Hot Happy Nina Gets Fucked Hard – Part 3

I played with Nina’s boobs alternating between sucking, squeezing and licking them. Occasionally I bit her nipple to hear her soft whimpering moan.

Nina kept moaning, “Ahh, fucking bastard do it slowly.” Every time she moaned, it only kept increasing my desire for her. I held her nipples between my teeth and bit them gently. I pulled them holding them between my teeth. It hurt her.

She hit my back with her soft hands as I toyed with her superhot boobs and nipples. I squeezed her boobs hard and sucked them. Moving down, I positioned myself between her legs. I moved down, kissing her navel and belly. I spread her legs.

She did not resist. She opened her lovely, beautiful love wet hole for me. I could see her pussy. Wow, what a piece of hot meat. It looked so delicious, so juicy, so inviting.

People may think that pussy is the wrong colour or the wrong shape, or the wrong size. But when I look at it, all I see is heaven. You should feel blessed to get that heaven and do everything to make it feel even better.

Trust me. It is not about whether her lips are symmetrical. It is just about counting our lucky stars to see her naked. We’ve been given a wonderful gift by nature to feel such a conflicting intensity of pleasure.

I positioned my head between her legs to kiss her pussy lips. She moaned delightfully, asking me to lick her soft and long. Nina relaxed on the sofa spreading her legs, revealing more of her lovely pink soft, delicate pussy.

I rolled my fingers, caressed and kissed her thighs, moving up. I moved to her inner thighs, almost reaching near her pussy. Nina moaned, “Ahh yes, Vinay, very nice, do it, don’t stop, you are so good, yes.”

I kept moving my lips in slow circles around her pussy and inner thighs. She kept enjoying the sensation. I moved deeper and deeper between her thighs, making her restless.

I skipped her pussy but kissed her pussy edges again and moved up, licking her up to her navel. I moved back, kissing and licking her in the same manner. I was close to her pussy. She could not resist. Nina held my head, pushing me to her pussy, moaning.

She forcefully pushed my face on her pussy. I just loved the tangy smell of her pussy. Nina caressed my hair as I peppered her pussy with soft, gentle kisses making her starve for more. I kissed her pussy lips and spread them with my fingers to have a clear view of her pink pussy.

I kissed her gently on her pussy. Nina moaned, “Oh god, yes, Vinay.” I kissed her again only to hear her delightful moaning. I kept licking her slowly as she enjoyed the sensations, “Yes, Vinay, yes, it’s so nice. Oh god, keep doing it.”

I started licking her in gentle soft single strokes on her soft outer lips. I licked her gently a couple of times, wriggling my tongue in her pussy. I licked her gently as she spread her legs wider, opening her lovely pink pussy lips for me.

I kept looking at Nina’s expressions. They changed completely, her horny face speaking for her need for a hard deep fuck. Nina kept opening her mouth wide every time I licked her. Nina closed her eyes to spread her legs a little more, her breathing turning heavier.

I moved my tongue swiftly between the sluice gates of her pussy to give her a deep sensual lick. Oh god, that bloody horny moan of Nina made me mad. She closed her eyes, rested her head on the back of the sofa and pushed my face deeper into her pussy.

I thrust my tongue deeper with my every stroke. She moaned, twitched and gripped in pleasure as I delighted her with my sensual licking. Her body broke. It twitched, her head swinging left and right in sheer pleasure. She squeezed her boobs. She held my head firmly.

She raised her body slightly as she sunk in the deepest pleasures of getting licked deeply. I pulled back to look at her beautiful, bewitching horny face. With her lovely wet sparkling pussy, Nina pushed me back gently to where she wanted me.

I moved my tongue just on her pussy lips, tickling and flicking them continuously. Nina could not contain herself as she squeezed her boobs hard.
Nina kept moaning like a starved woman. I kept rolling my tongue just on her pussy edges gently.

I moved my tongue on her pussy crack and licked her hot inner flesh. She moaned. Nina belted her moan of satisfaction, caressing my hair. Nina was in her world as she started to raise her ass, making me lick her up to her ass crack. I held her ass up and licked her softly on her ass hole.

She could not hold in that position; she fell back on the sofa. I started to lick her on her deep, feeling her inner flesh in long strokes, a little faster this time. Her body shook in sheer delight and pleasure as I increased the intensity. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers.

I thrust my tongue deeper, sucks she could not hold back as she abused me shamelessly, asking me to lick her deep, fuck her hard. My hands slapped and squeezed her boobs. I enjoyed savouring her delicious pussy. Sex brings the best out of a woman.

I was happy to make Nina feel so happy and horny. She was a sex goddess. My perception and views about her changed dramatically. Nina was missing her sexual life. She seemed to be so lusty, so horny, so starved for sex. Nina’s desperate moaning pushed me to make her happier.

I pushed my tongue deeper. Her pussy was so soft and hot. I could feel the heat oozing out of her pussy on my face. I moved my tongue deeper, feeling the softest parts of her deep hole. I kept licking her as she moved towards her release without a break.

I kept the pressure of licking her hot pussy deeper as I started to feel her release building up. I held her legs tightly to lick her lubricous pussy in fast deep strokes. Nina raised her legs. I held them up firmly. She pushed my head firmly in her pussy. I moved my tongue deeper and licked her in up and down strokes.

I was licking her inner flesh like a cat slurping milk from a tiny milk bowl. Nina could not control her joy. I got access to more and more of her inner flesh, making her pleasure more intense and irresistible. She kept spreading her pussy wider with her fingers making more space for my tongue to savour her juices.

Nina kept moaning. “Oh, Vinay, you are so good. Don’t stop. Keep doing.” Having her pussy in my mouth made me crazy. I licked her like a mad man. The beautiful thought of her lying nude on the soft and asking me to lick her pussy made my dick firmer and harder.

Unquestionably, it’s so true that sex makes us do things that we never expect in life. This was a crazy, unforgettable early morning experience for me. Nina was on her legs. The hot body in the air as she moved her head furiously from one side to the other.

After a few long deep strokes, her body and legs worked up. She held my head firmly on her pussy with both her hands. Her body started to stiffen and twitch.
Through the storm of our passions, Nina was conscious and awake only to pleasure.

Her sexual sensations increased through the wild, turbulent licking ride. It took over her, overwhelmed her mind, etched itself on her awareness. Nina moaned as her lust took over her. I increased my licking speed, and she screamed, “Yes, Vinay, yes, yes, Vinay.”

She pushed my head back, buckled in pressure screaming. Nina’s hips started to pump harder. I could feel a fine quivering begin along her skin. She rocked and keened. When I plunged my tongue deep into her, she cried out, reached down and buried her fingers in my hair.

Release broke over her in wracking, wrenching waves, guiding me, demanding me. In no time, screaming out a rousing moan, she released a fountain of juices from her desirable pussy. A powerful explosion shook her body, blasting a huge load of juices from her pussy.

She pushed my head aside. I could see juices trickling down from her pussy. Her pussy and muscles marginally relaxed from the intense licking. Our passion to fuck each other reached fevered desire. I was waiting to tear her pussy with my dick, feast on her sexy body, and fuck her hard on the soft sofa.

The moment arrived. I could not hold back myself. I could not wait as I positioned my dick on her love hole. She looked at me as I gave her pussy a feel of my hot, burning dick. I tapped my dick on her pussy a few times and rubbed it softly on her wet outer lips. Nina looked at me, inviting me into her.

I pounced back on her an instant later, taking her with me and trapping her between the velvet sofa and my body. I held her beneath me to thrust- hard, deep. I reached down between our bodies. I made her feel the smooth head of my dick stroke up and down on her pussy lips between her thighs.

I felt and parted her dampening flesh while the silky soft feel of her hot boobs was on my chest. Nothing in the world mattered except having this feeling go on. Her thighs clamped against mine. I lowered her hips, and she realized and felt the broad head of my erect dick nudge against her entrance.

I breached Nina’s hot pussy. It was tight, so hot I felt the pleasure on my dick. I tried to forcefully pierce her tight pussy. My soft dick skin was pushed back.
Nina moaned, “Vinay wait, it’s so big.” I waited for a few seconds. She again said, “Vinay, just take out a little and please push it slowly.”

She arched with a gentle cry. I thrust again, even deeper. She desperately caught her breath. I pulled out my hard, firm dick. I looked into her deep, piercing eyes pushing back my dick forcefully in her throbbing pussy.

Oh, man, it was just maddening. The feeling of my dick tearing her pussy skin to penetrate deep in was bloody, so painful and enjoyable. With just one strong thrust, I was completely inside her. Nina moaned. She was overwhelmed by the delicious fullness of my dick in her hot pussy.

My shoulders tightened beneath her hands. She said, “Oh Vinay, you feel so damn good.” She pulled me up and held me tightly by my neck. She kissed me. She pushed me on her boobs as I kept the pressure of my dick in her hot soft pussy.

I pulled out my dick and forced it back in her pussy without any mercy. I thrust my dick deep into her pussy in a very hard push. As I slammed my rod into my body, Nina felt the intense pressure. Nina screamed, “Oh yes fuck.”

Nina felt my hardness deep inside her. She held me tight. I stayed inside her in the same position for a few minutes. Nina could not handle it. She held me tightly by my waist. The tightness, heat, and grip inside her made me mad. Her boobs were moving up down with her heavy breathing.

I looked into her eyes. She whispered sensually, “Fuck your Nina. Vinay.” I pulled out my dick and pushed it back in a forceful single push. Her mouth was wide open in shock as she withstood the intense hitting on her pussy.

Nina moaned, “Ah, Vinay, do it again.” Again, I pulled my dick out to push it back fiercely. She moved her hands back to hold the corner of the sofa with one hand and her other hand on my back. I pulled out. Then in one hard jerk, I thrust my entire dick.

I could feel my dick tightly wrapped deep inside between her burning walls.
Nina hugged me tightly. I again sucked her lips and almost bit her. She kept moaning, “Vinay fuck me, yes, don’t stop Vinay, do it.” Nina wrapped her arms around me, lifted her legs and gripped my flanks.

She raked her nails across my back as she joined me in frantic urgency as I rode her deep and hard. It had never been with me like this. A connection was so special, so deep. It was going beyond physical to something else. I could feel her in my soul as I moved deeper into her.

Nina rocked her hips, drawing me deeper, holding me closer. We lost in a frantic rhythm. Despite the heat in the room and in our bodies and the delirious pleasure of my body moving over hers. Her nails pierced me deep in my back, holding me tightly.

Her intense moaning urged me desperately to ride her yet more forcefully. The one element that shone through this fucking raging veil was her hunger for more. It was as deep and powerful and demanding as her hunger for me.

I thrust her deep for the fulfilment, willing to surrender all to reach that peak. Here we were, panting, wanting, reaching, stretching for the glory. Our bodies rocked in unison, driving each other deeper and deeper. She was in a different world. After all, she felt the pleasure of a long, hard dick after a long time.

She was relishing in the pleasure of it, enjoying and exploiting it to her satisfaction. I was anxious and curious to make my first fucking experience with Nina memorable. I paused for a few seconds, my mind and body wanting to extend the session.

The greed for a few more kisses on her hot lips, a few more thrusts on her burning pussy, a few more moans of Nina. A few more squeeze and sucks on her fleshy hot boobs, just a little more of her. For men, it’s never enough. They always want more.

She let me loose on her body like a hungry dog on a piece of meat. I was very excited. I never knew that sex with Nina would be so much fun. I thrust my dick deep into her hot, burning pussy in slow long strokes. Her eyes opened wider with my every thrust.

She loved it. The expressions on her face spark in her eyes said it all. I kept pushing my dick deeper with my every thrust in her tight pussy. Nina stretched her legs and wrapped her legs around me. In this position, she was able to control my depth.

It was amazing to have all that feminine power braced between her thighs beneath my body. Nina moved carefully, rising and lowering, catching her breath at my hot slides within her. The sensation of my riding hard and high into her body engulfed her senses and dragged us down.

Into a crescendo of seething desire, a passion so hot it scorched, a need so fiery it melted us into each other. I pushed my hands below her and lifted her, and brought her down again, thrusting deeper in her. Every nerve she possessed shook, shuddered, every pore oozing sexual delight.

I removed the soft hairband ribbon to her lair. The curtain of silvery locks of her hair tickled my face and chest. I pushed them aside. I drove her faster and deeper. Together we began to move, our rhythm steady, breathing heavy. Soon our moans grew desperate.

She held me more forcefully, her hands moving down to hold my ass. I increased my pace, pumping into her wildly now, determined to bring us both to the utter bliss. Her head slammed against the soft. She cried out. Intense pleasure crashed over her in a thunderous wave.

My name was a guttural moan on her lips. Her eyes widened; the sight was incredibly erotic. Even more erotic was when she kept shamelessly asking to push it deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Nina moaned at her peak, “Ahh, Vinay, just finish this.”

She couldn’t tear her gaze away from me as we sunk into each other’s eyes. Such an amazing and stunning feeling was the way males joined females. I felt the walls of her soft, deep passage yield- her soft, tender flesh clinging tight and wanton to my hard male steel.

Everything between us went wild and tight, every part melting, every fibre burned as we headed towards our massive release. The moment was close. My legs firmed. She gripped me forcefully, holding my face onto her boobs which burnt like a fireplace.

Nina wanted to tell me something, but all she could do was moan. The power of words had deserted her. The pleasure was climbing, spiralling high and fast, taking her by storm. The body’s heat-gripping over her flushed skin as she gripped my bottom and held me tight.

My body moved over her and filled it with my hard dick repeatedly. Nina clutched at my body, where I now filled and possessed so fully. Eyes closed, she flung her head back. The release was close. She could feel it coming, shivering throughout her body.

My head dropped low. I kissed the arch of her throat. Then suddenly, that few final powerful thrusts one last time, and with a cry, we shattered. She sobbed, I moaned, she lost her grip on me, and I fell on her.

“Nina,” I said, “Oh yes,” I moaned. My tone almost froze as I plundered her pussy. Weightless for that moment, that briefest of journeys, falling from heavenly pleasure into a smooth sailing sea. It broke on us, swept us, shattered us, then, on a gust of mindless pleasure, surged between us left us wrecked.

Nina moaned as we released loads after loads of her juices, drenching and filling each other. I kept pushing my dick in her pussy, giving her the soft humps. Nina delightfully moaned. She bit into my shoulders. The walls of her channel contracted around my dick repeatedly.

Wrecked with pleasure, lying in each other arms, smiling, dizzy with delight, softly laughing, we slumped into each other’s arms and let the moment cradle us.

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