Hot Sex In Mountain Trip – Part 1

I am Isha, a 27-year-old Indian woman. I am going to tell my own story that happened a few months ago. Now, let’s start the story.

I am a manager in a pharma company in Delhi. I was in a long-distance relationship with a guy for 3 years. After my recent breakup, I was devastated. I have always been an over-achiever in my studies and career. But I am not a very outgoing type. I stay alone and mostly spend all my time in my office or reading in my free time.

If I describe myself, I am 5’7”, athletic body, and have long brown hair. I can understand that men find me attractive. I have seen people staring at my boobs often, but my ass is my best feature.

After my breakup, I was trying to get out of my daily boring routine and do something adventurous. One day, I was talking to one of my ex-colleagues Neha and she asked me to join their group for a trip to Mountain. Without thinking much, I agreed.

Neha and a few of her friends were coming from Mumbai. And another group of 5 people was coming from Bangalore. We planned to meet at Dharamshala airport.

As they had planned their trip for a long time and I was the only one joining last moment; I could not book any airplane ticket. So, I decided to drive to Dharamshala.

After the office, I directly drove to Dharamshala. It was a foggy winter night and the road was blocked in many areas. It took me a long time to reach Dharamshala. The next morning when I reached there, it was already late. I called Neha and she informed me that she already left for the destination with her Mumbai group and another group that was coming from Bengaluru would pick me up.

The small cars are not safe in the snow and it would be risky to drive on hills. I planned to leave my car at some secure garage for a few days and join the group in their car. After getting breakfast, a guy called Aarav from the group and informed me they were waiting for me. Then the journey started.

I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable with 5 unknown guys. I sat on the middle-right window seat. All of them were some start-up guys and apparently, the guy who sat in the front seat was the founder of the company.

All of them introduced themselves except the front-seat guy. He was busy on a call. The group seemed decent.

They were talking endlessly about their work. I could not understand any of those technology conversations. Then a cute, short guy Sunny sat next to me; his hometown was Delhi. We talked for a bit and then I fell asleep for some time.

Suddenly, I realized someone was covering me. I opened my eyes and saw a jacket over my body. The car was parked in the side lane and the front seat guy was leaning on me to cover me with a jacket. We both were shocked and then he told me, “We stopped for food and chai. You were shivering, so I decided to give you this jacket.”

“Thank you!” I said, “It’s really cold here, I could drink some chai.”

“Come with me.” he smiled, “I’m Neil.”

“Isha, Neha’s friend”. Then I came out of the car with my handbag. I was still carrying his jacket, it smelled good. Manly perfume smell.

“Do you smoke?” he asked lighting up a cigarette.

“Not regularly.” I looked at him. He was a good-looking and tall guy, wearing glasses. Then he looked at me and said, “You should wear a jacket, it’s really cold here.”

I suddenly became self-aware and looked at my boobs. My nipples were hard in the cold and were visible over my sweater top. Quickly, I buttoned his jacket over my body and continued walking toward the tea shop.

After some time, we started towards our destination again. I looked at the glasses and could see him staring at me a few times in the reflection.

By the time we reached our destination, it was already dark. It was a beautiful wooden bungalow with 4 bedrooms, 1 big long room, and a common area near the kitchen. I decided to take a room with two single beds, and Neha agreed to stay in the same room.

After freshening up and sleeping for 2 hours, I joined the whole group in the common area. They were already drinking and playing games. Three couples and the rest of them were good friends from different places. It was fun to talk to people outside my office for once. The guy who lent me his jacket was not there though.

Neha told me that Neil was a really skilled photographer, and he plans tours to these offbeat places to click photos. A man with many talents! I was starting to like this guy a little bit.

After a few glasses of wine, I was enjoying the group fun. Neha and a few people started dancing and pulled me from my seat to join them. It was a famous Punjabi song playing and I started to dance with Neha.

I was wearing a red woolen dress with long boots. I knew guys were checking me out. Normally I am shy, but that night I was enjoying the stares at my body. They changed songs to all Punjabi party songs, and I continued to dance without stopping.

After a few songs, I felt tired and went to get one more glass of wine. Jacket guy, Neil was sitting there on a chair and looking into my eyes directly. There was something in his eyes, it was not just lust but passion. I awkwardly smiled at him while pouring myself a glass of wine.

“You dance well,” he said without looking away from my eyes.

“I’ve heard that before.” I was being bold suddenly.

Now his eyes were measuring my whole body, “Then you must have heard before that you look great in red,” he said.

“Are you flirting with me?” I asked. “Maybe I am!” he smirked.

Then Neha came to me running and pulled me to our favorite dance song. I was dancing with Neha and secretly glancing at Neil. He was sipping his glass of whiskey, and enjoying the view of my dancing body without any shame.

I was a bit drunk and feeling frisky. I had not had sex for a long time, and his unapologetic stares made me horny.

Then I asked Neha: Do you think Neil is checking me out?

Neha looked at him, but before that, he started staring at his phone.

“Neil is a very serious guy. I have never seen him stare at girls. He is always busy with his company and photography, never with girls.” She said while dancing with me.

“Then maybe I misunderstood, I am drunk now!” I laughed away.

“But babe, you look so sexy tonight. Any guy who is not gay will stare at you.” She giggled.

After some time, all couples went to their rooms. The rest of the guys were chatting about cricket, movies, and whatnot. Neha was drunk and almost sitting on the lap of a guy named Veer.

I decided to go to my room before I get too drunk. I informed Neha that I was going to sleep and came out of the common hangout place. It was suddenly very cold and dark outside. I saw someone standing outside with a mobile on. I squinted and saw it was Neil.

He came close and asked me, “Sleepy?”

I nodded and asked him about the next day’s plan. He was holding his whiskey glass in one hand. He kept his phone in his pocket and offered me his hand. “It’s dark here, let me walk with you.” It felt nice, and I agreed.

He walked next to me in the thin corridor. My body brushed his hard muscles a few times. Then I unlocked the door and switched the light on. He looked at me with a sexy smile then suddenly left saying, “Night”.

I was not used to sleeping clothed, but since I was sharing my room with Neha and it was very cold outside; I wore a comfy night dress over my panty.

“Anyway, I would sleep under my blanket. No one is going to watch me at night, even though it would be nice to look at my sexy body,” I thought.

Then I fell asleep. There was a knock on the door and I woke up thinking it must be Neha. I slightly opened the door and saw Neil standing outside.

Wrapping my blanket to hide my half-naked body, I asked him, “Where is Neha?”

He said: Neha is sleeping in the big room with the guys. I was on a call and everyone fell asleep. No bed is left for me. Can I sleep here?

It was freezing outside, maybe minus in temperature. I opened the door and he came inside and opened his jacket. He had a big tattoo on his hand. Then I sat on my bed and looked at his body from the back.

Neil changed into bathroom slippers and went to the bathroom. He was hot! Looked like he hits the gym regularly. Now I wished that he makes a move because I was too shy to make a move first. I was not sure if he was in a relationship, as he seemed pretty busy with his phone even on this mountain trip.

Then Neil came out of the bathroom and chatted casually for a few minutes before going to bed. There was no night lamp in the room. I tried to sleep, but no! Sleep vanished from my eyes and I was just thinking about Neil. I looked for my phone and remembered that it was plugged into the switchboard near his bed.

After a few minutes of tossing around, I went to the washroom, drank some cold water and took my phone silently in the dark. Suddenly, I tripped over a slipper and hurt my elbow on the bedside table.

Hearing the sound, Neil sat up straight on his bed and switched the light on. I was there in my almost see-through dress, half my boobs were on display. He looked at my body with a quick but hungry glance and then he controlled himself.

He asked: Are you okay?

I was too ashamed of the whole situation and said, “Yeah, sorry for the noise.”

Neil: No, I wasn’t asleep, I will go out early morning to click some photos.

I was walking toward my bed when he asked me, “You want to join me?”

I turned to him in shock as if he was asking me to join him in bed. Then he corrected himself quickly.

Neil: I mean when I go out tomorrow morning?

I said: Yeah, sure!

Okay, this guy was not attracted to me. Otherwise, it was a pretty good opportunity to make a move.

I came back horny to my bed and touched my boobs under my blanket. I wanted this guy to fuck me, my panties were getting wet. Then I started touching myself thinking about him.

After a few minutes, he asked me, “You asleep?”

I was wide awake, kind of disappointed that he did not do anything.

“No,” I said.

Neil: I am cold, do you mind if I join you in your bed?


“Yeah sure,” I mumbled without expressing my eagerness.

Then he sat on my bed and arranged both blankets over our bodies, “Ah! it’s warm now!”

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.