Getting Intimate With A Mallu Doctor – Part 3 (Final)

Hi friends, this is Varun back with the next part of my ///”>mallu sex story with hot lady doctor Simi. I got a huge response for my previous parts and those of you who haven’t gone through it, I suggest you read those first to understand the story better.

About Dr. Simi: She is a Malayali doctor in mid-’30s who is residing in Bangalore for years. She is a married lady who has a boy child.

About me: I am Varun Krishnan, aged 28, from Bangalore. I am working as an accountant in a small firm. I don’t have an athletic body or good looking face. But I am an average guy who can satisfy women who come around me.

Let’s get into the story.

The lady doctor Simi pulled the foreskin skin of my cock down and gave kisses on it. Then she started to rub my rod on her face like on her lips, cheeks, eyes, and her forehead. She then suddenly took my dick inside her mouth and started to suck it completely. In between, Simi would pull it out, eat my balls and again, take it inside her mouth.

Simi was gagging purposely sometimes. I tried pushing my dick from below. After sucking for almost 10 minutes, she got up from the floor. She was going to lie down but, suddenly I caught her hand and made her come in front of me and pulled her towards me.

Simi sat on my lap. I caught her thighs and pulled her further towards me. Her lovely jumping mallu boobs were in front of my eyes. I slowly pulled out her right boob from her bra and started to suck her boobs. Simi was holding her boob with her right hand as if she was feeding me.

I could feel my hard dick touching the gate of her pussy walls. I slowly started to pump her from below. Suddenly, the doctor got down from my lap and removed her bra and pantie. She was standing like a new-born baby.

I then made her lie down on the bed and spread her legs. I could see the wetness on her brownish pussy walls. I started giving small kisses on her inner thighs. Simi started to moan slowly, she kept her hands on my head and was caressing my hair.

Suddenly, I licked her pussy. I rolled my tongue from the top to the bottom (till her ass) and again came on top. Simi couldn’t control herself and was making some weird sounds due to pleasure.

I slowly took my index finger and started to rub on her mallu pussy. Simi was twisting on the bed. After eating her pussy for almost 10 minutes, she pulled my hair towards her pussy and she started to flow like a volcano.

Simi was taking heavy breaths and was lying down with her eyes tightly closed. I was watching her cum leaking down from her pussy till her ass.

I slowly took some of her cum with my index finger and smelled it. It had a different kind of smell and was forcing me to taste it. I licked the sexy mallu doctor’s cum. It tasted really yummy.

Then I laid next to her, kept my left hand across her and was playing with her brown nipples. After some time, Simi opened her eyes and looked at me. She smiled and came towards me.

Dr: I wasn’t wrong in choosing you. You made gave pleasures which I haven’t ever experienced in my life.

Saying this, Simi started to kiss me on my lips. She was sucking and biting my lips. She was playing with her tongue on my face, licking my face, putting her tongue inside my nostril and licking it. She then put her tongue out and I started to suck her tongue.

After some time, I made her lie down by making her back facing me. I pulled her waist towards me more and started to lick her pussy. I also inserted my index inside her pussy and was playing with her pussy for a while.

Then I spread her ass cheek and found her black asshole. It was really cute. I started to lick the mallu lady’s asshole and was finger fucking her pussy simultaneously. Her ass had some weird taste and the smell was erotic. With her right hand, Simi was pulling my head towards her more. She was moaning a bit loud now.

Then I stood up from the floor and positioned myself between Simi’s legs. I took some saliva from my mouth, spread it on my dick and pushed my dick inside that busty mallu ass. Simi gave a big moan and I pushed her head onto the pillow so that her moan couldn’t her hear outside.

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Since the married doctor’s ass wasn’t used much, only half of my rod went inside first. So, I pulled out my dick and spat on it to make more lubricated. Then I knelt again on the floor and started to lick Simi’s ass hole. I then pushed my index finger and finger fucked her ass. Simi couldn’t bear the pleasure and was moaning badly.

I pushed my dick with more force into her ass again and it went more than the last time. Simi was resisting.

Dr: Varun.. no..not in the back, please..I can’t take it.

I took my dick completely out, waited for a few seconds so that she could feel relaxed for a moment. Suddenly, I pushed my dick into her ass hole. She lifted her head and gave a loud moan. I started to pump Simi’s ass really hard. I pushed her head back to the pillow and asked her to be quiet.

I could also feel her ass muscles are tightening. I started to give 2 slaps on her right ass cheek.

I was fucking her ass for almost 10 minutes and I slowed down and bend my body on top of hers so that I could please play with her pussy. I was inserting 2 fingers inside her pussy and was finger fucking her badly. I pulled her hair back and whispered into her ears

Me: Dr. Simi, do you really like getting fucked in your ass?
Dr: Mmmm..

I slapped her ass cheek again and asked her to reply.

Dr: Yes, Varun. I love it.

I was giving huge heavy thrusts on her ass. I asked her permission to cum inside her ass. She replied positively. I was at the edge of cumming. I increased the speed of my fingers on her pussy and she came calling my name. I was also filling her ass hole with my cum.

We both fell down on the bed and was panting badly. We took rest for some time. Then she turned towards me and scolded me for using her ass. But she liked the way I treated her.

I started to lick her pussy again, there was a beautiful erotic smell from her pussy which will make any guys mad. I continued to lick her pussy, I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy completely and made her cum.

We didn’t sleep that night and had one more session in her ass. After that day, she invited me to her house at night when her maid went to her hometown and her child was sleeping in the next room.


So guys, this is the end of the ///”>doctor sex stories. I am sure I have made you guys leak a hell lot! I will be back with another hot story of mine. Till then, bye and be safe guys.

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