Garima And Nuzla Unleash Their Girl Power

I was bent over a spanking bench with my arms tied behind my back. In front of me was Naksh, seated in a chair and naked. His huge monster cock was 10 inches down my throat. I was sucking and slurping so passionately. I love Naksh’s big cock.

Garima had spanked my butt for 300 swats with a large wooden paddle. My poor butt was sore. Nuzla had shoved a vibrating dildo so deep in my ass that she could not get it back out. She tried to grab it and wanted me to push, but I was too ass-full to push. So she grabbed a plunger from the closet.

Fortunately, it had never been used. Then Nuzla slammed the plunger hard on my ass several times, shoving me forward into extremely severe deep throating. Nuz slammed the plunger between my butt cheeks and started plunging my asshole to get the dildo out. She worked that thing hard for about 20 minutes.

All the while, I sucked and slurped on Naksh’s gigantic cock until he exploded in my mouth and fed me 5 gallons of his delicious cum. Nuzla was able to rescue the dildo buried in my ass. She had plunged it and taken it out. She then picked up a large paddle and smacked my ass with firm authority.

I grunted and blushed as Nuzla lit my ass on fire with her Girl Power paddle. Nuzla had not yet completed the 250 swats that she gave me when a guy named Dev approached me and slid his huge 10-inch schlong into my mouth. Dev grabbed my head and face-fucked me with masculine power and strength.

My eyes watered and rolled back as his cock cleansed my tonsils so hard. Dev became the king of my throat as he pumped his hips with speed and force. He unloaded so many mouthfuls of cum into me as I obediently guzzled him dry.

I enjoyed every inch of his cock but was embarrassed by the way that Dev dominated me. As Dev pulled out of my mouth, my lips made a loud ‘POP!’ sound. I then heard Garima laughing at me to my right. I rolled my eyes and glared at her and said, “Ha ha ha…very funny!”

Garima doubled over in laughter and replied, “It is always hilarious to see you hardcore face-fucked!”

Nuzla began laughing with Garima as I just blushed in complete embarrassment. At that moment, a guy named Manu inserted his thick hard cock into my mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked him with passion and purpose.

His huge cock slid back and forth in my mouth as I moaned in pleasure at the sensation. I love sucking Indian cocks so so much! My slutty lips continued to milk Manu’s monster cock. He exploded in my mouth, and I swallowed everything he gave me and kept sucking.

After 40 minutes of non-stop sucking, his cock had erupted cum in my mouth 10 times. He pulled his cock out and rubbed his cock all over my face. I sucked Manu’s balls so sensually. Then he rubbed his balls all over my face.

Garima and Nuzla laughed at me as Manu’s balls sat across my nose, and his cock plopped on my forehead. The girls had brought a large crowd of Indian guys for me to suck off. Both Garima and Nuzla were entertained by the fact that I was a blushing cock-whore.

They both made sure that my stomach was full of Indian cum every day. I sucked off 46 Indian guys while Garima and Nuzla took turns spanking my ass. It was all incredibly embarrassing for me. But at least I was comforted with the reality that I got to have constant cocks in my mouth.

I am happiest when I have a big Indian cock in my mouth. I am considered to be the cock-whore of India. Garima and Nuzla think it is hilarious that a white American like me has sucked tens of thousands of Indian guys.

I spend about twelve hours a day giving blowjobs to Indian guys. It is so very embarrassing for me. It is wildly entertaining for Garima and Nuzla. But that is what every day of my life consists of my extreme embarrassment and their extreme entertainment.

After all those guys finished feeding me their cum, Garima helped me to my feet. She then grasped the back of my thong panty and pulled up. She delivered a strong thong wedgie as I whimpered, “Wooooo!” The girls both laughed at my embarrassing situation.

Nuzla grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. She demanded that I sit on the hard floor. I complied out of fear of her Girl Power. She then demanded that I begin bouncing on my butt. So I started bouncing up and down, my poor butt cheeks slapping against the hard mean floor.

My bottom was so sore. The girls just laughed about it while I just blushed and blushed. After 20 minutes of non-stop butt bouncing, my bottom aches so much that I whimpered and blubbered in front of the girls. Garima and Nuzla sat together eating and talking and ignoring me completely.

Suddenly, Garima demanded I stop, and both girls came over to me. They each knelt and smiled at me as I pouted with my lower lip stuck out.

“James, you stupid lying cock-whore, how does your ass feel?” asked Nuzla.

I whimpered, “Ouchie-wowsers!”

For reference, I have to remind you that I had on brutally aggressive face-fucks. It had been the continual joke with Garima and with Nuzla. They each had claimed a tooth as a souvenir to represent how much of a cock-whore I was.

As a result of losing those teeth, the girls sometimes called me ‘Toothless.’ There was a knock at the door, and Racine came walking in with 38 Indian guys. I sat on my sore bottom and wedgied thong panty as the guys began stripping.

I scrambled to my knees because I knew what my role was. As the first guy stepped up to feed me his cock, Garima declared her instructions.

“Okay toothless slut, get those surviving chompers on some cock and show us all why you were born!” Garima smiled.

The guy slid his cock into my mouth, and I started sucking his cock with passion. He started pumping his hips as he held my head. His huge Indian cock slammed my throat with force. He established masculine dominance over me very quickly.

I was, once again, shown to be the slutty cock-whore of India and the sissy bitch to all Indian men. As he erupted in my mouth, I dutifully guzzled every drop of cum he would give me.

Nuzla came behind me and reached down to snap the band on my thong panty and yanked my panty to make sure my wedgie was tight. As the next guy shoved his cock in my mouth, Nuzla pushed my head from behind to guarantee I was giving an intense deep throat.

My eyes watered profusely as my throat clicked and bucked. I fought off a series of gag reflexes, and my throat accepting the role of slut. Nuzla laughed as his balls sat on my chin. My face showed the embarrassment I felt with the insanely incredible depth of this throat fucking.

As he pumped with power and speed, my throat became his, and I became a cock slurping machine. My eyes rolled back as I felt such embarrassment. Nuzla pushed my head from behind and laughed. That guy unloaded a dump truck load of cum down my throat.

I swallowed every drop. I had only seconds to catch my breath before the next guy’s huge cock took up residency in my slutty mouth. All of those 38 Indian guys fucked my face with authority as they taught me my rightful role as a blushing sissy boi. It is so very embarrassing.

As I knelt in the kitchen, my mind reeling with dizzy dumbfounded befuddlement. I blushed bright red with embarrassment. I was frozen in humiliation. Garima and Nuzla stood on each side of me and reached down to help me up.

Each girl grabbed my thong panty and pulled and lifted me to my feet via thong wedgie.

“I like it when your panties are wedgied!” giggled Garima.

“So do I. He should wear his panties like this all the time!” laughed Nuzla as she smacked my ass.

I blushed and whimpered, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Oh my god, James, your breath smells like a cum factory!” stated Garima.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied while licking my lips.

Garima and Nuzla dressed me in a floral blouse with a pleated black miniskirt. They then took me to the mall and into Victoria’s Secret to buy some new thong panties. I was still sporting the major wedgie when they pulled me into the changing room.

They had me put on a new pink lace thong. The salesgirl at the store commented how adorable I looked in my skirt. Garima then spun me around and lifted my skirt to show the salesgirl my new thong panty. All of the girls giggled at me as I blushed bright red.

Nuzla instructed the salesgirl to administer a wedgie to me. So the college-aged salesgirl grabbed my waistband and yanked upwards, and gave me a wedgie. The girls laughed as they pulled my skirt down. I was required to walk out of the store and through the mall with the thong wedgie firmly in place.

As we returned home, Racine was still there but had been joined by 25 new Indian guys. I sucked each of those guys off and guzzled their cum. The girls laughed at me and spanked my bottom.

They left me alone in my apartment with a sore butt, a belly full of Indian cum, a thong wedgie, and a blushing red face from such embarrassment.

Girl Power rocks my world!