Hot sex with my girlfriend in Bangalore

Hi guys, this is Cadbury again, continuing my previous story, If you guys haven’t read it, please read it. I thank all of you guys for appreciating my previous story.

I am from Bangalore. I have a fit body as I play cricket and badminton daily. I’m 5’10 in height and a good cute looking boy. My gf is ‘S,’ and she is 5’8 medium-sized with average boobs and her thighs are hot as fuck.

So without wasting any time, I’ll come to the story. After our first sex in her friend’s house, I texted her that night, asking about the experience. She was happy with all that had happened. Later at night, we had a nude video call, and we did some sex chat as well.

I was waiting for the next session as I was desperate to have romantic sex with her again. The next day, I was going to college, and I got a call from my gf. She asked me whether I was free, and then she was like, her friend is going out, and she will be coming late.

I was surprised as I was waiting to have sex again, and I was happy as my gf also desperately wants it. I said, “I love you, babe. I’ll pick you up at our usual location.” I took dotted condoms and some chocolates and beer bottles to have some erotic sex with her.

We both went to her place around 10 am, and her friend was about to leave. She gave a naughty smile as my gf went into the washroom. Her friend (2 years older than me) was staring at me. I could sense that from her eyes. I sat next to her. She told me, “Have fun!” in a romantic way, and I winked at her.

Talking about my gf friend, she has a good perfect body, and her body shape would make any man have sex with her. Her boobs are stiff and always popping out. I sometimes think of smashing her ass at least once. After a few minutes, she was about to leave, and she hugged me and my gf.

The hug was quite weird compared to normal. I squeezed her ass as she gave a peck on my ear.  After she went, I locked the door. My gf was wearing a t-shirt and tight jeans pant. I went towards her with a romantic song playing on my mobile and gave a gentle slap to her ass.

I turned her towards me and was slowly massaging her ass. Slowly I started kissing her forehead and then her ears and went towards her lips. We had a romantic liplock, and the intensity was increasing. I lifted her, pinned her to the wall, and kissed her hard.

One of my hands was squeezing her thighs in a hard romantic manner. I lifted her, and both fell on the bed. We were kissing and rolling, but our tongues were fighting. After a long liplock, I started kissing all over her face, and I licked her neck, and she was moaning slowly.

I started squeezing her boobs with a t-shirt on her, and I kissed her cleavage and started licking again. I inserted my hands inside her T-shirt and pressed her boobs. I removed her T-shirt in one go, and she was in her bra. She removed my t-shirt as well.

I undid the hooks and was playing with her nipples. I gave a love bite just above her boobs while pressing her boobs so hard. The mark was there for many days, which she told me later. I started circling one of her nipples and was busy licking the other. I started sucking them as I am a boob lover.

She was enjoying everything. I could sense as she was pressing my head towards her boobs. After 15 minutes of sucking her boobs and making them red, I went towards her belly and started licking every inch of her body. I played with her belly and inserted my tongue deep inside.

I went again and went like kissing her lips. But suddenly, I turned her back to face me. I started slowly moving her hair aside, kissing her back, and slowly pushing my tool from her back with still pants on. I gave a love bite wherever possible, and she was enjoying with delights of pleasure.

I smashed her ass, turned her face towards me, and showed her my penis. She was smiling naughtily. I took her hands towards my penis, and she started stroking it lightly. I kissed her and started massaging her pussy on top of her pant. She was stroking my dick as how I massaged her pussy.

I tried to put my hand inside her pant, but I could not. I removed her jeans, and she was lying there with only innerwear. I lifted her leg and started kissing her legs to thighs and gave a love bite to her thighs. I kissed on top of her innerwear, and she gave a soft moan.

I removed her innerwear, and she was covering her pussy with her hands. I tried to remove it gently, but she was not allowing me. So I jumped to her boobs and sucked them hard, and she enjoyed that with pain. She was lifting her boobs for the way I was sucking them.

I was sucking them. I inserted one of my fingers inside her pussy and moaned. I kissed her and slowly started fingering her pussy. I went below and started kissing her pussy. I didn’t kiss the clit. She was a bit angry, and I loved it. I started kissing her clit slowly.

I was rolling my tongue inside her hole, and she was moaning heavily. I started pressing her boob in one hand and fingering her pussy. I was also sucking her pussy. She enjoyed it and said, ” Come on, baby, love you so much, make me cum. I’m all yours.”

Her sounds were making me crazy, and I started increasing my pace. She moaned, heaving and leaked her juices all over. I slowly started kissing her thighs and moved on top. She pulled me towards her and started giving me a liplock, and she kissed me all over my face.

I rolled and made her lie on top of me. She started licking my neck and started sucking them. She started kissing my chest. I was massaging her sexy ass and moving to and fro to the rhythm of licking. She then removed my pant and innerwear, took my dick in her hand, and stroked it.

She leaned towards me and gave me a small kiss on my lips. Suddenly she went below and kissed on top of my hard dick. I wasn’t expecting this, and it was a dream come true for me at that moment, as any boy would love it. She then took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it slowly.

She could not take my full dick as it is long and thick. I held her hair and started moving her head slowly. I was in heaven, and a current passed in my body. She was slowly getting comfortable and was started sucking well. She was staring at me while sucking, and I started mouth fucking her.

From her look and how she was sucking, I cum in her mouth. She gave a weird look and went inside the bathroom to spit it out. I didn’t want to stop, so as soon as she came, I started kissing and squeezing her boobs. She was shocked and was enjoying it.

She lay on the bed. I sucked those white melons and fingered her with more pace. She was moaning heavily, and I started fingering her deeply and was pumping her boobs while biting her nipples. I started fingering her belly and gave her a love bite on her belly.

As I was increasing the pace of fingering, I went below and started sucking her pussy. Her body was moving like waves. I made her lie on top of me with her back facing me and her boobs and pussy facing the ceiling. I started fingering hard, and she said, “Baby put your dick in pussy, and I badly want it now.”

I then took the condom from my pant, and she helped me put it over my dick. She was surprised as I had bought dotted condoms. I made her lie in a missionary position, and I slowly started penetrating inside her. She was closing her eyes and was scared too because of the pain.

I inserted it in her pussy in one go, and she gave a ‘hiss’ sound. I kissed her and slowly started moving my tool inside her. She was enjoying it. Then I increased my pace and started fucking her hard. The room was filled with song and her moans. In between, I started kissing her neck, boobs and her underarms.

I was squeezing her boobs, and we both were about to cum after some time. I started stroking so hard when I was about to cum. We both started kissing slowly and lying next to her, and we were cuddling in bed.

The time was around 1 pm, and we both were hungry. I ordered some food online. I took the beer bottle from my bag and passed it to my gf as we wanted to enjoy the core that day. I didn’t allow her to wear anything. After ordering, she went into the bathroom, and I followed her.

We had an extreme romantic makeout below the shower. I started licking all over her body. I fingered her, and she gave me a quick bj as well. Our food came, and we started having it along with beer. I could sense that my gf was already high.

She slowly started licking my body and was stroking my dick towards her pussy. We were in 69 position. After some time, she was on top of me. I started pushing deep, and I could feel the buzz due to the beer. (Guys, you should have sex when you are high).

She was making weird moaning sounds, which drove me crazy. I started stroking her fast, and she was loud. I pulled her towards me and kissed her deeply. I was sucking her boobs and fucking her hard. She let out all her juices. I didn’t stop and continued to fuck her as I also wanted to cum.

She enjoyed this move from me and was making me even harder by her voice and praising me and my dick. I moved her to a doggy position and fucked her hard by holding the boobs for a deep and correct rhythm to fuck her hard. I started smashing her ass and made it red.

I was able to cum after a long session due to buzz. I kissed her sexy ass, kissed her deeply, and laid next to her. Later we talked for some more time and discussed roleplays and what we could try. We had three more sessions that day. We shared the chocolate with our mouths.

I had put the ice cream all over her boobs and started licking them. She was enjoying the foreplay. After each foreplay, we had a session.

Around 4 pm, she got a call from her friend telling her that she was coming as her one more plan got canceled. I was a bit sad and was also in a hurry to have one more quick session before her friend arrived.

So she said she would go fresh up as we were about to leave. I was using my phone, and I saw a hot couple pic. I told my gf that I’ll join her in the washroom, but she said nope. So I told her that she got a call from her friend and wanted to talk to her.

She opened the door. Pretending to give her the phone, I went inside and pinned her to the wall and kissed her. I could see all the love bites on her body. I squeezed her boobs and ass and went below to suck her pussy. I made her bend to give her a hot blowjob.

She was improving every time she was doing it. I then made her stand doggy style, penetrating deep and fucked her for some time under the shower. I cum, cuddled below the shower, and fingered and licked her pussy. Then we both put on our clothes and watched TV by holding each other soo close.

Her friend came, and we both talked for some time. They both went into the kitchen to prepare a coffee. They were giggling and laughing. Then after a cup of coffee, we bid bye to her friend and her friend was giving us naughty looks. We hugged each other, and she gave me a quick peck again.

I had forgotten the bike keys, so I went again to get them. Her friend was late to open the door. She had changed into a sexy nightdress with tight pants. I told her that I had come for the keys. Then I went to near bed, and she followed me.

As soon as I got my key, she stood near the room door. She asked, “How was today?” I didn’t know what to answer and said, “Hot as fuck.” Then when I was bout to pass, she slowly passed her hands toward my dick. I didn’t know what to do.

She leaned toward me, and I kissed her. She was kissing me wildly, and she was a wild beast who is elder too. Suddenly I got a call from my gf. So I was back into my senses and told her, “Bye. Cya next time,” and winked at her!

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