Hot Indian wife and ugly Nigerian room attendant

Hello there, my name is Krithika. Let’s jump straight into my beautiful sex story.

Let me describe myself. I am fair-skinned with a perfect body figure. My boobs are 40D and my booty comes out a bit from my slim body. I am 24 years old, but many people think I look very young for my age. Many boys always approach me for dating whenever I go out.

I come from a traditional conservative family. Naturally, I could not date and I got married at the age of 20 to my father’s friend’s son Prakash. He was also slim and fair like me. We have a son named Ankit.

Prakash is a software engineer who would often go out for work. On the other hand, Ankit was growing up and attending school. This made me very lonely. As I had a lot of free time, I opened porn and watched all kinds of races fucking each other.

Slowly, I started reading Indian sex stories and fantasized about various kinds of stories. I would open my panties and start masturbating while reading the stories. Even when Ankit and Prakash were asleep, I would go into the bathroom and masturbate.

Finally, I made up my mind to get fucked by another man. However, most of the people in my area know me, so I did not want to do it here. I decided to make Prakash’s favorite paneer curry and convince him to go on vacation.

Me: Darling, I feel we both deserve a vacation as the summer holidays are coming. Ankit can stay at my parents’ home. What do you say?

Prakash: But honey, I still have a lot of work to do. If you want, I can send you on vacation. I know you are feeling lonely and tired of household work.

Me: Ok darling. I always wanted to visit Italy. Please book a ticket for two weeks and also give me cash for the expenses.

Prakash nodded his head and smiled at me. I was really happy that my plan was coming into action. I began packing my clothes and other stuff in the next few days. I then boarded the plane to Italy and said goodbye to Prakash and Ankit.

I reached Italy and booked a room in the nearby hotel. It was scorching hot, so I took a cold shower and slept on the couch naked. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I put a towel on and went to open it.

I saw a tall, muscular black man. His face looked ugly. However, he had muscles and I always had a crush on Salman Khan for his muscles.

Akbar: Hello there madam, my name is Akbar. I will be your room attendant. May I please come in to check on a few things?

Now, I did not care if he wasn’t good looking. I decided this was the chance to seduce him with my beauty. I decided to slip my towel down a bit while talking to him.

Akbar entered the room and began tidying the kitchen. I stood in front of him and did as I planned. Initially, he was taking random glances at me. But slowly, he started staring at my boobs as the towel went down a bit each second.

Me: So Akbar, which country are you from?

Akbar: I am from Kenya, madam. I came to Italy as an illegal immigrant. I will now check the living room.

Next, he went to check the living room. Now, I placed my leg on the table and made sure a bit of my ass was visible. The room attendant turned around and was staring at my ass. Though he liked the sight, he did not make a move for sex. But, he was definitely intrigued by my beauty.

Akbar: Ok madam, I finished my duty here. I can see you are here by yourself. I wanted to invite you over for a stroll and dinner at my place.

I loved that he made the first move, so without any hesitation, I nodded my head.

The evening arrived quickly. It was still hot so I decided to dress in half-sleeves and a skirt. While going outside, I got a lot of stares from the locals and this made me blush. Finally, I reached the park and saw the room attendant Akbar.

Akbar: You are looking beautiful, madam. Shall we walk?

I smiled at his compliment and nodded my head. We began to stroll around the park. This time, not only men were staring, but women also stared at us. They might have thought how an attractive woman is with an ugly man.

Anyway, we headed back to Akbar’s home. We had dinner.

After a while, I told him I was tired and wanted him to massage me. He said no problem and told me to wear a bathrobe. Now, I understood he will slowly use this to fuck me. So I happily accepted his order.

I took off my dress, bra, and underwear. I wanted to be naked underneath the bathrobe. This will ensure he knew I was comfortable with him for sex. I came out and sat on the chair. He brought the oil and started rubbing my neck.

His strong hands were moving up and down my neck. It made butterflies in my stomach. I felt like moaning but I wanted to save it for sex. He then moved his hands sideways and started massaging my shoulders.

Now, the bathrobe was loose for me, so any movement would make my cleavage a bit exposed. And this happened eventually. My boobs are clearly visible to Akbar. I noticed in the mirror that he was staring at it with his eyes popping out.

Akbar: Madam, did you want me to go a bit further down?

I knew he wanted to touch my boobs. So I nodded my head. He then proceeded to put his hands further inside and touch my boobs. His hands were moving down and barely touching my nipples. This made my nipples hard as a rock.

I was moaning a bit silently since I could not control myself easily. This hunk was already fucking me with his smooth hands. Akbar too seemed to enjoy massaging me.

Akbar: Madam, I can also do a full-body massage. The table is in my bedroom. Are you ok with it?

Me: Yes Akbar, I would definitely love a full body massage with you. Also, don’t call me ‘Madam’. Call me ‘Krithika’.

Akbar: OK Krithika. Please come to my bedroom.

Akbar and I proceeded toward the bedroom. I was getting goosebumps that this would be the ultimate strike from him on me. This hunk’s hands were strong, so just imagine how strong his cock will be?!

Akbar: Ok Krithika, I need you to remove your bathrobe. You can choose to be naked or not, but it won’t matter to me.

Me: It’s ok Akbar, I don’t mind being naked.

Saying this, I removed my bathrobe. Now, my whole fair-skinned slim body was visible to this black man. He was now aroused by my beauty and playing with his tongue. I smiled at him as I lay on the bed with my face down.

Akbar then came onto the bed and started massaging my back. He was rubbing really hard, but it felt magical and I felt my dead blood flowing back in again. It was like an aunty using a vegetable peeler to peel carrots.

Akbar: Have you ever been massaged by a man, Krithika?

Me: Yes I have. I got massaged by a young guy and my husband. With my husband, I was completely naked.

Akbar: Oh, you are married? Then why didn’t you come with your husband?

Me: Yes, Akbar. I was bored at home, so I wanted to have a break. My husband had work and decided to stay back with my son.

The room attendant paused for a while. It seemed that he was processing the fact he was gonna fuck a cheating Indian wife. Then, he went toward my ass. He started massaging my ass cheeks. He then opened my ass cheeks and started massaging my insides.

Me: Uh Uh Ah Ah Aaa!

Akbar: Looks like you and I know what exactly is going on here, darling. You want to get fucked by me. Now, I will fulfill your desire. I will make you a bitch.

I was laughing and continued to enjoy his massage. He now put his finger into my anal and began massaging it. He was penetrating it like a driller placing a nail into wood.

Me: Uhhhh Uhhh Ahhh.. Haghhaa.. Hahhh.. Ahhh Gooo Deepeer.. Gooo Dooo Deeperrrr!

Akbar was pouring more oil into my anal and rubbing it all over my anal area. He grabbed my anal with his fingers and let go. He repeated this process 10 times. It felt like a spider biting my ass.

Me: Aaahhhhhh you bassstaarrdddddd..I ammm aa marriredddd wommmmaaann.. showwwww merccccy.. pleaseee you bassstaaard!

The black guy then stopped playing with my anal and proceeded to my legs. This part was a bit boring, but it was the calm before the storm. After 10 minutes, he told me to turn around. I did as he said. Now my beautiful boobs and pussy were visible to him.

Akbar: Wow Krithika, you have the body of an angel. I wonder what made you want to go for someone like me.

Me: Oh, stop being so low, Akbar. You have a sense of humor and muscles which my husband doesn’t have. Besides, I have a kink for guys like you.

Akbar smiled and started kissing my lips. Slowly, I placed my right hand on his Nigerian head and started kissing him even harder. His hair felt like spikes. Anyways, he then proceeded to kiss my whole body. He spent more time on my boobs and pussy.

He then sat on my pussy. This was adding pressure since I had a slim body while he was muscular. But it made my pussy even more wet. He grabbed the oil and started massaging my boobs. As he moved from one boob to another, he wiggled my boob.

Me: Uh Akbar, you sure know how to play with a woman.

Akbar smiled and continued massaging my boobs. He grabbed my nipples and started pulling it lightly. I screamed and moaned loudly at the same time. Never before have I been treated like a bitch. This made me even more horny.

He got off the bed and removed his pants. His 8-inch black cock was now visible to me. It looked strong like an iron rod. Any girl would want it inside their pussy. He then placed his ass on my face and started massaging my pussy.

Me: Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm..

His ass tasted crap, but I knew he was transforming me into a slut, so I did not mind. He on the other hand was massaging my stomach and pussy. When it came to the pussy, he inserted his fingers and started going deeper as each second went by.

Me: Mmmm ah mmmmmmmmmm aaahhhhhh mmmmmmmmmaaaa mmmmm aaaammmmmaam ammmamma aaaaaaa!

I was freaking moaning right under his ass while he tortured me by going deeper. It was so humiliating yet kinky and hot. He then got off and took off his shirt. Now, his six-pack was visible. I loved a man with a six-pack as it made them look badass.

He got on the bed and started to massage the legs. While massaging each leg, he slapped my thighs. My thighs aren’t that big, so the slap was painful and it made my legs red. While slapping my thigh, my ass started twerking, which was cute and hot.

Now, he put on a condom from the shelf nearby and inserted it into my pussy. I screamed out loudly as I never had a big cock inside my pussy before. It felt like an iron rod going inside and getting stuck.

Me: A yes Akbar yess yessssss! Gooo deepeeer goo deeepeeer! noooo fuckkkinnggg meeerrccy!

Just like I asked, the Nigerian room attendant increased the speed and went deeper. I felt like his cock was going to touch my insides, just like when he inserted his finger in my anal. He also started moving his cock like a clock. I felt he wanted to make my pussy bigger.

Me: Uhhhhh darrliingggg you bassstaard! I ammm a mothheeer you basstaarddd! gooooo hardddeeer! nooo meercccy

Akbar smiled in an evil way. He then grabbed my neck and came closer to my face. I put my head upwards and started kissing his lips. It was so bitchy for me to get dominated and it made my pussy even wet.

Finally, he began to cum inside the condom. He removed the condom and went to the bathroom. After 5 minutes, he came back.

Akbar: That ends our wonderful massage sex session, Krithika. I have work tomorrow. Did you want to shower before leaving?

Me: Yeah, sure. Can you please carry me with your manly hands?

Akbar: Certainly, honey.

Akbar came towards me and lifted me. He kissed my face and went to the bathroom. Then, he placed me into the bathtub. He too got in and turned the water on.

He got on top of me and started kissing me. I however wanted him to fuck my ass as I wanted raw sex without a condom.

Me: You know, you haven’t fucked my anal. Since I won’t get pregnant by it, you can fuck without a condom.

Akbar: Ok Krithika. Please turn around.

I did as he asked. Now, he placed his cock into my anal. I felt like crying and moaning at the same time. It was just like a volcano that was erupting very loudly. He kept pulling my ass toward his cock. He then slapped my ass.

Me: Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh hahahhhh ahhhhhhhh you baasssttarrddd ohhhhhh rammmmmmm ohhhh Prakkkaaasssh!

The black Nigerian guy continued fucking my ass like I was his slut. I knew from that moment that I was his bitch. He then pushed my ass away and collapsed on me. He put the soap into the water and we just lied down.

After 10 minutes, we both got off the water. I put my sexy dress on and Akbar walked me to my hotel. On the way, he was making jokes about our fuck and made me laugh. Finally, we reached the hotel.

Akbar: Ok Krithika, we have reached the hotel. I will see you again tomorrow.

Me: Sure, Akbar. Please give me your phone number.

We exchanged phone numbers and he left. For the next few days of my stay, I would go to his house and get massaged. Then, he would fuck me. Things got boring, so I asked him to call his other Nigerian friends.

They too fell for my beauty and fucked me like I was their bitch. We did plenty of roleplaying where I was the owner and they were my slaves. Then, they would trick me and fuck me one by one.

Finally, I was happy with this experience and went back to India. Throughout my fucking, I made sure to use a condom. Up until this date, I never got pregnant and Prakash does not know about my sexual experience.


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