How I fucked my own mother – Part 1

Hey there! I am Arun (19). I will share my story about how I had sex with my mother (43).

So my mother is a small actress who works in a few Indian shows and serials. Because of this, she has to maintain her looks and body so that she can succeed further in her acting career. She has pretty big boobs and a very curvy figure which can easily raise any man’s cock.

After all, I, too, am a man. I was always very attracted to my mother. I always had this fantasy of having sex with her. A fantasy that I thought would never come true. I started looking for . I used to spy on her in the shower, in her bedroom and even check her phone. I was curious if she watched any porn.

To my surprise, I found incest porn in her browsing history one day. I was shocked. I thought my fantasy would never come true, but seeing that, I saw some hope. She was watching incest porn, which means she likes incest, so now I had little hope of my fantasy coming true.

So I started trying out different things. Firstly I started acting very nice to her in general. I treated her like a queen, helped her with all her chores, gave her massages to relieve stress, etc. At first, she was surprised, but after a month or so, it got pretty normal.

I continued doing this patiently for about 3-4 months before I made the next move. I wanted to take it to the next level, so I got an idea. So, one day she went to take a shower as usual and forgot to lock the door. I rushed right into the bathroom and saw her naked.

She instantly covered her pussy with one hand and her nipples with the other. Then shouted at me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted to pee very badly and could not hold it any longer. So I unzipped my pants, took my dick out in front of her, and peed in the toilet.

She seemed pretty embarrassed and tried not to look at my dick. But I could see her taking sneak peeks. I told her I was sorry and would piss my pants off if I waited any longer. She told me it was okay, and I moved out of the bathroom.

I was pretty happy, but I wanted more than her to see my dick. I wanted her to touch it, suck it and put it inside her pussy. This was just the first step of a lengthy staircase. So I decided to make my next move. She usually wears a gown in the house, with no bra, just panties.

So, while I was giving her a massage that evening, I spilled the entire bottle of oil on her tits. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I didn’t mean to do that and that I was sorry. She said it was fine. However, she was really tired and decided not to get up.

She told me to continue massaging and that she would take a shower later. Due to the oil, I could see pretty much through her gown. I saw her nipples and got rock hard. However, I couldn’t do anything about it. So I normally gave her a massage, and she took a shower afterward.

I decided not to do anything else for a few days to avoid suspicion. Then I decided to make my next move. She usually comes to my room to wake me up every morning, so I made a plan. She used to wake up at 6 am every day and come to wake me up around 6:30.

So one night, I set the alarm on my phone so I could wake up before she did to execute my plan. The next day I woke up at 5:50 and decided to set up everything for my plan. So I partially removed my pants, leaving my dick exposed.

I got in a weird position to make it look like my pants slipped while sleeping. Then I put on some porn on my phone, so I could get hard because I wanted her to see my hard dick so that she could get attracted to it. I also set up my phone in a corner and started recording so I could record her reaction to see it.

So at around 6:15, I was ready with my hard cock waiting for her. I heard my room door open and quickly closed my eyes to make it look like I was asleep. She turned the lights on. I had my eyes closed so I could see nothing. Then I could feel her slightly touching my dick because she thought I was asleep.

Then I heard her giggling, and she slightly licked the tip of my dick. I was very amused by her reaction. Later she slowly put my pants back on while thinking I was still asleep and then woke me up as if nothing had happened.

She told me that she had to leave early for a shoot that day. She might be late at night, so I had to cook food myself.

The next day I woke up by myself. I saw my mom casually walking out of the shower without a towel. I was surprised to see her like that. She wasn’t even covering her body with her hands. I asked her why she didn’t have a towel on, and she told me she couldn’t find it.

Then she went into the kitchen naked and drank a glass of water and had no problem with me seeing her naked. She was casually talking to me as if nothing was unusual. I didn’t act surprised either and enjoyed the moment.

That day, she walked in on me while I was changing, and I’m pretty sure she did it purposely. I did not cover myself up, and she didn’t act surprised. She just casually talked to me for a while and then went outside.

The next day, I was sitting in my room, and she came to my room and told me that she had been called for an audition for a big TV show. I congratulated her, and she thanked me. “A congratulation is not all I need, though,” she said. Then she told me she wanted to look good at her auditions.

She needed my help to pick which dress she should wear, and I agreed to help her. So she took me to her room and started undressing in front of me. I asked her what she was doing. She told me she would try out different dresses and wanted me to tell her which one I liked.

One by one, she changed dresses in front of me and gave me the best views of her body. There was this red dress that she looked hot in, so I picked that one, and she wore that for her auditions.

Later she received a mail that said she was selected for the show and could join the next month. She was very happy and told me about it. She also thanked me for picking such a beautiful dress for her.