Hamida Is Back – Part 3 (My Brother-In-Law’s Cumslut)

Welcome to the third part of this series.

~Story starts

Hamida was angry with what happened with her brother-in-law Vivan, but deep down, she felt like she enjoyed that too.

The next day, Vivan left. A few days later, Arav had to stay out overnight again.

“Arav, is there no way you can come home tonight?” Hamida asked in a frustrated voice, knowing very well how this night was also gonna end up.

“Baby, I am sorry about this. I..”

“..you don’t love me like before, Arav. Bye!” And just like that, she dropped the call.

Sure, she was frustrated without enough sex and she wasn’t even remotely unsatisfied with the sex she had with Vivan, but she hated cheating. She cheated once and she lost her husband, Omar (///www.indiansexstories2.net/series/testimony-of-hameeda/”>Testimony of Hameeda). Gladly, Arav was there to marry her.

If Arav decides to divorce her now, there was no way out for her. She couldn’t return to her parents. She couldn’t return to her former husband. She couldn’t go to Vivan either.

Thinking about this, she cried in the master bedroom. Then she heard a knock on the door. It was midnight and by now, Vivan had to have arrived at their house.

“Who’s there?” She asked as she stood up and went towards the door.

“Hummy, it’s me, Vivan.”

“Go away, Vivan. I can’t talk right now.”

“I am sorry about the last time. I am not gonna hurt you. Can you open the door?”

She thought for a while. It didn’t seem like she had a choice.

She opened the door. There was Vivan, dressed in his pajama.

“What?!” Hamida asked in a rude tone. Vivan didn’t seem angry. He seemed sympathetic.

“Hamida, can we talk inside your room, or elsewhere?”

“Sure, come inside,” she said as she stepped aside to let him in.

Once he was in, she closed the door and kept the key with herself.

“Don’t ask for the key, Vivan. I’m not giving it to you at all. Now, once again..what!?” She asked him as he closed in and crossed her arms over her breast. She was wearing a long-sleeved nighty and a headcover then.

Vivan was sitting on her bed.

“I’m sorry about what I did to you last time, Hamida. We were alone, it was a cold night, and at your age even after bearing four kids, you’re still beautiful beyond any of my imaginations. I can only imagine how beautiful you looked like when Arav met you.”

Hamida didn’t know what to say, but she kept listening.

“Also, I know this, Hamida,” her brother-in-law said as he stood up and walked towards her. “You have needs. We have needs,” he said as he placed his right palm firmly on her left shoulder.

She was looking at his feet as he spoke, but when he held her shoulder like that, she looked at his eyes.

“You know yourself better than anyone, Hamida. You need sex a lot and a lot more than what a busy man like Arav can provide. And Arav is my brother, and I consider it my duty, as his little brother, to keep his unsatisfied wife, satisfied,” saying this, he held her by each of her arms.

~Sex starts

As Vivan pulled his brother’s wife closer for a kiss, she didn’t do anything else but say one word.

“Vivan..,” she said in a breathy voice. Then it happened. Vivan’s arms went around her waist as her arms went around his neck. As he pulled her tightly into himself, they both went for the kiss at the same time.

Vivan wasn’t just kissing her. He was biting her lips and her tongue too, occasionally.

Still kissing her like crazy, slowly Vivian pulled her back until she was against the wall. As she was kissing him back, she still had the key in her left hand.

“Mmh,” she was moaning throughout the kiss.

After a while, he broke the kiss and started eating the left side of her neck, as he rubbed her down to her ass and started squeezing her ass cheeks with his hands. His hands were running through her hair.

“Aaah,” she was moaning.

Soon enough, the key fell off her hands to the floor, making a “cling!” sound.

As soon as that happened, Vivan stopped what he was doing and looked into her eyes.

“Why, Vivan?” she asked in an airy voice.

“Should we not lock the door?”

Vivan stepped aside as she took the key off the floor, went towards the door and locked. As soon as she locked it, Vivan sent his arms around her body and started squeezing her tits.

“Aaah,” she moaned. “Like elder brother, like younger brother, aren’t you? You both like my titties, just the same, it seems,” she said as she turned her head around and looked at his face.

Her brother-in-law left her right tit, held her face in place with his right hand and started eating her mouth again while he kept squeezing her left tit with his left hand.

Being as promiscuous as she is, it didn’t take her long to get wet under her panty. But he wasn’t ready to penetrate his brother’s wife just yet.

After a while, he ran his hand down to her pussy, lifted up her nightdress, slid his hand into her pussy and started teasing her slits.

“Ahh..shit!” She moaned as he broke the kiss and started eating the right side of her neck, as his right hand left her neck, palmed her down to her right boob and started squeezing it again.

“Yeah baby, squeeze it harder,” she said. He squeezed her right tit harder.

“Aaah!” She let out a lustrous moan.

He felt that she was wet. He left her tits and started pulling her nightdress upwards. Once it was over her bra, he unhooked it and kept pulling her nightdress until it was off her shoulders.

As she let her nightdress and her bra fall to the ground, he pulled down her panty. Then, she came outta it.

Vivan pulled out his dick. He placed Hamida’s hands against the wall nearby and pressed her ass against his dick as she bent her spine backward. He rubbed his gland on her pussy lips a few times. Her pussy juice was flowing down her legs.

“What are you waiting for, Vivan?”

Vivan held her hips and in one go, he was inside of Hamida.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” she was moaning each time her brother-in-law got inside of her.

Later, he locked both her elbows towards himself with his left arm, got her left tit squeezed in his right hand and kept fucking her.

“Aaaah!” Hamida let out a loud moan as he squeezed her left tit and pulled it upwards.

“Vivan, please don’t come inside me,” she said, realizing that he was about to come.

He left her, turned her around, pushed her to her knees and directed his dick to her face. Loads of semen, one after another hit Hamida’s mouth as she kept her mouth opened and let it all in.

~Sex ends

As Vivan backed off from Hamida, she swallowed it all, pushed her tongue out and showed him that she had swallowed it all.

“Yeah, I always knew you’re such a cumslut, Hummy. What a woman has my brother wifed!” Vivan said as he pulled his pants up and walked aside.

As he left the room, Hamida fell on the floor, now too tired to do anything.

“Maybe it’s time I start getting on the pill. I don’t think I can rely on the self-awareness of this horny bastard,” she thought.

~Story ends


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