‘Ghost’ Helps Me To Nail My Innocent Mom – Part 1

Hi readers, before starting the story, I want to give a brief introduction about myself. My name is Raj, height is 6 ft. I have a lean muscular body. My family consists of four people. Me, my sister, mother, and father.

My mother has a very sexy figure, which might be due to her fasting habits and long hours of meditation. She has huge boobs with a good enough tummy to squeeze and a big ass. Every man in my village has a crush on her.

My father is a govt civil engineer, he has to travel to various locations for different projects. He is mostly out of town. My sister is in Pune doing medicine.

Coming to the story, I always had a crush on my mother. I never used to talk to her directly to her face. I always looked down and talked. I was very shy in front of her. She also teased me for my shyness. But I never dared to take a bold move. But one day, everything changed.

That day, I received a phone call from my father saying that I immediately should go to my hometown even though he knew that I had my final exams. So I immediately caught a bus to my village and reached home early at 4 am.

I rang the doorbell and immediately my mom opened the door as if she was at the door all this time! I could see happiness in her eyes after seeing me. She asked me to wash my legs before I came inside.

When I got inside, she took me to a small worship room inside our home and tied a red thread to my wrist, and asked me not to remove the thread in any situation. I didn’t understand anything.

I got to my bed and started thinking how sexy my mom was when she opened the door. Her silky hair was flying aside and showing her lean neck and twinkling ears. I started masturbating thinking of my mother. My bed was soon loaded with sperm. I released a load like this after a long time. Then I slept in my bed without washing, feeling the warmth of my sperm.

In the morning, I woke up at 7 and went to the bathroom with sleepy eyes. I was shocked to see my mom taking bath naked without locking the door! I was completely in shock but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Just then she snapped her fingers, “Raj, close your eyes!”

I immediately ran again to my bed. I was thinking what the fuck did I just see. I saw my mother naked! Why didn’t she close the door?

Mom: Raj, close your eyes, I am coming out.

Me: I’ll go to another room.

Mom: No, I want you to stay but close your eyes.

Me: Ok.

Mom came out.

Me: Why can’t you take bath in your room?

Mom: I’m scared.

Me: Scared of who?

Mom: Didn’t your father tell you?

Me: Tell me what?

Mom: There is a ghost in this house.

Me: What?!

I suddenly opened my eyes fully in shock. At that time, my mom wearing the hook of her blouse and she didn’t mind me seeing it.

Mom: Yes, a priest came to our house and did some prayers and gave us a thread which I tied in your hand last night. If you remove it, then the ghost will appear in front of you.

Me: Are you mad?! How can you believe such things?

Mom: Even I didn’t believe it at first. But every night, the ghost used to do some nasty things to me.

Me: What?!

Mom: Yes, at first, I thought that it might be a dream. But soon I realized some things missing from my cupboard and later, I found them in the bathroom in the mornings.

Me: What do you mean by doing nasty things or some things missing from the cupboards?

Mom: I don’t know how to explain this to you.

Me: Explain it to me in the way it is.

Mom: See, the priest told me a person in this home died with some unfulfilled desires. So, that person turned into a ghost and is trying to fulfill his desires. So he is looking for a male body.

Me: Mom, what kind of unfulfilled desires? (I understand what she meant but still, I wanted to listen to it in her sexy voice.)

Mom: I know that you know what I mean, so don’t tease.

Me: I don’t know what you mean.

Mom: I couldn’t believe my son is an idiot.

Me: Why do you say that, mom?

Mom: Son, things you do with your girlfriend.

Me: But I don’t have a girlfriend. (I did have a girlfriend.)

Mom: Oh my boy.

Me: Why?

Mom: Why such a pretty boy like you don’t have a girlfriend?

Me: Don’t know maybe because I’m shy. Leave it. Tell me about the nasty things that you are saying?

Mom: Ok. Do you watch porn?

Me: What?

Mom: It’s ok, I know everyone in your age watches porn.

Me: Yes.

Mom: So, you know what sex is. And how boys do sex with a girl.

I was looking down and nodding my head, yes.

Mom: I get the sensation at night that someone has intercourse with me.

Me (still looking down): Don’t know what to say.

Mom: It’s ok now, we’re safe. As long as you have the thread to your wrist, it won’t hurt us.

Me: Mom, did you see that ghost?

Mom: Yes.

Me: How does it look like?

Mom: It wasn’t horrifying, it is a handsome guy like you.

Me: What do you mean. It wasn’t horrifying at all.

Mom: No, I think it is a naughty ghost who died without fulfilling its desires.

Me: Mom, did he touch you?

Mom: Don’t be worried, he can’t touch me without a physical body.

Me: I am getting scared now after listening to you. (I didn’t believe anything that my mom said, but I want to take this to my advantage.)

Mom: You don’t need to be scared, I will take care.

Me: Mom, I’ll sleep with you tonight.

Mom: Ok, son.


Part 1 ends here. This is a long story. So it comes in several parts. Stay tuned, guys. If there is any suggestion, you could let me know in the comments.