Hot Office Colleague And Burning Desire

Sharon. She was fire, she was hell and heaven, she was the feeling of achievement, she was sexy, she was intelligent, she was bright, she was dark. Winning her was impossible and losing her was death.

When I first saw her in 2018, I was mind-dead. People skip heart beat but I skipped my heart!

She joined our office and the next moment, people started talking about her. Her boobs, her ass, her thighs, her eyes, her hair, her legs, her walk, her talk – everything was a topic. She was adored by every girl and shagged by every guy in the office. I remember, whenever I saw her, I just closed my eyes and felt her. She was not a Barbie nor a princess, she was queen, queen of love and lust and she knew her worth. She knew she was ruling the Lust land. Men were drooling and women were jealous and she was enjoying it.

My sex life was at its peak, I was fucking new girl every week.

I was fat, double chin, beer belly but highly active in bed. No big dick to brag about but I knew how to fuck. I fucked nicely.

I played football and did cardio, ate healthy and hence my testosterone levels were high. I was always ready for Old Monk and a good fuck.

It was September 2020. I was busy with football and I got a message.

Sharon: Hi. Please call me.

Without wasting a second, I immediately called her. It was regarding some official pending work. Later, we decided to meet for a cup of coffee near her home in West Pune. I had no intention to even touch her and meeting her itself was bingo for me.

At 8 pm, I was waiting near my hot colleague Sharon’s building gate to pick her up and that was when I saw her coming from my rear mirror. I could not believe my luck that I was going to drink with an angel. She was wearing a black top and blue jeans. Her hair was open, her eyes were big with kajal craved perfectly. Her lips were stiff. The way she walked made me stoned. I was not even out of my mesmerizing moment. She was inside the car and said, “Hello! Let’s go.”

I was shivering, but I acted very normal. I just wanted to impress her so that I could at least touch her once.

We went to Lonavla, shared a few thoughts, and had a few drinks. When she was talking, I was only admiring every inch of her. Sharon was so delicate yet so strong. With her words, she made me a lifetime fan of hers.

We were back and we were high on Old Monk. I dropped her and while dropping her, I just hugged her. I was embraced in delight. I felt my soul leaving my body in joy. That was when I kissed her neck and I was blessed by Eros, the lust god.

I turned horny and my dick turned into stone. The blood was building pressure near my crotch. I could feel my dick growing big and bigger.

One thing I was sure the moment I dropped her was that I wanted to take out my dick and shag, shag till I was dead!

And then the magic words came out.

Sharon: Do you want to come upstairs?

I was lost. I was killed alive. I was rejuvenated.

We went upstairs. My hot colleague gave me a glass of water which I badly wanted. My throat was dry. My feet were cold. Now I was not high on Old Monk, but high on her intoxication. I knew I will kiss her neck. But what happened next was once in a lifetime moment.

I stepped into her bathroom. I was sure something crazy will happen, but the anticipation was making us more horny and erotic. Even after a fucking session of 45 minutes, none of us were tired. Sharon turned in the shower with warm water and then when I saw my angel under the shower, that was a million-dollar view. The water falling was on her body and sprinkling out. I was amazed to see such a thing with my naked eye. I was seeing something that 99% of the world will not see.

My beautiful colleague girl’s boobs were stiff. Her hair was wet and her waist was shining. I was feeling blessed and started caressing my dick. To my surprise, she bent down and started stroking my dick slowly. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it with her sexy lips.

I could not control anymore. We both lied down on the wet floor and were sucking and licking each other like there was no tomorrow. She had turned into a wild lioness. My hot colleague sat on my dick and started riding on me. It was the most memorable thing to see in a lifetime. She was riding me, her boobs were bouncing and her expressions were killing. She was biting her lips too. I was moaning loudly.

Forgetting that we were in the washroom, we both were moaning loudly. The pleasure was at its peak. Her pussy was rubbing my dick from the inside. It was vibrant, it was dominant. Her pussy was dark pink. Now I pounced on her. I was biting her pussy and eating it raw. I just wanted to eat that whole sexy thing.

I was so engrossed with it that I had to pull my face off to breathe. It was as smooth as butter and as fine as wine.

I fingered and licked while lying there in the washroom. Then Sharon took me inside again. We were drenched in the water and we again started with a missionary pose. It was 4 am. She whispered in my ear, “Hope you enjoyed” and I whispered back, “Yes..Can I cum inside you?”

She said, “Ahhhhh hmmmm..”

I increased my speed and density. I could feel the movements in her pussy, it was holding back my dick. I could feel my colleague was discharging a lot. She was silent, dead silent and smiling and the next second, I cummed.

I wished that the night never ended. Still, I could not believe my luck that I actually fucked Sharon, my dream woman. She was really happy with my fucking skills. We lied down for a few hours and smooched in between during the whole night. In the morning again, we had a quickie and left.

After a month, I got a call from her asking if I was free again. She left me speechless when I got to know why she was calling me. This time, she had different plans!


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That is my burning desire fulfilled.