Gayatri fulfills Rahul’s long hair fetish – Part 4

I got up from my nap after a few minutes. I went to the kitchen to see what my lovely ladies were cooking for lunch. I went to the kitchen door and peeked inside. Kavita and Gayatri were standing near the kitchen platform. While Gayatri was cutting vegetables, Kavita was cooking something in the pan.

Not as a surprise, they were both naked with just an apron covering them from the front. Their oily hair was still in the braid which I had made. I could still see oil dripping from Gayatri’s braid tip flowing right into her butt crack and down her thighs.

Kavita’s hair was not heavily oiled. But her knee-length braid was shining a lot and appeared very silky in the sunlight from the window. I entered the kitchen and went close behind Gayatri. Holding her waist and resting my cheek on her right shoulder. Hugging her from behind, I asked her what was for lunch.

She told me that they were making my favorite dish. I was very much happy. I kissed Gayatri’s cheeks and then went and held Kavita in the same way and kissed her too. I then went to the living room and waited for the food. We later had our lunch. It was very tasty.

Kavita even shared Gayatri with her special recipes, and we chatted at the table.
After lunch, Gayatri went for a nap in the bedroom as she was very tired. Kavita and I sat on the couch to watch a movie. It was an adult romance movie. Kavita and I were completely naked.

While she was sitting beside me, hugging me, I had my arm over her shoulder. We watched for about half an hour, and a romantic scene started to play. It was very arousing, and we got excited. We both started kissing each other, moving our hands over each other’s bodies.

My dick was not erect. Kavita started stroking it, took it in her mouth and started moving her mouth over my shaft up and down. My dick was now completely lubricated and erect. She got up, sat over my dick facing me, and started riding my cock.

As she moved up and down, her thick braid bounced in all possible directions behind her back. She then stopped for a while, removed my dick from her pussy, took hold of her braid towards the front and inserted the open-hair end of the braid inside her pussy.

She then again took the cock inside the pussy. I was now again enjoying fucking both her hair-filled pussy very much. We kissed, and I sucked her boobs while she was riding me. After a few minutes, she came on my hair-covered rod.

I told her that I wanted to fuck her hair in a bun. So she went down on her knees, facing her back towards me. Her head was aligned in front of my cock as she made me stand behind her. She took her braid and wrapped it around my erect dick, and made a huge braid bun over it. Nice and tight.

I grabbed her head firmly and started moving my dick to and fro in her huge bun. I enjoyed it very much. The friction of her soft hair over my entire rod and my penis tip made the sensation grow stronger with every movement. Her hair hugged my penis from all directions.

It felt like I was gliding it over a soft cushion as I moved it inside her bun. She started taking sexy things to me as I was fucking her bun, which aroused me more and more. So I increased my pace and finally released my seamen inside her bun. She then got up, we kissed, and I pulled her bun and made it lose.

Her braid came flowing down, and I could see all my white semen over certain lengths of her braid. My dick was completely greasy now because of her oily braid. We again sat on the couch and continued watching the movie.

Gayatri woke up after some time. Now it was time to go for a bath and wash their hair. I was excited to get the chance to wash Kavita’s hair for the first time. Gayatri caught Kavita’s hand and took her to the bathroom, and I followed them. Even Gayatri was excited as all three of us were going to bathe together.

As we entered the bathroom, the first thing I did was unbraid Gayatri and Kavita’s hair. I took my time, caressing Kavita’s braid from her neck to her knees. Planted a soft kiss on it and removed her band. I put my fingers in her hair near her nape and slide them down, unbraiding her knots.

I did the same for Gayatri as well. Finally, we turned on the shower and bathed in it. Kavita took some shampoo in her hand and applied it to her hair. Gayatri and I assisted her. While she was busy with her scalp, we applied lather on her length.

Once done, we made her stand below the drizzling water and washed her long tresses. Now it was Gayatri’s turn. Kavita and I applied shampoo to her hair and washed it thoroughly. Even though her hair was short, it was not easy to wash them because of the volume.

We then took the soap and applied it over each other’s bodies. I made Kavita stand between us, rubbing my hand over her vagina as I stood behind her. She was now applying lather over my dick, gilding her hand over my shaft. Meanwhile, standing in front of her, Gayatri moved her hands over her boobs.

Kavita then started applying soap over Gayatri’s body. Finally, we washed all the soap over our bodies. But the session was not over yet! I made Gayatri sit down with me, and we both started licking Kavita’s pussy together. She was moaning and pinching her boobs. We made her cum soon.

Then both made me stand with my back resting on the wall and stood in front of me. Both started to glide their hands on my erect shaft simultaneously, and we all kissed each other. Kavita’s hand stroked my shaft while the other rubbed Gayatri’s pussy.

Gayatri and I cum hard, and finally, we all took a final shower and came out. We dried each other’s bodies, and I helped both of them to dry their hair.
Kavita’s hair looked gorgeous after the wash. Each strand was smooth. Her hair was covering her entire body, moving because of the breeze from the window.

Gayatri, too, looked gorgeous in her loose hair. I made them sit on the chair and brushed and braided their hair. This is how our weekend went fucking each other over and over again. It was a new beginning for Gayatri and me in our life. We would fuck Kavita every weekend over the next few months.

Since they were home, they used to enjoy going out, fucking each other while I was in the office. Kavita started to become closer to both of us as time passed.

After 1 year:
Now that I and Gayatri both love Kavita, she now stays with us in our home itself. She gave up her flat. We all consider Kavita my second wife and live in a polygamous relationship. Kavita has grown her hair up to her ankles, as she knows I like her hair so much.

Her hair is very thick right from the top till the very end. Gayatri has grown her hair up to her calf! Yes, right, her hair grew fast to this length and is even more voluminous than Kavita’s. All thanks to Kavita’s tips and her haircare routine.

We have sex almost every day. I fuck both of them with their braid tied up on my dick, and they enjoy it very much. I like fucking their massive buns. Whenever Gayatri goes to her mother’s place, I am not bored as I have Kavita’s company.

Gayatri is tension-free for me as Kavita takes good care of me. Kavita’s son is still unaware of her relationship. But since he plans to settle in the US, we don’t bother telling him about it.

Once in two months, we all go to various places in India and abroad as a mini vacation. I remember when we went to the Maldives. I had booked a private villa along the beach. It was only the three of us, and we had all our privacy. We all sat on the balcony, just chilling.

No one was near, so we all thought to spice it up. I stood up and undressed completely. I made both Gayatri and Kavita get up and undressed them as well. They hesitated initially, but I assured them that no one would come here. It’s only three of us here.

Both were in their T-shirts and shorts. I went close to Kavita and pulled her T-shirt up. She was not wearing a bra, and her boobs were set free. I then slipped her shorts, and now she was completely naked. We both then undressed Gayatri. I removed her t-shirt and Kavita her pants.

Kavita then started licking her pussy, and I started kissing her. I pulled her hairpin from her bun, and her long calf length, thick hair fell loose. Gayatri was now moaning very hard, and finally, she cum on Kavita. I pulled Kavita towards me, hugged her, and set her hair free from that monstrous bun.

Now both my Rapunzels were standing naked on the balcony. We were excited and nervous about having sex open on the balcony enjoying the beautiful beach view. We laid down the mattress on the balcony. I made Kavita sleep on her back, and in the missionary position, I started fucking her.

Gayatri then stopped me and pulled my penis out of her vagina. She licked it and lubricated it properly. She then braided her calf-length hair and slid my dick into one of the braid holes. I then inserted my penis back into Kavita. I was now fucking Kavita with Gayatri’s braid on my rod.

I enjoyed it very much. Kavita cummed heavily, and my whole dick was full of her sticky fluid. I immediately grabbed Gayatri and started fucking her with her braid still wrapped over my dick. We all fucked each other for over 2 hours with a lot of hair play. They both gave me a nice hairjob.

Once we finished our session, it was now about for the sun to set. We wanted to enjoy the sunset view. Our villa had a big jacuzzi in our bathroom, where the entire beach was visible. So we decided to take a bath in the jacuzzi together and enjoy the sunset.

I arranged everything and called my girls for the bath once it was ready. We all entered the jacuzzi, and the water was mildly warm. We enjoyed having fruitful discussions. The best part for me was both set their hair loose, and their hair floated over the water.

The entire surface was full of both of their hair floating over it. We all enjoyed the sunset and finally came out. The next few days we were there, we roamed the tourist spots. We used to have so many intimate nights every day there, and we returned to India after a week.

Now that I was fully satisfied with my relationship with both of them, I wanted to spice things up. I was following various long hair pages on social media, and I came in contact with a person in Russia who used to sell hair wigs and hair extensions.

I contacted him and ordered only the loose hair (not the wig and extension). I had something in my mind. I purchased almost two big bags of long human hair from him, which he used to get as raw material for his wigs and extensions. They finally arrived at my home after 2 months.

They were huge bags with long hair in them of various textures and colors. The hair was long. They were almost butt-length hairs if I had to compare them with Gayatri’s height. Gayatri and Kavita went shopping that day on Saturday afternoon.

So I opened those bags, put all those hairs on my bed, and spread them evenly on the entire bed. My bed was now full of long hair. When Gayatri and Kavita returned, they were just surprised. I told them that we were now going to use this bed full of long hair, and I wanted to fuck them over it.

My dick was throbbing. At night, we fucked on the bed full of long hair with my wife’s hair open, adding to further excitement. It was like fucking my long hair, ladies on long hair mattresses. I was enjoying the hair ticking all over our bodies while having sex.

The hairs even stick and entangle our naked bodies, my penis when we used to fuck. I enjoy it very much. Even Gayatri and Kavita enjoyed this very much. I then started ordering long hair from my contact every month. I used to replace all those hair with new ones, and we used to fuck every day on that hair bed.

We are now in a happy relationship fucking each other whenever we want. We roam naked in the house the whole day. We only dress up when we go out and when I am at the office.

I even help them cut Kavita’s and Gayatri’s hair after every 3 months. Kavita maintains her ankle-length hair. Gayatri is happy with her hair reaching her calves. I am happy with my long-haired wives enjoying their hair on my rod and having threesomes on my special bed.