How A Younger Guy Made Me His Randi- Part 2

In the last part, we saw how I was forced to crossdress and suck the cock of a young guy.

So, he got me into his house. It was a small and cozy place. The hall had a large TV 110 inches easy. And a home theatre system. A nice big sofa placed in front of it. He sat on it and asked me to crawl to him. He still wore all his clothes. His pants unzipped and his giant mesmerizing dick hanging out like an invitation.

I was dressed up as he had instructed and started crawling, happy that I did not have to struggle to try to walk in the heels anymore. A few feet later, he ordered me to stop. He took my phone out of my bag and slid it towards me.

“Call your girlfriend,” he said.

I was shocked but know better than to.question him at this point. I also knew he wouldn’t let me taste his cock again until I did, so I dialed her number. He told me to continue crawling. I start gagging on his cock as I spoke to her. He told me to put it on speaker.

I did so. She could clearly hear me gag and asked me what was going on. I lied that I had too much to drink and was not feeling well. So I was in the bathroom. She asked why was there the noise of jewelry. I again lied saying my cousin is with me helping me in the bathroom.

She offered to come home. I immediately denied and said I was at my uncle’s place. I looked at him pleading to cut the call. Which after few excruciating seconds he allowed me to do.

He then asked me while continuing to gag me on his cock, “Do you think she realized her ‘manly’ boyfriend was choking on a cock while dressed up as the biggest randi in town?” Unable to speak with his cock shoved down my throat, I shook my head in a no.

I really hoped she didn’t have that doubt. I had a feeling this guy will somehow make the situation where she ends up seeing me like this. I was very afraid of that. He saw the expression and knew I was thinking that. He laughed as he enjoyed my lips around his cock.

“Don’t worry, you have a lot to do before I decide to show you off as my randi to her. For now, just enjoy your training.” I continued alternating between slow blowjob and sloppy and brutal deep throat for the next 15 minutes. My face was streaked with tears. The mascara and makeup were smeared on my face.

By the end, I couldn’t believe it myself. But I was taking his cock all the way and back. Nearly puking every time I went down but managing to hold it back. I did not want to make a mess. It was weird and I was ashamed to even.admit it. But I was proud that I could take his cock all the way.

He humiliated me saying you should teach girls how to keep guys happy with a blowjob. Throughout the fifteen minutes, he kept abusing me and humiliating me with such words. Then, he asked me to strip naked and keep the jewelry on. I got up and did as be asked.

He then asked me to crawl into the bedroom and wait on the bed in doggy style for him. I went in and got on the bed relieved at getting a break. Minutes passed and he still did not come in. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring and my heart started beating very fast. I was really scared.

I heard the door being opened. My fear went up a lot. The bedroom door was still open even though I was facing away from it. I heard the voice of a woman. Sounded older maybe in her 30s or 40s. The sound cleared and I could not understand what was being said. Then silence for a few minutes.

Then I heard footsteps coming to the bedroom. It was too late to run to the door and close it. So I decided to take the humiliation that was about to come. I could hear them come into the room and a loud gasp.from the lady. But it came from below, and I knew she had crawled in too.

She was another submissive bitch of this guy. I wondered how many people he had hypnotized into serving him. He asked her to crawl next to me which she did without question. Know we were next to each other but both of us were too afraid to see each other.

“Look at the bitch next to you,” he ordered us both. Reluctantly we both turned our heads, inches away from each other and looked at each other. We fell into shock at who we saw. It was my professor. She had an affair with me for two whole years before her husband returned and I got in a relationship.

We were madly into each other and had spent a great time together. Even after breaking up, we still had feelings for each other. We often contemplated getting back together. I was happier with her than I was with my girlfriend and she with me than her husband.

We made each other feel special and always cared for each other. We respected each other’s boundaries. We both had a lot of respect for each other for the things we had achieved and the positions we had gotten. Me being the leader of our student union, and the president of the cultural committee of students.

And she was the vice principal, head of an NGO and a respected family woman everyone looked up to. But at that moment we were none of that. But merely fucktoys to this guy who seemed to have complete control over us. We couldn’t control ourselves.

We started weeping uncontrollably seeing each other’s condition. I was naked in jewelry, wearing heavy makeup that was now smeared. She knew it was from brutal facefucking and ‘randi’ written on my forehead. She wearing a dog collar nipple clamps ‘kutti’(bitch) written on her forehead and naked.

She was a beautiful and sexy woman. Shorter than me and a buxom figure. Medium breasts and ass, dark complexion, curly hair, and full lips. “What a lovely reunion. But I don’t want to waste time. So my lovely kutti, tell my randi why I called you here,” he said.

Controlling her sobs she told me, “He wants me to train you to take a dick in your asshole.” She broke down again as she said those words. I stared at her horrified unable to say anything. “And why do I want you to train him, sorry, her?” he chuckled enjoying our humiliation.

“Because I love feeling your dick in my asshole and want to share the joy of total submission with hi.”

“Him?” he said angrily.

“Sorry, I meant her” she sobbed.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had rimmed each other on multiple occasions but she was strictly no anal. She was always authoritative in and out of the bedroom. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her like this and admitting to loving anal.

She then took some time to explain to me how amazing it felt to have a dick in the ass. How the pain subsides and only pleasure remains and it is the best feeling in the world. She told me I will have the best orgasm of my life. I will happily embrace the randi inside of me just as she did.

This was all so unreal. I couldn’t still believe it. For the next 2 hours, she took me through multiple rounds of enema making sure to clean my asa out so I don’t make any mess. Then he told her to prepare my pussy. Not asshole, but pussy. I flinched hearing him call it pussy. It made me feel more like a woman.

She started by rimming me. The feeling was amazing after so long as my girlfriend never rimmed me. A couple of minutes later he gave her a hard spank, and as if on cue, she shoved her tongue deeper in my asshole. It pained a little but felt so amazing as her tongue now started to wiggle inside my sphincter.

I started letting out moans as I couldn’t control them and started squirming. Another spank and she slowly inserted her index finger inside. It slid in smoothly due to the extensive rimming. She kept sliding it in and out to loosen up my asshole and get me used to the feeling.

It felt as if I was going to shit in some time which she said wouldn’t happen due to cleaning out the system. With another hard spank on her ass, she got on her back, slid under between my legs so her mouth was below my dick. She curved her index finger down and started rubbing my prostate from inside.

Initially, I was confused and thought he wanted her to suck me. But as she started rubbing my prostate, my dick started twitching and I felt if it continued I would cum. “Don’t you dare take her sissy cock in your mouth, kutti,” he said. It hurt me listening to that.

But I was getting distracted by the build-up of pleasure. Soon she entered another finger in as he poured oil onto my asshole because her spit had dried up. Next, he gave a hard slap on her exposed pussy. She let out a loud whimper and at the same time started to rub my prostate faster and harder.

I understood he had trained her for this. But had not told her that she would be doing this to her former lover. I knew I was going to cum soon. I looked down at her and saw that she was staring at me with guilt in her eyes. I managed a weak smile to help her relax a bit.

Within seconds I felt my body stiffen, electricity ran through it. My eyes rolled back into my head and pelvis started to shake. I was cumming and just before I shot my load onto her, he slapped her pussy once more. As the next step, she opened her mouth right below my dick and took all the cum in her mouth.

I came a lot as I had never before and she kept rubbing. Then with her other hand, she squeezed my dick and got the last drop in her mouth. “It’s been so long since you both kissed each other, right? Why to wait longer?” he said.

We knew what he meant. She came up and kissed me and transferred all my cum into my mouth. “Keep swapping,” he ordered. And we did. My cum kept going back and forth in our mouths mixing with our saliva. We were both ecstatic to be kissing again even though the condition was not an ideal one.

“Now randi you haven’t had anything to drink since you came here right? Go ahead and drink it all.”

It felt disgusting to drink my own cum with some much saliva mixed in it. But I gulped it down. She was now sitting in front of me on her knees while I was still in the doggy style position. She held my face in both hands and her face was barely inches away.

She asked me to relax and.told me she won’t be leaving my side. I knew what was about to.come. I felt his dickhead on my asshole, as it slowly started to push in. I started to move forward and knew he would hold my hips and pull me back. But he did not do it.

Instead, it was her who said, “Just relax baby. Let daddy fuck your pussy,” and she held my shoulders and pushed me back. My asshole opened up and his dick slid in a couple of inches. The pain was there but not as much as I had thought. The rimming and fingering of over 30 minutes had loosened my asshole.

He kept pouring more oil to help my asshole relax more and started going deeper. After every few slow thrusts he would pull his dick out fast and a loud pop could be heard. I could tell he loved it as he kept doing it for some time. Then, he.started increasing his speed and I started feeling some pain.

I started whimpering. She consoled me and started kissing me. Soon as his dick started rubbing against my prostate. My whimpers turned to moans, which turned louder every few minutes. This encouraged him to to.go harder and he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

So now I was on my knees being fucked from behind. This way he also had better access tot prostate and I knew I was about to cum again. We all knew this and she again positioned her mouth in front of my dick. I started shaking violently and cummed in her mouth. But he did not stop fucking me.

She came up and kissed me and like before. We swapped it for a long time before I drank it. In the next 30 minutes, I came 2 more times and drank it every time after swapping it with her for a while. He got us out of the bed and pressed me against the glass wall on one end of the room.

The entire city was visible with cars zooming past in the distance below. I just hoped we weren’t visible to the outsiders. But I did not bother to ask as the ass fucking was too good to stop. He kept fucking my ass full force. She came next to us and was smooching him while I kept moaning.

I don’t know why, but I started licking the glass. It felt amazing to lick the cold glass wall as he kept pounding my pussy. I realized it was indeed a pussy eager for his cock now. There was no use denying it. I had submitted it to him completely.

He came in my pussy and I could feel warm cum exploding in my pussy. She got behind me as I spread my legs and sipped the cum from my pussy. Then we kissed and I drank his cum from her mouth. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and came out in 10 minutes.

I saw him sitting on the bed while she was on her knees on the floor gagging on his cock. “Our deal is done randi. I won’t bother you anymore. You are free to be a ‘man’ again. Go enjoy showing off to girls and bullying kids again. You will know always that you were my randi for a night. That’s enough for me.”

I should have jumped at the opportunity. But I stood there staring at her sucking his cock.

He then said, “ Or get down here and join her in being my slave for as long as I want. If you do so there’s no going back. You will both be subjected to extreme humiliation and BDSM. I will fuck you when and where I please. How I please and with whoever I bring along. You will always be obedient. Always dress up the way I tell. You will both be together, which I know you always wanted. But your freedom and dignity will be lost.”

The answer was clear to me, my clothes bag was just a few feet away and the door out was in the next room. I started walking, got on my knees next to the love of my life. We shared a passionate smooch with a throbbing cock between our lips.

The randi and kutti had found their love and destiny in sharing and serving a cock.