fish craving water. But suddenly, we heard some noises and came to our senses.

Then we got out. My friend grabbed her clothes and went directly to the hotel. I knew these things would happen, so I had already purchased a big packet of condoms. As soon as we went into the room, we again started to make out.

Then I stopped and said to her that I wanted to see her strip. She agreed and we started a very romantic music. She first removed her shirt while dancing and threw it on the bed. She turned around and bent in front of me and slid her pants a little and stopped. She did this a couple of times.

I was eager to see her pants removed. So I went ahead and spanked on her both ass cheeks. She smiled at me and removed her pants. Now she was in a bikini like she was wearing it on the beach. Then she again started dancing in that bikini only.

After a couple of moves, she untied her bikini top from behind. But it was stuck on her boobs. Then she held her top by her one hand in front of boobs. She slid her shoulder strap and started to have some more dance moves. Then she took off her bra and threw it on my face.

My college friend was only in a red panty and she was covering her boobs with her hand. She was dancing like a pro in that position also. She came near me so close that her boobs were directly in front of me. She removed her hand. She was topless in front of me now.

Then she sat on my lap and started giving me a lap dance. Whenever she was facing me, I tried to grab her boobs with my mouth. I succeeded a couple of times in that. Then she stood up in front of me so that her panty was near my mouth. I could feel the smell of her vagina now.

She asked me to remove her panties but on one condition – I cannot use my hand to remove it. I grabbed her panty line with my teeth and tried to lower it. While doing this, I brushed my nose and mouth on my friend’s vagina a couple of times. It was a tingling sensation for her. Finally, I was successful in removing it.

The smell of her vagina was too intoxicating and I totally fell for it. I grabbed her tiny ass and pulled her near me. I started to kiss her pussy and then I threw her on the bed lying on her back.

I came between her legs and grabbed her legs and put my tongue on her pussy opening. She had quit a few boyfriends till then but her pussy was looking fresh. I started to lick it like an ice cream. She liked it very much. I put one finger inside her vagina and started to move it.

I was fingering her while kissing her clit. I reached out for her boobs by then and started pressing them to give her great pleasure. Then I entered my second finger and increased the speed. After a few minutes, she contracted and let out a loud moan and came on my fingers.

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