Goan hookup – Part 2

Hello everyone, I am Kishan from Bengaluru.

Continuing from the previous part, we hung out with our friends during the daytime that day. We visited many places in goa like churches, beaches, did some shopping, played some water games etc.

I texted Snehal, asking her to meet me that night. She was thinking that I might be planning to fuck her that night. I told her it wouldn’t be that simple, but I promised to give her surprises and an exciting evening with me.

As agreed, she spoke to her friends, who were reluctant to send her out alone. None of them remembered what happened because they had been drunk the previous night. But today, they were all sober and resisted sending her out with me.

Since she was married, they were afraid that if her husband called her and didn’t pick up, he would call one of them. It would be an awkward situation where they didn’t want to get involved.

Then Snehal promised them that she would handle all that from her end. They have to maintain their end of not telling her husband.

One of her friends called me to the side and asked me to tell the truth. I told her that I wanted to fuck Snehal more, therefore, needed private time with her. Her friend said she would help me by winking her eyes. She spoke to others and let us go.

Finally, we left her hotel and came to my holiday rental apartment. We drank for some time and spoke about various things in life. Then we started talking like this,

Me – You want normal games or naughty games?! Your choice.

Snehal – Mix.

Me – First, let’s play truth or dare. Then we will spice it up. First, you choose truth or dare?!

S – Truth.

Me – When did you lose your virginity, and with whom?

S – 22 with my ex-bf.

Me – Nice. My turn. I choose truth.

S – Which friend of mine do you like?

Me – Oh. That black saree wali.

S – Oho, I should keep watch then. (we both laughed) I choose truth.

Me – What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

S – Kissing in a pub.

She narrated the whole story. It was with her ex-boyfriend. We had a good laugh. Next, I chose truth.

S – Your biggest dream with me?

Me – To spend an entire day with you and end it with loads of sex.

She was blushing when I said this.

S – Dare.

Me – Open your dress and check and tell me which colour bra and panty you’re wearing right now

She was shocked and thought I was joking at first. Later, she came to reality, got up, went inside the room, and returned.

S – All black.

Me – Dare

S – Show me what you search last on google.

Me – That’s easy.

I opened and showed my search history, where I had searched for a lot of porn. She gave me a sexy look and teased me for some time because of it.

Me – Which is your wild fantasy in life?

S – I want to have hardcore fun sex.

Me – Oh wow. Maybe I can help you with that.

Me – Final one. You can choose.

S – Dare.

Me – Give me a good smooch.

She made me stand up and pulled me closer. She brought her lips closer to mine. I could sense the heat between us. She pressed her lips against mine and let me take them in slowly. I loved her soft lips and started licking them.

We smooched for almost 20 minutes without breaking it. It was one of the most romantic things. After that, we moved to the balcony because the environment was very hot there. We wanted to relax for some time.

I asked her to sit on my lap on the balcony. She immediately agreed and sat on my lap. We continued talking about her married life. I was falling in love with how she was articulate and the genuine expressions on her face.

I spent some time until we both were back to normal. Then I spoke again. We moved back inside the house, holding each other. She played a piece of romantic music for us to do a slow dance holding on to each other.

It was a dim light. As we started moving around, I put her hands on my shoulders and arms around her waist. I pulled her closer to my body and kissed her neck slowly. She felt hot and reciprocated that, kissing my cheeks and then lips. We smooched again for some time.

I move back to kissing her neck and ears. I whisper in her ears – are you enjoying this, Snehal?

She remained silent but continued hugging me tightly. Then I asked if we could play the game as before but a dirty game. We could only talk about sex. She smiled and readily agreed. She asked if I was sure about it. I nodded my head.

She chose truth, so I asked her if she likes sucking dick. She said she doesn’t but does to make the guy happy. She asked next to show me someone in my extended family whom I wanted to fuck. I showed one of my cousins with whom I have had an eye for a long time.

I asked for her ex-boyfriend’s pic. She showed me from her phone. She asked me to show the dirtiest pic on my mobile phone. I showed a naked pic of a girl who used to do sex chat with me.

We continued showing each other crushes and wannabe sex partners’ pics. This conversation made me hard soon.

She chose dare next. Therefore I asked this – Kiss me at 5 places on my body. You can pick.

She was taken aback by this sudden ask but laughed out loud. She got up and did this – first kiss on the forehead, second on the cheeks, third on the eyes, fourth on the hands, fifth on the ears.

I knew she was teasing me about getting me more hard and desperate, but I liked this romance. Therefore I continued playing along with her. She again chose dare, so I asked this – Remove your bra without removing your dress in front of me.

She stood up, turned around, and removed the bra without removing her top. It was difficult for her, but I smiled to see how she would put it out. She asked me to help her unhook her bra from the backside.

I did pretty well by touching her back and slowly caressing her back. I got a glimpse of her side boobs. I was waiting to see them, hold them, and play with them.

Next, I chose dare. She asked me if I want, I can include any of my friends in this game. I got a wild idea and called my friend who was with his girlfriend on the next floor. He came down, and we explained the game to him.

I winked at him, so he knew what should be done. I asked her to kiss me as she did before. She did it in front of him. Now it was his turn, he said – Snehal, let him do the same to you.

She had to agree because it was her idea. The first kiss I landed on her lips. It ended up another long smooch. I signalled my friend to go because I knew where it was going. During the second kiss, I landed on her neck near her cleavage. It’s a soft spot for most girls and will bring a lot of pleasure.

She started moaning – Oh my god, Kishan. I am married. What are you doing?

I made her lay down and removed her top. She was now naked as she removed her bra before. Third, I kissed her nipples and sucked them softly. She closed her eyes and arched her back to enjoy the process.

During the fourth kiss, I kissed her panty line so that she could feel that tremble building inside her body. She twitched for a second but held my head, pressing against her navel. I asked her to bend over on the soft. I wanted to use my last kiss.

She got up and bent over so that her ass was towards my face. I bent down and kissed her pussy from behind. I could smell the pre-cum from her pussy. She felt the chill in her body when I did that. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

I stood behind her ass. My dick was now touching her ass crack. I was bending on her and kissing her back. From her shoulder to her waist, I kissed. At this time, my dick was touching and pressing against her.

Snehal – Oh, Kishan, what you are doing? Main kisi ki wife hu, please.

She was enjoying the pressing and rubbing action. I was kneading her boobs from behind.

Snehal – If your friend was here now, how would you tease him?

I made her stand up. I sat on the sofa without any clothes. My dick was hard. She came from behind and bent over my face to hold my dick. She gave me her boobs and started stroking my dick.

I told her that I would tease him like this, showing how sexy you are. She loved that position, and soon we both were horny as hell. She asked me to take her inside and explore further.

We quickly went inside. She was holding on to my dick all along. I made her lay down and got into sucking her pussy. It was dripping wet, and she was high as hell. I sucked her boobs and pressed them vigorously. She loved it and started moaning loudly.

Snehal – Oh god, Kishan, easy, please. Eat my nipples. Press my boobs.

This moaning made me hornier. I continued to rub my dick on her pussy. Then she came near my ears and said – “Fuck me.”

I was waiting for this line to come out of her mouth. I immediately took a ribbed condom and made her put it on my dick. I inserted it inside her pussy, which was very smooth because of all the pre-cum lubrication.

We started fucking aggressively. We both were horny for a long time from the evening. Therefore none of us stopped for a breather. We wanted to keep fucking in different positions. We switched to the doggy position, which she likes very much.

We continued fucking the whole night. I ejaculated 3 times, and she did 2 times before sleeping with tired eyes. But our bodies were happy. We cuddled each other naked and slept till the next day at noon.

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