Garima’s female revenge

Our story starts with a cheating, unfaithful boyfriend named James. He is a cheater and a liar. James had cheated on more than one girlfriend. So a few of his former girlfriends got together and decided to enact some revenge.

Garima, Nuzla, and Devika gathered and discussed the purpose of their meeting.

“We will bring justice and karma to James’ life. He will regret having played us and lied to us,” Garima declared.

“Yes! Our Girl Power will rock his pathetic little world!” giggled Devika.

The girls began to plan out their revenge with artistic flare and creativity. Nuzla held up her phone to show the others a picture from the internet. She had a picture of a uniform on her phone.

“He will be wearing this for us!” Nuzla smiled.

Devika stomped her feet as she laughed, “Oh god, that is perfect!”

“Yes! James will be our slutty French Maid!” laughed Garima.

The girls laughed about how James had told them he wanted to see them dressed as a sexy French Maid wearing tiny panties. They reflected on how he had said that he desired each of the girls to give him intensive deep-throat blowjobs.

“Well, girls, we have our work cut out for us,” smirked Garima.

The girls employed a team of people to assist them in their goals. The ultimate goal was to produce as much humiliation in James as possible. Arrangements were made to hack into James’ personal computer and empty his bank account.

They started a company called ‘I Love Giving Blowjobs’ and made James the company president. They made a website and put James’ picture up.

The money from his bank account was emptied into a separate account that Garima controlled. She ordered dozens of thong panties from Victoria’s Secret to be delivered to James at work.

He opened the box from Victoria’s Secret as the two college-age girls from the office watched. He had no idea what was inside.

“The box says it is from Victoria’s Secret. What did you get?” one of the girls asked as she stood in the doorway of his classroom.

As James opened the box and saw the contents, he could only look in shock and reply, “Panties!”

“Who are those for?” the other girls asked.

James read the shipping note, “Here are the panties you ordered for yourself. Wear them with sissy pride!”

The two girls from the front office erupted in giggles as they walked away.

Garima also ordered one dozen life-like dildos from a sex toy company. Those arrived at his work in a box that was discreet. He had no idea what it was when he opened it.

The same two front office girls stood beside him while he opened the box. When he reached in and pulled out a large 10-inch pink dildo, there was a collective gasp among the girls. They immediately reached into the box to discover what else was inside.

“Oh my! This dildo has a pump with it!” declared one girl.

“This one vibrates!” declared the other.

James blushed ten shades of red as they saw the box full of different dildos.

“I…I don’t…I mean, I didn’t order these!” James blushed and stammered.

“Hmmm, it’s okay. Your kinky secrets are safe with us. Enjoy those!” one of the girls smirked.

Garima, Nuzla, and Devika each made anonymous calls to the front office of the school that James worked for to lodge complaints about James.

“Please give a message to James Paul Kinney. Tell him to stop contacting my husband and begging to give him more blowjobs. My husband let him blow him twice but swore, never again.” Garima pronounced.

“Please inform James Kinney that if he continues to walk around in front of his house wearing only girly panties, I will call the police on him!” Devika warned.

“Kindly let James Kinney know I know all about his parties where he gives like 20 guys blowjobs! Tell him to stop sending my boyfriend an invitation!” Nuzla declared.

Given those complaints and the boxes delivered to him at work, his work suspended him from teaching pending an investigation. When they discovered the website ‘’ featuring a picture of James, they fired him as a teacher.

Garima sent three females who were martial arts experts to force James to come with him. They knocked him out cold. When James regained consciousness, he found himself in a tight pink t-shirt and a tiny pink thong panty. He was tied up across a spanking bench and was completely helpless.

Garima had ordered him a pink t-shirt with the words “I love sucking cocks!” printed on it.

Devika took a large wooden sorority paddle and firmly pounded his bare butt cheeks as he winced in pain. She whacked his ass with feminine authority.

“This is what you get for cheating, James. You now have the reputation as a cock-gobbler! And I will pound your panties until you sob!” declared Devika.

As Devika continued to spank James, Garima’s friend Naksh force-fed James his huge Indian cock. The look of shock on James’ face was priceless. Naksh shoved his cock deep into James’ slutty throat. It was a brutal deep-throating.

Naksh’s huge cock rocketed back and forth in James’ mouth and produced loud slurping sounds in the room. The girls laughed at James as he blushed so much. It was beyond embarrassing for him.

James found himself instinctively responding to a cock in his mouth. It was completely embarrassing to reveal his true nature as he sucked, slurped, and swallowed.

The girls erupted in laughter as James gobbled the cock like a professional. Naksh grunted as he pumped his hips and power plunged James’ tonsils. He unloaded a gallon of warm sticky cum down James’ worn throat.

After swallowing several mouthfuls of cum, James murmured, “Oh my god! I am so embarrassed!”

Seven more guys came into the room. One by one, each of those guys fed James their big cocks and all of their cum. It was an intense, deep-throat experience. Water flowed from James’ eyes as his tonsils were hardcore hammered repeatedly. He guzzled mouthful after mouthful of cum.

James was humiliated and wildly disoriented by what was happening. His brain reeled in utter mortification as his mouth became the pleasure center for cock after cock after cock. It was so very embarrassing.

Garima took James’ phone, took a video of James sucking several cocks, and sent it to everyone on his contact list. His reputation as a cock-gobbler was solidified, and he would never escape it. It was completely humiliating for James. He whimpered in defeat and discombobulation.

James licked his cum-drenched lips. Garima took the large paddle and smacked his ass cheeks as they glowed bright red. He would not be sitting down for a few days. As tears streamed down his blushing face, James whimpered like a sad puppy dog.

“James Kinney, you deserve this humiliating punishment because you have lied and cheated on so many girls!” announced Nuzla.

“I am so sorry, I was wrong. I’m sorry!” James blubbered.

“Oh, James, you stupid cock whore! You will never torture another girl with your cheating and lying. From now on, you will only give blowjobs to other guys!” stated Garima.

“Yes, ma’am!” surrendered James.

“You are now a sissy boi, a panty-wearing, cock-slurping sissy boi! That is your life!” announced Devika.

“Yes, ma’am!” submitted a blushing James.

“And you will dress as a pretty French Maid!” Nuzla giggled as she held the French Maid uniform up in front of James.

“Yes, ma’am!” James whimpered.

The girls put James in the French Maid uniform and then took him to a local park in public. He wore a frilly dress and an apron. He wore thigh-high lace stockings and high heels. They paraded him around in front of a hundred people, who laughed and pointed at him.

James would curtsy for anyone that the girls ordered him for. Garima made him grab his ankles. She lifted his little dress so everyone could see that he wore tiny lace-thong panties. Garima smacked his butt cheeks with her hand as he blushed.

Nuzla handcuffed James over a park bench and shoved a big dildo deep in his mouth. James sucked the dildo for comfort as he was so extremely embarrassed. Nuzla stuffed the handcuff key in the top of one of his stockings.

Devika made a phone call to the front office of the school James used to work for. She told the two college-aged girls that he was tied up to a bench at the park and needed help to be released.

The two girls came down to the park and were shocked when they saw James dressed as a French Maid wearing tiny thong panties. As one girl pulled the long dildo out of his mouth, he declared, “Oh god! This is so so embarrassing!”

The girls laughed and took pictures with their phones before releasing James. The embarrassment was staggering. James would never recover from this revengeful act of Girl Power.

James had lost his job, money, reputation, dignity, pride, and life as a heterosexual male.

James had gained a reputation for sucking cocks, being a sissy boi, and blushing non-stop. He began dressing as a French Maid and performing blowjobs on multiple men daily.

Garima, Nuzla, and Devika were very proud of their accomplishment. Their revenge was completely successful.