Fucked A Dusky Girl In Hyderabad

Hello everyone, thank you for the feedback on my last story which was published here on this site. I was happy to get such good comments from you all guys and giving me the courage to write this story. I am Kishore, a 26-year-old working in Hyderabad with the 7-inch tool in my pants. I am a dusky guy.

This story happened very recently with me. I always fantasized about having a good fuck with a dusky girl as I am also dusky. I used to watch a lot of porn on dusky girls. I am a regular user of  Tinder. I was swiping the girls to the right. I found a girl name Shruthi (name changed) aged 24.

She was dusky with clear skin. She had very good pics in her profile which I couldn’t resist swiping left. I have a super liking for her. Then went back to sleep. The next day morning when I woke up I found out it was a match with her, to my surprise.

I pinged her hello then after some time she replied good morning. I replied back good morning. Then we talked a little and she said, “I am leaving for office. Talk to you in the evening.” I also left my office and was waiting for her message. I got a message from her in the evening around 7:30.

So we started chatting about our basic details and all. Later that night we exchanged our numbers and started the chat on WhatsApp. She had become comfortable with me. So I asked her to meet. She saw my text and after a while, she replied and said okay.

So we planned our meet on the coming weekend on Saturday evening at Jubilee hills. As the location was near to me, I was there on time. The place we decided to meet was peaceful in the trees with no pollution and traffic sounds. I got a call from her asking, “Where are you?”

I said I am inside with a black t-shirt. After two minutes. I heard a voice saying, “Hello, Kishore.” When I turned back she was there. She was really beautiful and she dressed up so good that my heart started beating fast. Then we started talking and sharing our experiences and past relationships.

We just had snacks. She said I also like dusky boys like you and smiled. Then our chat continued for an hour. Then she said I have to leave now. I asked her how did she come. She said by cab. So I asked, “Can I drop you on my bike?” She then gave a lovely expression of thinking and then said okay.

I dropped her at her location. She said thank you for making me comfortable and gave hug and left saying goodnight. Later we used to have phone conversations calls and meetings. In our conversation, I said I am good at cooking. She asked, “Can you cook for me this weekend?”

I said, “Sure, my lady, at your service.”

Later that weekend she said she will be coming to my place in the evening. I said okay. She came to my place on Saturday evening. I shopped all the ingredients to cook the chicken as she loves chicken curry. When I was cooking my door knocked and she was out there.

I opened the door. She was happy looking at me and was saying I can smell the chicken curry from outside. Then after entering she gave me a hug, I gave her a seat and then got back to the kitchen and started cooking. She came into the kitchen and saw me cooking.

She then complimented that the chicken smell is good. I said, “Ya, add some of your love in it and it tastes more delicious.” She smiled at me. The cooking was done. As I was arranging the dinner she was saying if there was wine it would be good. I immediately said I have that too.

So we started eating and having wine and having talks. Our dinner was finished. Shruti very much liked my curry and couldn’t stop praising it. We were having drinks. We were standing on the balcony holding our drinks. She was very beautiful that day.

Then she asked can I hug you. I said okay and we hugged. Slowly the hug was getting warmer and tighter. My dick got into its full position and poking her. Then I slowly kissed her on the neck. She then moaned, ” I like you, Kishore.” I didn’t stop kissing. She was moaning and started kissing me on the neck.

Then slowly kissing all the neck reached the lips. We started kissing. Wow her lips were so soft. Our kiss was so intense that slowly it got turned into sloppy. While kissing we got back into the room from the balcony. I slowly started caressing her waist from inside her dress.

She slowly started removing my t-shirt. She slowly kissed my chest and started opening my pants. When she opened my inner my 7-inch long tool jumped out. She was surprised by seeing it. “Wow, this is so big. I know dusky people have long dicks.”

Then she started kissing it on the tip and slowly she started sucking it. She was so good at sucking I felt like heaven. My pre-cum was out and she cleaned it with her tongue. She was rolling her tongue around my dick head. That was an amazing feeling when a girl rolls her tongue around like that.

Then I lifted her up and started pressing her boobs which were so perfect to her size. I went on her cleavage feeling her boobs and kissing in them. I rolled my head in those beautiful goddess tits. Then I removed her bra and started kissing and playing with them. She was moaning loudly.

Then I placed her on the bed and pulled her panties. The love hole already full wet. I immediately started kissing her pussy and cleared all her juices and sucking pussy lips. By sucking I slowly put one of my fingers in her pussy and started stroking. It was a very hot and wet pussy.

I said, “I love this black pussy,”  and gave a little bite on her pussy lips. She shouted slowly, please. Then I did it for 2 minutes. She said, “Please put your cock in it.” I asked, “Is it okay with you?” She replied, “Ya please put that hard dick in me now.”

Then I came between her legs and started rubbing my dick head on the pussy lips. Slowly I started pushing my cock in the pussy. It was a little tight but it went in within no time. Then I slowly started giving strokes. She started shouting. Then I laid on her.

I started kissing on her lips and pressing her boobs. I was fucking her in the missionary position. She wrapped her legs around me. After 10 minutes of a missionary, we shifted to the doggy position. When she was showing her ass to put my cock her ass was so sexy.

I gave a good slap on it and inserted my cock and started fucking. When I was fucking her butt cheeks were bouncing and making me so horny. Then we shifted back to missionary and started fucking. I said, “I am about to cum. Where you want my cum?” She replied, “ Cum inside my pussy.”

I increased my speed on her and cummed all in the pussy. If I said was about to remove my cock out she said no please put it in and sleep on me. I did so I slowly moved my cock in there in and out. Then I removed my cock and fell aside to her. Her pussy was leaking all the cum.

Then after a little sleep, she went to the washroom for a shower. After 2 minutes I asked can I join you. She opened the door. I went inside and was bathing we hugged again in the water and kissed for a while and had some romance. She then came out and got ready. She asked will you drop me. I said okay.

We got ready and I dropped her at her place. We had ice-cream at the roadside that night. While saying goodnight, she hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Thank you so much, Kishore.” She left a kiss on my cheek and went away saying goodnight. That was great night spending with a dusky hottie like her.

That’s the end of the story hope you all like it. Please give all your feedback on my id: . Any girls or aunties from Hyderabad like to meet can be free to ask your privacy is ensured. Thank you please give your valuable feedback on my ID. Bye, have a great day.