Hooked up with 2 college girls

Hello all. I am back with a flashback.

My college, Symbiosis, was like a playground for rich brat kids who thought they ruled the universe. It was a real-life movie with an elitist crowd.

I was a scholarship student. For me, bimbos in short skirts and cleavages were new. I had hooked up before, though.

Our class had 32 people. Only 5 boys. Rest all chicks of varying cup sizes. I was good at both studies and sports. So, I gained a lot of traction among the ladies.

The story starts with Ayushi Pal. Ayushi was a first-year student from Gurgaon. She was short and lean with the most mesmerising eyes. She had a natural bitch face and always wore black lipstick.

Goth by face, Ayushi had palm-sized boobs with sharp cleavage. She barely reached my shoulder. Her bum was average but curvaceous. Ayushi often wore snug leggings and seductive crochets showcasing her curves.

She had a friend, Devika, a hardcore bimbo and chain smoker. Tall build and squiggly ass.

I had hots for Ayushi from the start. Once, I saw her give a handjob to Anant in the first week of an ongoing class. On another hand, she was copying his assignments. After Ayushi was done with him, she licked her hand with her whole tongue out.

One day, around 11 pm, I was smoking near college. I lit a joint. It was a quiet night. I was sitting on my Thunderbird. In an unexpected moment, a whisper from behind jolted me. I turned and saw Devika leaning against my bike. She was wearing a shirt and tiny shorts. Her cleavage was visible to her nipples.

Devika: Mandar, I need a puff.

Me: Knock yourself out.

I gave her the joint. Devika took a huge puff. Her colossal boobs swayed in the process. Her smoky cologne was in the air.

Devika’s boobs were jiggling every time she took a puff. I scanned her thighs inside out. She had 3 nose rings and a scorpion tattoo stretching from the chin to the nipple.

Devika: You come here every day?

Me: Whenever bored. I got a bike. So it is easy to roam.

Devika: Oh, that’s a fine ride

Me: Can you ride?

Devika: Yeah. But not the bike!

Me: Hahaha, you are a handful.

Devika: Nooo I am just drunk af

Me: Too much partying?

Devika: Yeah, Ayushi invited Anant over. We have been boozing since 6 pm.

Me: Is it over?

Devika: Nah. Ayushi is probably bouncing the brains out of Anant’s weeny

She did the humping gesture. Her tits jiggled.

Me: Hahaha, you didn’t join?

Devika: Eww, I got some standards.

Me: I can see that clearly

I gestured at her cleavage and laughed.

Devika: You don’t think I am hot?

Devika pouted her lips and squeezed her tits

Me: Well, you are hot, no doubt

Devika stepped close to me and sat on my bike with each leg on either side. The leather screeched as her butt slid over. I could see her thighs till her panties. She was flashing her cleavage to me. I was getting a boner as she was a busty one and had boobs the size of Ayushi’s ass.

Devika: So, is there a girl who you fuck?

Me: I keep my cards hidden.

Devika: Aww, are you a virgin?

Devika slid and moved a little close to me. I could see a hickey in her cleavage. She smelt of whiskey.

Me: Well, I am definitely not a virgin

Devika: Let me see.

She bent to see my boner.

Devika: Aw, you got hard stuff going down there, hahaha.

Me: Well, you are a tempting view

I intended to keep it a careless chat. But my arousal couldn’t have been more apparent, thanks to my cock.

Devika: Were you ogling at me all this time? You perv!

Me: Not really, but how can I not see such massive and luscious jugs?

Devika: Haw, you loser

She hit me playfully. I chuckled and went back to smoking. Devika was now feeling ignored and started rubbing her body for warmth.

Me: Do you have to go back?

Devika: Ayushi will be coming here in a bit. I don’t think Anant can take that nymph for long.

My ears were seduced hearing this. Ayushi was also going to be there.

Me: Poor Anant.

Devika: Do you have to go somewhere?

Me: Well, not really. It’s a Friday. I will go to Heera’s for smokes.

Devika: Oh, I got smokes.

Devika gave me a cigarette.

Devika: You got lighter in your pants? Or just the boner, hahaha?

I almost choked on that comment. Devika was really easy, I suppose. I thought to myself, “Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to jerk off in my sock tonight, lol.”

I had heard rumours of Devika getting caught masturbating on the basin sink in the college washroom. Her little purple vibrator was a famous relic in our college.

Me: Well, you want to find out?

I just took a chance. Devika took a pause and looked sideways. The shops had shut down, and only one vendor was selling tea at some distance.

Devika jumped off the bike and pulled me. She forced her tongue into my mouth and started swirling it. Her crotch was against mine and was writhing in rhythm.

Devika spanked my ass with her hand. She tried to take control. However, she was drunk. So her eyes were barely open. She was cutely moaning. I gently withdrew my mouth and whispered.

Me: Hey bitch, my cock ain’t going to cum by itself.

And I mauled her ass with my nails.

Devika: Ah, you sick pervert

Me: Am I too much for you? There are rumours that Devika Sinha can make a horse cum merely with her tits, haha.

Devika: Oh, I don’t think you will reach my tits, my lips shall be your endgame.

Devika had never been with a village boy before. We come with a decent libido, unlike the wieners from big towns.

Me: Why don’t you blow me then?

I grabbed her by the teeth and pulled her down on her knees. And I sat comfortably on my bike seat.

Devika: Ah, you animal. Do my assignments, and I will tattoo your name on my tit, hahaha.

Devika was going to pass out any moment. Her head was juggling. So I just wished to get my load off before that. She unbuckled my denim and got my cock out. Her hands felt chilly, and I could feel warm her breath on my cock.

Devika stretched out her tongue and circled my tip. She was definitely a pro. I had an average-sized cock. Nothing like what they show in porn.

Devika spat on my cock and licked me. She gave me a death star while she took my tip inside her mouth. Devika was smiling devilishly. I couldn’t hold the tease any longer.

Me: Let me teach you something, babe.

I unbuttoned her more and grabbed her by the hair. And with all my weight, I shoved my cock deep in her mouth. Devika’s eyes popped. I started pushing her head on my dick. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. Her blue eyeliner was a mess.

I could feel her tongue going down slowly and her eyes shrinking with each thrust.

Me: Come on, Devika, you can do better.

In reality, I was very close to cumming. But I held on to nutting. The bitch had me going fast. I got off the bike. Lowered my pant a bit more and started to face fucking Devika. Her hands had given up. Her grip on my legs was weaker. She was going to pass out.

With a final powerful push, I was about to fill her. But I felt a tap on my shoulder. My hip froze. Devika was motionless, and fluids were oozing out of her. I turned and saw Ayushi. Who was sneaking on us for God knows how long.

Ayushi: Hey, Mister.

Me: Wtf! What are you doing here?

I was speechless. My cock had swallowed the cum. But I was still hard inside Devika’s mouth.

Ayushi: Umm, I think you have something over your cock. Oh, right, that’s my friend.

I sensed Ayushi wasn’t angry, just cranky.

Me: I think she found something worthwhile to do.

Ayushi: Don’t be so cocky.

Meanwhile, Devika almost fell to the ground. Her mouth was leaking spit and other oozes. Her boob popped out.

Devika: Oops, hahaha, hey Ayu.

Me: Oh God

I buckled my pants and covered my penis. Ayushi was having a good time. She stole a glance at my dick.

Ayushi: Help me get her on her feet.

I held Devika by the waist and tried to lift her. I was squeezing her tits hard. She was a heavy-ass girl.

Ayushi: Having fun, Mandar?

Ayushi had a sarcastic face and her stoned eyes, giving me the bitch-stare. She had an evil half-smile.

Me: Just helping you out.

Ayushi: Sure, your flagpole says otherwise.

Me: You can’t blame my cock to salute a busty tramp.

Ayushi: Shove your boner in your ass.

Ayushi cackled.

Me: Your friend here was dying to taste my sausage.

Ayushi: Uh huh. Get over yourself. With half a bottle of vodka, Devika could blow a corpse.

Me: Ouch.

She tried to get Devika. Ayushi had an oversized sweatshirt on. It concealed what she wore below it. I tried hard to see, but she was too short.

Ayushi: Now, help me walk her. We just stay in that building

She pointed towards an apartment just 50 feet away. Konark Nagar, it said. I lifted Devika and put her hand over my shoulder. Ayushi did the same with the other hand.

We walked, and there was an awkward silence. I tried to break the ice, but Devika was only half awake.

Me: Is that Anant’s hoodie?

Ayushi was a bit startled.

Ayushi: No, why would it be?

Me: Well, Devika did mention about your little bouncy adventure

Ayushi: The slut can’t keep her trap shut.

She spanked Devika hard, and it echoed.

Devika: Ouch!

We had just reached the building gate.

Me: That’s how you invite a guy over?

Ayushi: All I am saying is, finish what you started.

Me: What?

Ayushi: I mean, help me get her in bed.

Me: Phew!

Ayushi: What was that?

Me: Disappointment.

Ayushi: didn’t you cum in her mouth already?

Me: I was barely there. She is a terrible sucker.

Ayushi: Haw, how dare you?

Me: Truth.

I pointed towards my already erect cock.

Ayushi: Seriously?

We came near the lift. Ayushi pressed the button, and we entered. She pressed 6. I pushed Devika’s big butt to lean on the elevator wall. Ayushi saw that.

Devika: Ahh…

Ayushi: Careful there, hahaha.

Me: It’s such spankable ass

Ayushi: Is it? Let me see.

Ayushi bent Devika a little and spanked that fat ass really hard. I was amused.

Devika: Daddy!

Ayushi: You bitch.

Me: Nah, my turn

I rubbed my palms and landed a powerful spank on Devika’s buttock. It wiggled.

Devika: Ah, Mandar.

Ayushi giggled and spanked her again. Devika passed out as we reached the 6th floor. We got out. I dragged Devika while Ayushi looked for the keys. Ayushi opened the door, and we stepped in.

The apartment smelt of smoke. Fairy lights twinkled. A large stack of cigarettes and crushed beer can lay on the floor. But, the highlight was a sloshed Anant, who had passed out on the couch. Shirt unhooked till his man-boobs. His pants half-pulled up, the buckle undone.

There was a used condom in his hand. Anant was snoring heavily. His belly went up and down, with half a dozen hickeys on his neck.

Ayushi: You can give him a lap dance if you want. But first, can you lift that bitch till her room?

I caught Devika’s luscious waist and dragged her to the bedroom. Brassieres were lying around with a couple of used condoms on the floor. I left Devika on her bed. Ayushi lifted her legs onto the bed. Devika was still chuckling. I wish I could jerk off on her lips. That thought made me hard.

I turned around to leave. Before I could turn, I heard the door shut. I swiftly turned around to see Ayushi viciously push the door with her leg. She was touching her left boob. Her skinny hand caressed her neck.

Ayushi: You really don’t want to finish what you started, hon?

Me: Wait, what?

Ayushi whispered: I am naked under this sweatshirt, Mandar.

My cock went mad. It almost dripped from her voice. But I tried to cover my act.

Me: What about Devika? She might wake up to your loud moans

Ayushi stepped towards me. She gently lifted her sweatshirt. Uff, I could see a fleshy pinkish pussy. She had the perfect waist with cute love handles.

Ayushi: Now your turn, babe.

Me: Sure.

I unbuckled my denim, staring directly into her stoner eyes. I pushed my denim and my jockey in one go to my knees. I had an average-sized dick. It barely stretched to 6 inches. I wasn’t shaved at all. A couple of my hair probably made their way into Devika’s mouth.

My cock sprung out in a jiffy. I shook my hips a little, and my cock wiggled with it. A couple of drops of precum fell on Devika’s forehead, who was lying on the bed right next to where I stood. Ayushi pounced at me and grabbed my cock.

She stood on her heels and reached my lips. And in a second, pounded her tongue inside my mouth. My lips felt her wet lip piercings. Yes, there were more than one. Ayushi was stroking my cock with full throttle. I moaned a bit in her ears.

It probably aroused her more. She started massaging my balls. Her other hand was on my chest. Pinching my nipples over my t-shirt. It was happening so fast that my hands were resting on her butt cheeks. Ayushi was convulsing in full passion.

I took control of the situation and grabbed her peaches firmly. She let out a hum.  I cupped her butt hard and picked her up in the air. Ayushi swiftly locked her legs around me. She was still deeply kissing me. Her eyes closed.

I spanked her butt once. Twice. 3 times…4…5

Ayushi squealed: Ouch, easy tiger.

Me: What’s the fun in that?

Ayushi: You like kinky? I will give you kinky.

Me: Be my guest, you slut

Ayushi pulled herself back and got on her feet. She climbed up the bed onto Devika, who was still mumbling in sleep. Ayushi squatted on Devika’s face and took off her hoodie. And the sight was flawless.

Devika woke up and snorted. She made weird sounds.

Ayushi was now completely naked. Her perfect hourglass of a figure was shining in the dim light. She had atleast 15 tattoos on her luscious skin. And hickeys were in abundance, too. Her boobs were big for her torso.

Ayushi: Want to do it on Devika?

I couldn’t control my body anymore. I got rid of my pants and climbed on the bed. I removed my underpants and stuffed them inside Devika’s shirt.

Devika: Umm, is that you, Ayushi?

Ayushi: Shut up and lick me you whore.

Devika: Aah, tasty…

Ayushi writhed in ecstasy. I sucked her plump nipple for a minute.

Ayushi: Give something to my right boob too.

I pinched her right nipple with my hand. Ayushi convulsed into an arch back. She was moaning in passion.

Ayushi: Ahh, Mandar. Uff, please don’t let go.

Me: You are making me go crazy, Ayushi Pal.

Ayushi: Uff, say my name Mandar.

Me: I am going to feed on you, Ayushi.

Ayushi: Omg, you bull, suck them harder.

I bit her nipple, and she screamed in pain.

Ayushi: My turn hahaha.

She pushed me back and made me stand. She slapped Devika a couple of times

Ayushi: Wake up slut, wake up

Ayushi made me climb on Devika. Both legs were on either side of her boobs. My cock was perfectly above Devika’s mouth. My balls were touching her lips. Devika opened her eyes, and my cock flashed in front of her eyes. I don’t think she was high anymore.

Without any hesitation, Devika picked up what she left an hour ago. She was nibbling on my cock. Ayushi got down from the bed and sat on Devika’s forehead, facing me. She wildly attacked my chest with her teeth and started chewing on my nipples.

I was in a lot of pain. But Devika was doing magic with her juicy lips and tongue.

Me: Ahh, you sluts.

Ayushi: I thought you liked kink. Now cum fast in her mouth. I want her to wake up with your cum in her mouth.

I started stroking my cock in Devika’s mouth. Ayushi seduced me with her dirty talk.

Ayushi: Come on, baby, fill this bitch. Cum for me, hon. Stroke harder, you perv

Me: Aah, Ayushi, I am cumming.

With a swift move, Ayushi slapped Devika and pulled open her mouth. With a loud moan, I shot my thick cum into Devika’s mouth. It was a huge load. She almost choked on her. Ayushi started licking my cum from Devika’s lips. She gave a passionate smooch to Devika.

Ayushi now had a cum-moustache. I could not resist what I was seeing. So despite getting nutted, I continued stroking my cock furiously to get it hard again.

Ayushi: Want some help, you loser?

Me: Suck me, bitch

Ayushi crawled on Devika’s face and reached out to my cock. She started slurping my cock and tingling my balls. I was hard as a rock again.

I lifted Ayushi and made her sleep on Devika. I forcefully parted her legs and position my cock on her cunt

Ayushi: Ah, you are so wild, hon.

Me: Do you have a condom?

Ayushi: Such a wiener. It must be in my hoodie.

Me: What the fuck? Always prepared, huh?

Ayushi: Well, it was Anant’s hoodie, so the compliment goes to him.

I got hold of the hoodie. It was a sealed box. Damn, it’s an effort to open that. So I tossed it to Ayushi.

Me: Open it.

Ayushi started digging her teeth into it. I swiftly went down on her and started circling my tongue around her pussy. She quenched her legs.

Ayushi: Mandar, don’t slow down.

My tongue unfurled each layer of her pussy and started tickling the inner top of the hole. She was going mad. I started caressing the skin around her pussy region with my finger.

Ayushi: Fuck, how’d you do it?

Me: I got to practice.

And I went back to sucking her. My tongue was exploring the upper portion of her cunt. I gently inserted my index finger in her pussy too. Now, my tongue and finger were both soaked inside her.

Before I could insert another finger, Ayushi quenched her feet harder around me. She grabbed my hair and squirted hard. I withdrew my head as she sprayed her juice all over her belly and Devika’s shirt. Ayushi was panting with her eyes closed and smiling dizzily.

A fresh condom was lying on her stomach. I could not wait any longer. I quickly slid the condom on my cock. It was thin and ribbed. I picked up Ayushi in my arms and got her out of the bed. Devika was now wide awake with my cum all over her face.

Devika: You slut, you stole my cock.

Ayushi: Fuck off and sleep. His juices are mine. You can have him later.

I took Ayushi to the living room, where Anant had passed out. I leaned her on the apartment door. I spread her hands on either side of the peephole. I spanked her ass and parted her legs.

Ayushi: Ah, Mandar. You made me weak, ahhhh.

Ayushi’s leg was shivering. I parted her wider. I went down on her and spat hard and thick on her cunt hole.

Ayushi: Take me closer to Anant.

I lifted her in the same position and shifted a couple of steps towards the left. She lifted her one leg and kept on Anant’s chest. Uff, she was the best kink addict I had met in a while. I lowered my body and placed my cock on her pussy.

She was dripping wet, and my 3 fingers easily slipped in her.  I cupped her shoulders from behind. She was breathing heavily. Suddenly she stopped, and with one jerk, she twerked her ass and gave me a better opening. With full force, I thrust my cock deep into her.

It went in easy and deep. Ayushi’s heels raised. Her boobs touched the wall. Both her legs were shivering.

Me: Do you like it, bitch?

Ayushi: A little small, but I can feel you fully, hahaha.

Me: Small doesn’t matter, you bimbo.

With that, I started pounding her hard. I was keeping a count. Every time my crotch hit her buttock, I felt her warmth. Ayushi’s body used to stretch on her heels with every jerk.

Thump thump thump

Phach phach phach.


I held her thighs from behind and lifted them sideways. My cock slipped further inside her cunt. She writhed.

Ayushi: Oh, don’t slow down, lift me, fuck me, kill me.

Me: 40… 41…42.

Ayushi: Are you… seriously? Can you last a 70?

Me: Why don’t we find out?

I grabbed her wildly by her waist and leaned her over Anant. She was now bent in a standing position. Her hair was brushing Anant’s face. I could clearly see her asshole.

I parted her wide and lifted her one leg. Without a delay, I started pumping her pussy again. Being a petite, she was easy to manoeuvre and fuck.

Ayushi: Ahh, I feel so weak.

Me: 51…52…53

Ayushi: Don’t stop, speed up, Mandar, I want to cum like thunder.

Me: No problem there, bitch.

For the grand finale, I gently lifted her and carefully placed her on the floor, positioning her comfortably on her back. Ayushi was mesmerised and probing my eyes with her.

Ayushi: Hon, are you interested in my ass?

Me: Can you take it??

Ayushi: Shut up. I lost anal virginity way before my pussy was deflowered.

Me: That’s so hot. I love tight caves.

Ayushi: Here, let me warm you up a bit.

With a harsh jerk, Ayushi got rid of my condom. She spat hard on her palm and started massaging my cock. Every inch of my penis was soaked thoroughly. I was feeling sloppy.

Ayushi: Come on, hon, plough me hard. I want your cum leaking out of my ass in the morning.

Me: Say my name, Ayushi.

Ayushi: Fuck my ass, Mandar, fuck me relentlessly.

I lifted both her legs and drew near her. I placed her soft and tattooed legs on my shoulder and cupped her boobs real hard. And with a slow push, I gently entered her butthole.

Ah, I slid in smoothly. Her asshole was squeezing me.

Ayushi: Yes, that’s it, baby, come on.

My hips started moving to and fro. Slowly I started thumping her ass with my crotch. Ayushi was vibrating with every thump.

Me: Ah, Ayushi, why didn’t we start with this? I love this cave better. I am going crazy, you goth whore. I want you more.

Ayushi: Just keep pushing, ahh…

Me: 61….62…

My thrusts were getting weaker with every shove. I was almost going to cum. I squeezed Ayushi’s tits and leaned closer to her. I bit her lip.

Me: Ayushi, I cannot hold any longer.

Ayushi: Cum inside me, fill me, come on, my ass wants you.

With a final blow, I gave an ecstatic cumshot in her ass.

I shouted: Ah, Ayushi!

Ayushi was scratching my back wildly with her nails. She bit my ear as I cum in her.

Ayushi: Now get out of here, you man-whore, let me sleep.

I spanked her butt and left.

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