Hot Mom and her daughters – Part 2

I just opened my eyes and found Likhita sucking my dick. I still felt dozy. So I placed my legs over her back so that she got my dick more deep into her throat. I started moving my navel. She could not take the whole of my dick.

So her mom, Pallavi, made her comfortable. And guided her to suck me. Pallavi pulled my shorts off me. She slid her fingers into Likitha’s hair and was operating her head to and fro over my dick. I was feeling hard.

Pallavi came to me and kissed my lips. Mouni came there with three cups of tea and placed them over the bed. “Mom, tea,” Mouni called Pallavi. Pallavi stopped kissing me and looked at Mouni. “Mouni, what about Hero’s tea cup?”

Pallavi asked Mouni, “Your hero drinks tea?” She replied in question. Pallavi looked at me. “I said milk?” Pallavi smiled as Mouni was the only one who could give milk to me directly. Likitha said, “Mouni! He said milk,” and laughed. I pushed her onto my dick again to stop her laugh.

Mouni looked at me, and I found a hot smile on her cheeks. Pallavi and Nikita took their cups of tea. Pallavi sat beside me, and Likitha came to me directly and sat on my dick. I pushed my navel a little upwards. She cried as a hard rod went into her pussy.

With a teacup in her hand, I pinched the nipples of Likitha and started sucking them. I feel her 34-sized tits on my face, and I love the taste of it. And I started biting them while fuck her in her pussy. Fucking her with her nipples in my mouth made her scream with a high sound.

Pallavi and Mouni are enjoying life with screams and echoes while Mouni’s left hand goes into her petticoat without knowing it. Tea from Likitha ‘s cup is spilling all over her body as well as mine. She is trying to lick mine, and I am trying to lick her body. We had crazy tries.

I lifted her into my hands and kept her teacup aside, making her bend like a bitch to fuck her doggy style. I pushed my dick in one go. She just shouted in pain. Still, my full dick could not go in one push. I tried again and again, finally, after multiple times of pushing in.

I entered her pussy. I slowly started raising the phase. She looks really like a lioness from behind. I was fucking her, holding her hair to control her over my dick, pinching and pulling her nipples. She was enjoying our phase together. I placed my finger into the pussy crack and scooped it.

She is slut by heart. She turned herself sideward and made me fuck her. Her every moan is making me more horny. After about 15 minutes, she cum and fell over the bed. Then she took my dick into her hands and started stroking it, keeping my dick between her tits.

She is trying to touch my dick head with her lips. Pallavi came to Likitha’s pussy and started sucking it. After about 5 more minutes, I cum over her lips, nose and her neck. I pulled Pallavi by her hair and pushed my dick into her throat, and ordered her to clean my dick.

She cleaned my dick perfectly and sucked the remaining cum from my dick head. She slept there for about an hour. Then Pallavi asked Mouni about my milk. “Mom! ” she replied.

“Do you love milk?” Pallavi asked me.

“I love sucking milk,” I replied with a smile

“We have only lactating women here,” she said, pointing towards Mouni.

“Can you please arrange it?” I asked, winking my eyes.

“Hmm, go and freshen up,” she said shyly.

“Does anyone want to come with me to freshen up?” I asked, looking at everyone.

Pallavi raised her hand. Saying, “I will come.” Then come darling, saying this, I pulled her saree off from her, lifted her in my hands and placed her inside the bathroom with the shower on.

“Mom, you are becoming his slut,” Likitha shouted.

Pallavi looked at me like her eyes were saying, “Let’s start!” I started kissing her lips one after another like there was no tomorrow. She responded like hell. My hands were roaming around her navel to press her little belly and slid into her panty. And my other hand pulled her nada off, exposing her panty.

I placed my finger into her pussy crack and started spreading while our tongues were fighting with each other. We paused our kiss. I turned her around and pulled her panties off. I sat on the seat of the western commode, and she served her pussy, raising her leg over my shoulder.

I pushed my identity finger in and started fingering her pussy, and I took her pussy lips with mine sucking. Pallavi is screaming with high volume, and her screams fill the bathroom. “Aaah, fuck me,” were the words coming out of Pallavi’s mouth.

Mouni and Likitha looked very horny looking at each other and us. Mouni slid her hand into her petticoat and started fingering herself while Likhitha came to me. She started pressing her mom’s tits over her blouse. I inserted my middle finger along with my identity finger and started fingering in and out.

Likitha is unlocking her mom’s blouse. Pallavi was pushing me more into her pussy. I felt like grasping my breath, so I bit her pussy lips And made her jerk. Likitha unlocked her mom’s blouse. I increased the phase of my two fingers in and out inside the pussy.

From low to high in the meanwhile, I took her clit into my mouth and started licking. “Aah, eat my pussy. It is all yours. Not just my pussy alone. You have the right to eat every pussy here. Eat me.” Saying this, she was pushing me onto her pussy.

I felt like she was tightening her muscles and maybe so near to cum. So I inserted my third finger, which is my ring finger and started three fingers in and out. With no time, Pallavi cum over my fingers as a flow. Pallavi shouted and released her legs.

My hand was layered with her cum. Mouni started laughing, looking at me with her mom’s cum over my face and a little over my hands. Pallavi took her leg back and made me stand. She pulled my shorts off and started sucking my dick. I tasted her cum a little.

She tasted good, but like the came to clean me, she kissed and sucked my lips and took my fingers into her mouth and started sucking. One after another. Mouni is looking at me with lust in her eyes. I held her mom’s hair in my hand. I moved her over my dick to and fro as Pallavi gasped for breath.

Mouni was getting horny looking at this act. Her heartbeat and breath gained. I could see her tits going up and down with her breath. I fucked Pahlavi in her mouth for about 15 minutes in front of Mouni and cum.

Pallavi took a little and supplied my cum to Mouni. She sucked her lips and took my I’m into her mouth.

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