Fucked My Colleague on Business trip – Part 1

This is a true story about how I fucked my sexy colleague during the official trip to Bangalore. Because this is a true story, it’s long and detailed. It is my wish that you enjoy my story just as much as I enjoyed fucking my colleague.

Brothers, get your dicks out and sisters, put your fingers on your pussies. I am about to tell you my most intimate incident.

My colleague is Nandini, a 29-year-old unmarried woman. With a height of 5’6″, a 34-30-36 body measurement, and a very attractive figure, she always looks amazing in tight-fitting tops that accentuate her curves.

I’m her manager, and we work for a multinational company. Across India, we have branches and manufacturing units, and I frequently visit them. I had to train my team as a manager. Therefore, I sometimes bring my teammates along. Last month, I took Nandini with me to Bangalore to visit one of our factories.

I had always been attracted to Nandini ever since I first met her. But I knew I had to maintain a professional relationship with her. So, I tried my best to keep my feelings in check while we were on the trip.

When Nandini arrived for breakfast at the hotel the following morning, I heard her voice saying, “Good morning, Sir.” She still had wet hair from the shower, and her face was glowing, suggesting she had just stepped out of the bathroom as we were late. She smiled at me and apologized for being late.

While having breakfast, I asked, “You woke up late?” She nodded, still smiling, and said, “Yes, I slept late. I’m sorry.” I smiled and replied, “No problem. Who kept you busy late at night?” She blushed and said, “No one. I was watching a movie.

We headed to the manufacturing unit to finish our work. On the way, our chit-chat continued, and we talked about the movie she had watched. We also discussed the latest movie releases and our favourite TV shows.

As the days passed by, she became more open and friendly. She started talking more to me and was more approachable. She even started trusting me and shared her thoughts and opinions with me.

I started to develop feelings for her and was attracted to her. I became more eager to look forward to our conversations and meeting her during work. I even accidentally touched her during our work conversations. She started to give me mischievous smiles and even flirted with me a little bit.

After work, we spent time around the hotel. We would go out for coffee, stroll in the park, and even watch movies on a mobile while travelling. As we crossed the street, she was holding my hand.

I did not let go of her hand even after crossing the street – I just wanted to stay close to her. I saw a smile on her face as she blushed and became shy.

After four days, we were going to the airport from our manufacturing unit. I was disappointed as I could not take her to bed despite all my efforts. I was glaring at her big boobs. They were clearly visible through her tight t-shirt. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her, but I couldn’t.

It was quite a long drive, and she suggested watching web series on mobile. We were sitting close in the car while watching. I nervously put my arm around her shoulder, and she slowly leaned towards me. I was overwhelmed by the moment.

We watched in the same position for the entire drive, my arm around her shoulder, her body leaning into mine. Unfortunately, due to the heavy traffic in Bengaluru, we missed our flight.

But, despite the disappointment, I was happy we were together for the entire ride, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We booked a flight for the next morning and checked into a nearby hotel.

“Did you enjoy the ride?” I asked her during dinner. She nodded shyly and smiled. I continued to ask, “Did you enjoy the ride, or did you enjoy the ride?” She blushed and answered, “Both, I suppose.”

“Shall we finish what we started in the car?” I asked her with a mischievous smile. “What do you mean?” she asked, her eyes widening. I chuckled and said, “Well, we didn’t get to finish what we started in the car. So, would you like to do that now?”

She laughed and blushed at the same time, and I knew the answer.

We had separate rooms, and I had my laptop with me, so after dinner, we decided to finish our web series from the comfort of our beds. She came back after taking a quick shower and changing into her night clothes. She looked beautiful in her pyjamas, and I smiled.

We snuggled up in bed together, and I put my arm around her as we started the show. The soft light of the laptop illuminated her face. I could smell the sweet aroma of her shampoo and body wash mixed with her body scent.

The moment we sat in, I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m watching my favourite show with my adorable colleague!”

Her body tensed up, and I could tell she was excited. Taking her breath on my neck, I stayed still and enjoyed her warm embrace. I didn’t want to make any sudden movements that could upset her. I kissed her neck and felt her relax. She moved back away and looked into my eyes.

A smile spread across my face as I kissed her. She kissed me back with the same intensity. We held each other tightly. I could feel her chest pressed against me, her cleavage visible as she wasn’t wearing a bra. By pressing her hips, I pulled her close, feeling her soft skin against my fingertips.

My hands moved up and down her back, feeling her shiver with pleasure. I leaned in and kissed her neck, feeling her breathing deepen. My lips moved down to her shoulder, tracing a path of kisses down her back. I moved my hands up to her face, gently cupping her cheeks with my palms.

She looked up at me with desire-filled eyes, her lips parted in anticipation. “Fuck me, sir,” she whispered, her voice thick with passion and anticipation. I pulled her closer to me and growled in her ear, “Yes, bitch. I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

I slid my hands under her t-shirt and pulled it off, exposing her breasts to me. She gasped, her nipples hardening as I ran my hands over her body. “You’re so beautiful,” I murmured, pressing my lips to her boobs.

I made my mouth over her breast, and she gasped again as I sucked lightly. She grabbed my head and pulled it closer, encouraging me to move from one breast to the next. She moaned softly as I teased her, and I felt my arousal grow. I moved down her body, ripping her pants off as I proceeded.

She spread her legs, and I felt my breath catch in my throat as I saw her fully exposed. After years of marriage, this was the first time I saw another woman’s pussy up close. Her pussy was cleanly shaven, and I could see the glistening wetness between her legs.

In the case of a clean-shaven girl, I understood that she intended to come into bed with me. She spread her legs wide, inviting me to explore her. I slowly caressed her inner thighs and teased her with my fingers. I parted her clitoris and ran my tongue over her inner folds, enjoying the sweet taste of her arousal.

She raised her legs in the air, allowing me to access her more intimately. I then ran my dick up and down her entrance, rubbing it against her clit and enjoying the sensation of her wetness. She moaned in pleasure, her hips thrusting up against me as I continued to tease her.

I then slowly pushed my way into her, feeling the warmth of her hole as it enveloped me. I began to thrust in and out of her, pushing deeper each time and enjoying the sensation of her tightness around me. “Ahhh,” she moaned. “Sir, wow, go deeper. That feels like a monster!”

I felt the head of my dick pushing on the back wall of her vagina, and I continued to thrust harder and deeper until I was as far inside as I could get. As a result, my skin was stretched to its fullest capacity, and it felt amazing. I could feel every inch of her walls, and my heart pounded with pleasure.

I kept thrusting for about ten minutes, and then I felt my orgasm build up inside me. I stopped thrusting and just stayed inside her. I held back my orgasm, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. She was trembling beneath me, her breathing becoming more and more rapid.

I could feel her tight walls around me, and I knew she was close to her orgasm. I kissed her neck and lips and whispered in her ear, “I’m about to cum. Are you ready?” She moaned in response, and I nodded. With one last thrust, I released my orgasm inside her and felt her walls quiver with pleasure.

We lay together afterwards, both of us satisfied and exhausted.

Wait for the next part. Thank you for reading! I hope you like my real encounter.