Girl in cafe and Boy in middle of road

Anu is here with another story about her. Being an explorer, I’m fond of both men and women. The cafe spark led me to experience lesbian seduction. The well-known wave cafe in Bangalore

As it was less busy in the cafe, I craved mocha, so I ordered and sat facing the window. The rainy day made me feel sensual about myself; I smelled like roses. The cool breeze of AC, the rain-splattering sound, and the soul-soothing song in the background aroused my adrenaline.

While I was relaxing, I suddenly heard wet footsteps turn slowly to see a stunning woman in her 27, 5 ‘5″. Her hips and boobs were equally covered in a saree, and the waist chain split her navel visibility.

Barista: Welcome, ma’am. What would you like?

She said, “Cappuccino, Chip and Dip.”

Barista: Your name?

She: Avni.

She was doing her office work, and I got my mocha. Her voice was sweet, her hair was slightly wet, and the white saree showed her blouse. As her boobs were pushed up, her navel made me burn my tongue. Her feet were pink, and I started to imagine her complexion beneath.

She sensed I was peeking at her; she had a smirk on her face. I got a call from a client discussing his trading equity and returns. I saw Avni listening to my conversations. She received her order. The sip of cappuccino left marks on the lips. She moved her tongue over the lips and cleaned them.

I stuttered on call. She approached me after my call and introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Avni. I heard your conversation about trading, and I’m curious about it.” I offered my handshake, wearing a slit dress that exposed my right thigh. She took a brief look. Her hands were soft.

I sensually pressed them as she came beside me and sat. The discussion went on as our thighs touched. I gave her my visiting card, taking back my hand, wholly touched by her fingers. We were set to leave as the rain was heavy, and she offered to drop me off at her car.

I did accept it and moved to our seats. I felt her hand brushing my thigh, and I moved myself from the gearbox. Rain made traffic worse, and I was getting horny. My nipples made it obvious. We were continuously talkin’; further, we missed the road to my location and stalled to check the shortcut.

We both kept our hands on the screen at the same time, and she grabbed mine. Let me find it; I didn’t control an inch, and I kissed her lips. She undid her seat belt and jumped upon me. I grabbed her hair and kissed her. Five minutes later, fog formed on her car glasses, and we jumped to the back seat.

I kissed her navel. The waist chain slipped around her curve, licking her neck, kissing her lips, and biting them. She hissed, and we both were aroused. She dug me into her boobs. I removed her pallu. The babies were calling me to taste them, and she pulled my lace panty and smelled it.

I undid her blouse, removed it from her bra, and blew soft air on it. The pink nipples made me worry about sucking them; the boobs were 38B. She pushed me to my nipple. I sucked spit on them, pinched them gently, and again sucked them. The tattoo beneath her breast paused me.

Each tattoo was a phase of the moon, from waxing to waning, centred on the full moon. Avni recognized my attention, shifting from thrust to her tattoo.

“Like my tattoo?” she giggled.

“I didn’t know you had tattoos. This moon, it is so you.”

She was calm the whole time, and I vigorously stated, It’s so her.

I touched those moon phases, and she replied, “Want to see my other tattoo?”

“Another one?”

“Yes,” she said, lowering her saree. There was no tattoo to be seen.

“I can’t see any tattoos here.”

She loosened her petticoat. The cool weather made her shiver. The tiny hairs on her slightly bulged belly were straight. She shivered, which made her nipple harden as the bikes passed by. The yellow light made her look like the goddess of tattoos.

My mouth was watering. Avni said,  “Touch me, and I’ll let you know!”

I drew a finger around her waist and said, “Cold,” still, she said. I reached her abdomen and exclaimed, “Warm.” She moved left as my fingers reached her hips.

“Am I warm there”? asked Avni,

“Yes, you are.”

Her ass was 38 and jiggled as she moved. I stopped her, took a good look at her, and gave her a hickey. And she struggled, but I pinned her down.

“This is what I wanted,” I said softly. I snapped her back, inserted my hand into the front of her legs, and lifted her by her neck. I was naked down there. My pussy juice had a strong smell that made her say, “So, you’re ready to be…”

I rolled her over and sat on her face, lifting my dress. I didn’t give her a chance to utter words; she was giving me the pleasure I deserved. I pressed myself down by pushing my pussy, cutting off the air. Her tongue was doing a great job beneath there. She licked the exact nerve endings and disturbed the pee hole.

The cold weather made me leak a bit of drip in her mouth. She vigorously started to lick like a bitch who was crazy for a woman’s body. I came in her mouth; it was dripping to my asshole. She cleaned it with her tongue. We saw the fog was getting lighter, and the rain was quiet.

The car was approached by a boy who peeked inside and saw me. I got out of the car, and he was standing with his phone on. I saw that there were fewer people, but they were away from the car. I opened the back door, pushed him inside, and sat on him, facing his face.

He was 20 years old. His ID hung up around his neck, stated it. I checked his phone while Avni held his hand and inserted my panty into his mouth. He captured nothing. The poor guy got caught up with us.

I asked him if he’d be interested in any of us. He nodded and pointed at her. Avni, being lesbian, was not interested in him. But she was kind to him and dropped her pallu for him to suck her. I threw his phone on the front seat.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked

“No,” he shook his head. I removed the panty from his mouth and asked for his details and name.

“‘Danush,”‘ he answered.

It was my ex-name. I was still on him. I got the spark to fuck him. I unbuttoned his pants, and he didn’t resist my action. The perfume reminded me of him. I pulled out his pants and underwear and made Avni smell them. Certainly, she disliked it.

He was 6 and 3 inches thick. I signalled him to slip a bit. Avni’s saliva was not enough to push the dick inside me. I grabbed a condom from my bag and placed it on him. I sat, and a bit of struggle made me take it inside.

He was now getting licked by me, her boobs getting pressed and pinched. He was breathing heavily, which made me increase my phase. He took control of me, pushing me back and forth. He kissed me, and he tasted like ‘Magnum’. Getting drunk and getting fucked go hand in hand.

“Oh, daddy, harder. Your bitch isn’t going to let you down, the bastard. I’m going to give you a hard time.” I choked his neck as I increased the speed, and the friction made me cum hard on the condom.

He removed my dress, lifting his ass to the point where he touched my G-spot. It was hurting brutally. I was finished, but the young blood never disappoints. I tried to scream, and she stopped me.

Avni was enjoying the show we were giving her. She twisted my nipples and spanked them. The dry nipples were burning to the extent that it made me bite Danush’s ear. He slapped me, which I enjoyed.

The speed increased, and he was nearing his climax. I got up and moved to the side. The disappointment in his eyes and his anger grabbed my neck. I released his hand, quickly grabbed his balls, and squeezed them individually.

He moaned, biting his lips. While I signalled Avni to remove the condom, holding Dick’s tip tight. He was in tears. I kissed him softly, and now Avni grabbed him vertically and laid him on the seat.

She sat on his face while I was giving him a hard time with his balls. My phone was buzzing. I picked it up and took it near his balls. The vibration made him shiver. The look of ecstasy on my face could be seen through a blank screen. I again started a handjob.

Within 3 minutes, he busted out. He was taken as a dog by Avni as she grabbed him by choked him. His balls were half-size, and his cum didn’t smell great. I took a bit of cum and applied it to her shoulder. She wasn’t aware.

I took a fingerful and applied it to her ass. It was glowing. I wiped the remaining cum from his underwear. Avni gave her a tough time, and as well, he made her cum shortly.

We kissed each other triangularly. Our tongues going into each other’s mouths was the best part of the whole night.

“I’m in disbelief. I want a token of tonight,” he said.

“And what would it be?” – Avni

He beheld our panty and asked, “Would this be, ma’am?”

“Yes, baby.”

He startled us. “It would be my token, but it’s lacking something.” Suddenly, he widened her legs and inserted my panty into her vagina to collect all the cum. His eyes were on me now, as well as hers.

They both spread my legs. The clean-shaven pussy made it easy for him to get the clitoris easily. He licked, and a sudden bite made me roll my eyes. Avni played with Clit when he fingered me. I was on cloud 9. I cum a generous amount, and he inserted her panty and wiped them fully.

We dressed up; I was without panty and a bra, just a single A-line slit dress. Avni wore her petticoat and blouse, excluding her bra. He now bids us bye and pecks at our lips.

After taking a deep breath and lowering the windows, it was decided I would drive to her house. As I stayed in a shared house, it was not a good idea to see me worn out.

Our sensual foreplay was ongoing; I’ll let you know what happened when I reached her house and in between.

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