Hot Neighbor Fucked Hard

Hey readers, a pleasure to write another story. Thanks all for such a lovely response to my previous stories. Your comments really give the motivation to write more. I am working in Bangalore, 32 years of age. So coming to the story. I recently shifted to an apartment in BTM layout.

One fine evening I was talking to my friend over the phone while walking in the parking area. It was around 7 pm and was already dark. I saw a woman driving her car and entering the parking. When she stepped out of her car, I was stunned to see that beauty.

She was around 28 to 30 years of age, milky white color, wearing red saree, loose hairs, sleeveless blouse. She had some disappointment on her face. Our eyes met for a second. She slammed the car door and walked to the lift in full attitude. I was just mesmerized with the energy she released in the atmosphere.

She was a beauty to die for. I could not control myself after that incident and wanted to know about her. I went to the security guard and asked about her. He said she is working in IT, living alone in her apartment for the last 3 years. Her husband is working on-site in the USA.

I was curious to know more about her and this thought process was driving me crazy. I was staying on the first floor and she was on the third floor. The next 3 to 4 days I could not see her. I was a little disappointed. On Thursday night after food, I came to parking for an evening walk.

To my surprise, she was already in parking, talking to somebody over the phone. I went near my car and pretended to fix something in the car. From the corner of my eyes, I was continuously staring her. She caught me doing this couple of times. I was a little reserved to talk to her at that moment.

Next day I came at the same time for an evening walk. She was already there, in her track pants and a white t-shirt. Our eyes met, and I gave her a smile. She did not give it shit and just ignored me. I was losing my confidence. I started walking on the other side of parking and staring at her non-stop.

She knew that I was staring at her. I said to myself, “Boss, this is a chance, you hit it or leave it.” Then with a lot of courage, I approached her and said, “Hi.” She gave me a tough look as if I came to rob her. She said, “Hi!” with a lot of reluctance. Then our discussion went like this.

Me: Hey, you live here in this apartment?
She: Yes, do you have any problem?

Me: No, not at all. I just shifted here and wanted to make new friends here. So just thought of starting with whosoever I see first. Apparently, it is you. However, if you have any reservations, then it is perfectly fine, I will see other neighbors.

She: It is fine. Since you are a neighbor, we should know each other.
And then we started walking together.

Me: How long have you have been staying here?
She: For 3 years.
Me: Your husband does not come to a walk with you?

She was quiet for some time. She then said, “He is in the USA enjoying his life.” The expression on her face changed. I suspected that something is wrong with her husband.

Me: Looks like you are mad at him. Anyway happens in distance relationships. Hey, don’t be sad. Such a gorgeous lady deserves to be happy always.
She looked at me, with a naughty smile and said, “I am not flattered with this.” I said, “I am just trying to be a good friend.”

This changed her mood a bit. I said, “Don’t be sad. Should I take you to some ice-cream parlor?” She was happy to hear this and agreed immediately. I took out my car and went to the nearby ‘Polar Bear’. We talked on a lot of topics and established comfort between us.

Then I dropped her home, bid goodbye and left for home. Next day when I woke up, I saw a WhatsApp message from her saying thanks for yesterday and being a good friend. I said to myself, half of the job is done. Days passed by. One day she said that she is relocating to the USA.

My heart just broke that moment. I asked her to celebrate our friendship. “Let us go to some pub tonight.” She could not say no, and we decided to leave at 8 pm. I was waiting in my car for her to arrive. There she came, smoking hot, black little dress, high heels, loose hairs, dark red lipstick, eyeliner, showing her curves.

I was seeing her with my eyes wide open. I said, “You can kill people with your looks today.” She laughed. Her boobs were looking round, firm and tight, I guess 34 D. Her ass could make anybody crazy. She was nothing less than a million-dollar lottery. I was staring at her.

She asked, “What are you looking at?” I said, “How can God be so artful? You must be one of his best creatures. I can’t take off my eyes from you.” She was laughing. Throughout the drive, I was staring at her. She was aware and blushing.

We reached the pub, took a corner table. We ordered beer for me, and vodka for her. Music was loud and the drinks were showing their virtues. After a couple of rounds, we started getting high. People in the pub started dancing. We both were enjoying our time.

I asked her whether she wants to dance, she denied. We ordered food, ate and left for home. I was a little sad on the way back home as she will be leaving me. We reached home and said goodbye. She had 4 rounds of Vodka. So she was a little high. 30 minutes after reaching home, I got a call from her.

She was high, saying, you are my best friend, I loved the time we spent, it was a wonderful night and blah blah. She said come home let us talk for some time. I said no. She asked what happened. I said nothing. She was insisting too much. So I said, “I am already high and might lose control. anyway, you were looking very seductive and I am not able to control.”

I disconnected the call. I got a call after 10 minutes. She said, “Please come, I need to talk to you.” I went to her home. She was in the same dress. She started speaking some nonsense and I was in no mood to listen. I wanted to bang her badly tonight. She went inside her bedroom for bringing her phone.

I followed her and grabbed her from behind. She said, “No, please leave me, what are you doing?” I was in no mood to leave her. I started kissing on her neck, grabbed her boobs from behind and started squeezing it. She was resisting a bit. I turned her.

She looked in my eyes, said, “This is not right,” and placed her head on my chest. I lifted her face and planted a kiss on her juicy lips. Slowly she started responding and in a couple of minutes, we both went wild. We started kissing each other like there is no tomorrow.

I started kissing her all over the body and squeezing boobs at the same time. She started moaning. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing me on my neck, chest, and nipples. This was driving me crazy. I unzipped her dress, took it off her. There she was standing in her black bra and panty.

She was looking like a sex goddess and I could not control myself. I jumped on her, tore off her bra and started sucking her nipples. She was moaning loudly. I kissed all over her body. I made her lie on the bed, turned her and started kissing on her back.

I went down to her panty and started to remove her panty with my teeth. She was shivering. I removed her panty completely and started licking and biting her ass. She was out of control and wild. She said fuck me hard today. I turned her and straightaway grabbed her pussy in my mouth.

I sucked and licked each part of her pink shaved pussy. She was pressing my head against her pussy harder. Her pussy was very wet with her love juices, which I was enjoying licking. She was begging me to fuck her hard. I inserted two fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking.

She was moaning loud and pressing her boobs with her own hands. In 5 minutes she got the orgasm and released lots of juices. I could see her satisfied face. Now it was my turn to tear her pussy with my hard dick. I wore a condom I took her to the edge of the bed with her legs on my shoulder.

I started fucking her hard. I fucked her for straight 5 minutes in that position. She was moaning loud. I said come to the doggy position, inserted my dick from behind. I spanked her ass for a couple of times and fucked her hard. After 5 minutes she came again and asked me to stop.

I was still undone, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked. I cum in her mouth. We both enjoyed our time. Anybody wants to meet or satisfy her urge or give me your feedback, please write to me on .