Hot Sex-Deal With My Kanpur Aunt – Part 1

Hello guys, I am Neil. I am 23 years old, 5 ‘7 tall, and with a fit and lean body type with a not-so-big 6 inches dick. I am professionally a cricketer. I started late, so currently I am playing in district-level tournaments. I used to go to different cities to play tournaments.

So, once in September, I went to Kanpur for a tournament and stayed at my aunt’s home. I very often visit here for my matches. My aunt, my mother’s sister (mausi), lives in a joint family. I respected her very much as she was humble, mature and a very good person. I had a very frank relationship with her, just like a friend. I could talk about anything and say anything to her.

After 2 days, when I returned from my match, something strange happened and my respect, thoughts, and feelings for my aunt changed forever. When I entered the house, I heard a slight noise from the room upstairs. I went to check and saw that my aunt was having sex with her nephew! I never saw her this way, riding on a dick and moaning and screaming like hell!! She looked very hot and sexy without clothes. Her big and soft ass intrigued me a lot to fuck it.

I started developing lustful feelings for her, and I often masturbated thinking about my aunt’s naked, fair-toned and sexy 38-34-40-sized body. I now had a very strong feeling to fuck my aunt. I had good sex partners earlier also, so I had confidence that I could confront her and convince her to do it with me. I thought that if she can do it with an 18-year-old, thin, small-dick of my nephew, then I was way better.

The next day, I went to the room on the terrace where she was folding washed clothes. I took a condom with me as I was very much sure and confident that I will fuck her there.

Me: Good morning, Mausi.

Aunt: Good morning. You got up early. Why on the terrace? For fresh air, huh?

Me: Yeah! A little bit, but I wanted to talk to you about something.

Aunt: What?

Me: About yesterday. I saw you doing something, something very wrong.

Aunt (with shock and stress on her face): What wrong thing? I don’t get it.

Me: Let me be straight, I saw you fucking Rahul (nephew) yesterday. Do I need to explain more?

She kept quiet for a second, shocked and finally, said;

Aunt: Oh! I am sorryyy. But please don’t tell this to anyone. Please.. I am sorry, don’t tell this to your uncle. It was just a mistake.

Me: How many times did these types of “mistakes” happen before, mausi?

Aunt (with fear and tears in her eyes): I am really sorry, I will never do this thing again. Please don’t tell to anyone.

Me: Yes, good! I wanted to hear this. Now, you will never have sex with Rahul. But if you agree, you can repeat the same “mistake” with me. I will not tell anything to anybody. It is a good deal. Let’s bargain. Just like Rahul, you can have it with me.

This was the very first sex bargain I made with her. She was shocked and remained silent for a few minutes. She didn’t know what to say. She was a bit uncomfortable, but deep inside, she also wanted it. With a low voice, she said, “But, this is more wrong. We shouldn’t do this,” and tried to finish her work fast and leave.

All this time, I was observing aunt in the hot maxi, from top to bottom. I looked at her big boobs and was very turned on.

I approached her from behind and started putting my hand inside her maxi from bottom, touching her legs from down and moving up the thigh. She didn’t stop me but rushed through folding the clothes to get out of there. Then I touched her ass and removed her panty.

While removing aunt’s panty, she moved toward the door. I quickly held her by the waist on the back of the door and kissed her neck and upper chest passionately. She was moaning a little bit like, “Aah Neil..Stop nahh..ah..Pleasehh..Neihhl sii ah..Someone might come..”

I got more excited because of her moaning and tried to remove her maxi. Aunt was getting turned on and wanted to be fucked by me now. So I started kissing her body more passionately and aggressively. I kissed her soft lips, then down her chest, then her boobs (from the top of her normal white bra), then down to her seductive navel, and then down to her pussy. I grabbed her ass tightly while licking her pussy. Due to her age, her body was more on a healthier side than a slim-trim girl. It was the best I was having. Her big boobs, her big cushion-like ass and her sexy navel can excite any guy.

My aunt was completely turned on and started moaning loudly, “Aahh.. aahh ahhh.. ssshh.. ahh ooh.. ah aahoh.. haah..”

She then removed my t-shirt and shorts and just said repeatedly, “Fuck me now, just fuck me. I cannot wait anymore. I have to go, just fuck me, please. Fuck me, just do it! I cannot take it more, fuck me.”

I turned her back toward the wall, opened her hair knot and held them. I put down my underwear, wore a condom and then tried to adjust my dick on her ass.

Aunt (breathing heavily): Whhat! Are you going to fuck my ass?!! I thought it would be normal pussy-fucking.

Me: Yes, I am going to fuck your ass.

Aunt: Shit! I have never done that before.

Me (trying to put my dick-head inside her tight ass): This is more exciting, pleasurable and aggressive.

Aunt: What? Aggressive?! Are you going to fuck my ass harder or softer?

Me: Don’t irritate me. Do you want me to fuck you or not?

Aunt: I want you to fuck me now. Don’t leave me like this, please.

Me (ready to fuck): Now, tell me clearly – harder or no fuck.

Aunt: I just want you to fuck me harde… (I had started banging my aunt’s ass with two slow strokes first and then went super fast) Aah aah ahhh aahh aa aa aahh oohh oohh yes yeshh aah just like aah this aah aah..

Me: Yeah hhh hhh hhhh hhhh hhh hhhh hhh..

I was fucking my aunt’s ass like hell. She was moaning very loudly which was making me more aggressive. I opened her bra from behind. With one hand, I held her neck toward me and with the other hand, I was fingering her pussy. There was a loud noise of moaning. Our breathing got faster and we were fucking with patt patt patt sounds all inside the room.

We both were heated up in the fucking for 7-8 minutes. It was hard, hard and harder. Her ass was like shaking and vibrating like hell. She started shouting now. We were standing first but our extremities in the fucking put us down to our knees.

After 5 more minutes, we cummed. We were all sweaty and just lay down there naked for a few minutes, gasping for breath heavily. Then we got up slowly and wore our clothes. She told me that this was something extreme and different and that she never thought of sex so aggressively like this.

“I would have fucked you earlier. I will fuck you again today night here,” aunt said.

Then she left. How would I tell her that this was also my first time like this too? But now the story has a turning point. The sex deal is about to be made. It is going to be all fucking in the next part as both fuckers are now ready. Just wait for part 2.