Goan hookup – Part 1

Hello everyone, I am Kishan from Bengaluru. I have been writing these stories for the past 5 years now. This happened with a stranger who started a new affair with me in Goa. Post lockdown, we were able to go around. Therefore the chances of meeting new people and building new relationships also increased.

Coming to the story, I was frustrated that lockdown took almost 2 years of my life, which I could’ve used for getting new experiences and meeting new girls online and in real life. But I didn’t want to wallow in my self-pity.

I decided to go to Goa with another friend. He had already planned to have fun with his girlfriend there. I promised that I wouldn’t trouble them in any way. I would stay away from them, even booking different holiday rentals so that I could give them privacy. They agreed reluctantly.

We reached Goa by last month, beginning weekday. Therefore the crowd was less. We did not do any touristy stuff because I had already done it a few years back when I went on a sex trip there with 2 of my friends. Now my concentration was razor-sharp, and I wanted to get laid asap.

We planned to go to a discotheque near Baga beach. My friends, a couple, disappeared into the crowd within a few minutes. I was on my own. I didn’t care much about it. I went near the bar and asked for a beer. There she was, my dream girlfriend whom I had been searching for tirelessly from the morning.

She leaned onto the bar counter and debated with her friends about getting cocktails. I just stood there admiring her beauty. She was wearing a skimpy black dress with minimal jewelry. This dress could easily show her skin if she bent even 10 or 20 degrees more.

I am an ass man, so my observation was on her luscious ass. They were inviting me, but I controlled and went near her. Her friends had gone back to the dance floor, so she was alone there. It was my perfect time, so I decided to go for it.

Me – Hi, I am Kishan.

She – Hello, I am Snehal.

Me – What a lovely name. Where are you from, Snehal?

Snehal (S) – I am from Jaipur. How about you?

Me – I am from Bengaluru. So how’s it going? You don’t like to dance?

S – Well, I dance, but I got no partner. Therefore, I was waiting.

Me – If you allow me…

I extended my arms in an invite, and to my surprise, she agreed immediately.
She made me hold her waist and danced like crazy. After a while, we got tired and came back to the bar.

Me – I saw you dancing on the floor. You’re natural. Kudos. Cheers (I raised my glass to her)

S – Thank you.

Me – This dress you’re wearing isn’t helping your moves, right?

S – No, no, I’m alright. Are you here alone or with friends?

Me – I was with my friends. They must be gone to the 1st floor to sit n smoke. Now I’m with you. So definitely not alone.

S – (blushed) So how long you’re here, Kishan?

Me – I’m here for 3 days. How about you?

S – I am here for 5 days. We are here to celebrate one of our friends’ engagement. She wanted to celebrate in Goa.

Me – Congrats to her. But I have a proposition to you, Snehal.

S – What is it?

Me – I am not sure if my friends will be interested in roaming around here.

They’re much interested in drinking n sleeping. I was hoping to find a good company to go around n spend some quality time with.

S – Okay. What do you have in mind?

Me – Some beaches and fun activities. You can tell your friends that you’ll be going out with me. They can join too if they’re interested.

S – I don’t think my friends will be interested. So let’s plan.

We had a few more drinks and danced till we were out of breath. We walked on the beach for some more before heading back home. Her friends were all hammered and went back to the hotel. She informed them that she would be coming in some time.

S – It’s getting late. Don’t you think we should head back home?

Me – I am not sleepy. Are you?

S – Me neither.

Me – Let’s go to my place, which is near your hotel. We can drink some more and have fun. Later I will drop you there.

S – Cool.

There was strong chemistry between us. I had a rental scooter, and she sat behind me. She hugged me tightly from behind. I asked her to do it so that she won’t fall off. I observed she was tipsy when we were walking on the beach.

Her boobs were crushing my back, and we talked all through the journey.
While riding, she told me something which I couldn’t hear. So I reduced my speed and turned my head to hear her properly. But it was so sudden, and she also thought she should come near my ears and speak loudly.

Therefore, when I turned back, I accidentally brushed her lips. I applied brake due to this, and our lips crushed each other. A romantic electric shock in my spine was evident from that motion. To my surprise, she also didn’t move a muscle. She froze when my lips touched hers.

I pressed my lips a little onto her lips to see her reaction. The vehicle was stopped just 100 meters from my holiday rental. She matched my pressure and pressed her lips. I opened my lips to let her lips inside and tasted her alcohol-covered tasty lips. It was hot like hell.

The cold breeze outside brought us back to reality, and we broke the lip brushing. There was an awkward silence, and I started the scooter again and reached my holiday rental. My place was on the first floor, so I let her climb the stairs first.

She readily agreed and started climbing the stairs. All I could think when I was staring at her sexy ass as she raised high and high was – whether she was wearing regular panty or thongs. I was calculating the time I might need to remove them from her.

I was like a fool dipped in the pool of horniness. That was the sexual desire I was looking for. She didn’t turn back, maybe because she was shy. Maybe she was planning certain things with me, like how to remove my clothes or which body part to begin from etc.

As soon as we reached my holiday rental, she came inside and glanced at the place. She then looked at me from top to bottom and suddenly asked for a bathroom. I didn’t understand it until she went inside. She was staring at my dick which was hard and made a tent in my pants.

I immediately changed to boxer shorts and a sleeveless Tee so that she could take a good glance at me again. I remembered every small detail now, from where I had kept my condoms to her bra hooks. I had noted it just before she went inside the bathroom. Yes, I was scanning her too.

When she came out, she was surprised that I had changed and asked me about it. I said it was all because of the heat, and I wanted to relax. I asked her if she wanted some of my shirts, and she said she was okay. Therefore, I didn’t force her much.

We sat on the sofa next to each other. Her black dress showed her beautiful legs. She is 34C-30-34 figure and 5.4ft in height. You can imagine her long legs, which incited me to do something suddenly. We had a wine bottle in the fridge, which we decided to open.

She asked to sit and rest as my condition was not right.

Snehal – You sit down, my dear. Waise tera condition ab teek nahi hai. (Anyway, your condition is not well)

Me – (grinning) kya karu, tujhe dekhke aisa ho gaya. (What to do, it became like this after seeing you.)

She poured 2 glasses for us. She came and sat very close to me. I could feel the heat between us building. We both took a sip each. I asked her how it was? She replied, saying its good but not as compared to my lips. This line made me mad, and I grabbed her to smooch her closely.

She hurriedly kept her glass down and came on top of me. I was grabbing her ass and pushing her onto my dick, which was hard now. She felt it rubbing on her pussy. We couldn’t stop ourselves. We barely spoke a word to two. It was as if we understood each other with just gestures.

She lifted her dress to reveal her black lacy bra and panty. It was soft and silk-like. I had to touch and smell them to know her scent. She was watching me naughtily while I was doing that. She got down and opened my pant with underwear.

I was oozing pre-cum. She just held it in her hand for a few minutes seeing it as if she was seeing a dick for the first time. She later confessed that I was her 2nd guy. Since my dick is uncut, she was surprised by that. She gave me one hell of a blowjob.

When a girl is drunk, she can be as wild as possible. She will do things even though she wouldn’t have thought. I got up and took her in my arms. I placed her on the sofa and licked her inner thighs. Her thighs shivered for some time. When I went near her pussy, she made moaning sounds.

I had not even started sucking but gave her pussy a good touch on my lips. She was shivering and grabbing my hair. I entered my tongue on her pussy and licked it clean. She was oozing pre-cum which I tasted and drank as soon as it was coming out of her.

She was seeing all this action by lifting her head and was enjoying by making horny sounds. I asked her to come to sit on my face as I wanted to lick that pussy clean and more. She had never done it, so she was a bit hesitant initially. We shifted to the 69 position as soon as she sat on my face.

I was using my tongue as deeply as possible. She was holding and sucking my dick. Many minutes passed in this position. I loved every second of it. As I increased my speed of licking her pussy. She stopped sucking and shivered as if she got a shock. She released her juices, and I drank them all.

She was very much tired, so we decided that she could take a rest. I would masturbate seeing her and sucking her boobs. She co-operated for it well, and I ejaculated soon. I was so horny that my cum shot was spread all over her stomach and boobs. She was smiling as she cleaned herself up.

I will continue this in the next part. Any unsatisfied wife/girlfriends/single girls can contact me. Privacy is my first concern. Others can also reach out to me for your doubts/help about relationships/sex advice or general feedback about the story at .