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One day I got to know about a site called Locanto and posted a personal ad in it. Then luckily I received a call from a number. First I didn’t pick as I was busy. Later I called that number. I heard a sweet voice telling that are you interested in above 40 women I replied yes.

Then she asked me that there is one woman who is above 40 who is unsatisfied can you satisfy her. I just thought it was a fake call that we normally receive for Locanto ad and reluctantly said yes. Then later we talked about how to meet and where and she was a little worried about it.

Then I spoke to her confidently and she liked my way of speaking. Then slowly she said that the 40 plus woman was her mother. She is really horny and unsatisfied with her hubby. I was excited and then I asked her how come you and your mother share these things.

She told that her mother is a friendly and open type. They were lesbians for many years and now they are searching for men. She told me to share my pics through email. I shared it and she also shared her mom’s pics. Then she told me to share my cock’s pic. I shared it.

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Later she would have a lot of fun with me. Then we discussed where to meet as she told even she wants to see her mom doing with me. Then I told we shall book a room online and enjoy there. Initially, she was reluctant. Then I said that we shall check-in as a family.

As all of us were fair, the hotel guys will believe that we were family. She agreed. Then we chatted little about sex and then decided to meet on the weekend on M G Road. Then on Saturday morning I went to M G Road and was waiting for them. I got a call from them saying that they were there.

I saw them. I was shocked that a girl in twenties and sexy women in 40s approached me. Both were sexy and had large tits. Her mom was so friendly that she hugged me and said, “Beta, hum aj karenge,” with a naughty smile. Then we went to a café.

We had some personal discussion and got to know each other. Then we checked in at the hotel as a family attending a family marriage. Then I went on to buy some protection. When I came back I was shocked to see that both this sexy mom and daughter were in black panties and bra.

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When her daughter came back her mother told that she has some work outside. She left us two. Then the daughter said thanks as I was able to make her mom happy. Then she told me I was hot and she was seduced when I was fucking her mom. She said that you must be tired by now.

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