How I Got Seduced By My Friends Mom, Jessica

Hi everyone, I am Raj, age 22, from Mumbai. Today I am here to narrate a real incident. It took place a few months ago during my trip to Assam.

To start with, I had a friend in my college who was 2 years younger than me. His name was Sarengyam, and he was an Assam native.  We became good friends as we lived in the same hostel.

After a few months, Sarengyam told me that he is going for a few days to Assam to meet his family. He asked me if I was interested in accompanying him. Since I wanted to see Assam, I agreed and accompanied him on his visit.

We landed in Assam. When I walked out of the airport, I saw beautiful local girls. I told Sarengyam that the girls of Assam are just too hot. He smiled and said, “Dude, they are quite broad-minded too. Who knows, you might get lucky with someone.”

I was excited from inside. As soon as we reached his house, his dad opened the door. I greeted him and walked in, and soon his mom came out.  I was stunned to see his mom. She was quite hot, I must say. Her name was Jessica, and she must be 44 years old. Her figure was 36-30-36.

I greeted her too, and she made me feel comfortable at her home. After meeting his mom, I was sure now that not only girls but Assam has some of the hottest milfs. His mom mostly wore tight shorts or denim at home. It gave her ass a good shape which used to give me a real boner.

I tried not to think wrong about his mom. But somehow, Jessica was so friendly with me that I could not stop myself from peeking at her big boobs and tight ass. Till that time, I never thought of getting laid with her as she was my friend’s mom.

But as the time started passing, Jessica opened a lot with me. She was quite modern with his lifestyle and dressing sense. She asked me if we both had any girlfriends in college. I told her that I don’t have a girlfriend, but Sarengyam has.

She was quite a flirt. I must say I realized it soon as she would leave no chance to flirt with me. This was raising my heartbeat

Jessica – So Raj, how did you like Assam?

Raj – It’s beautiful, Mrs. Jessica.

Jessica – What about people here?

Raj – Oh, they are nice too.

Jessica – What about me?

Raj – Yes, Mrs. Jessica, you are sweet too.

Jessica – And you are handsome and cute, Raj.

Raj – Thanks.

Jessica – Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

Raj – I don’t like girls my age.

Jessica – So do you like mature women?

Raj – Yes.

Jessica – That’s, my boy.

Our conversations were too much naughtier. I could feel the bubbliness of Jessica. One day Jessica came out of the shower and was getting ready in her room. I was peeping on her from her window when she caught me doing so.

I was so afraid of what she would think of it. But she smiled and said, “Raj, what were you peeping at?”

I said, “Nothing, Mrs. Jessica.”

She said, “Don’t lie, Raj, I have seen you peeping on me. Do you like me?”

I paused and thought a bit and said, “Yes, Mrs. Jessica, I find you quite attractive.”

She blushed and said, “Oh, thanks for the compliment.”

I said, “I have met many of my friends’ moms, but they are just too old. Whereas you look so young and hot.”

She gave me a naughty smile. I was feeling happy inside by getting those wicked smiles from her. But I was not confident yet to seduce her and how to go ahead.

One day Sarengyam and his dad had to leave for some work to another city. But I decided to stay with Mrs. Jessica. After Sarengyam left, Mrs. Jessica came and said, “Raj do you want to do some clubbing with me?” I was excited and said yes.

In the evening, we got ready. She wore a sexy top and tight denim shorts. My God, her ass was just too revealing, and what sexy thighs she had.

We reached the club and went inside. We had few drinks and started dancing on the floor, and right then, Mrs. Jessica kept her hands on my shoulder. I, too, got comfortable and placed my hand on her waist while dancing.

My heart was pumping hard. I was dancing with such a hot mom first time in my life. Then suddenly, Mrs. Jessica said Raj can you take me to the washroom. I agreed and accompanied her to the women’s washroom. She went in, and I was waiting for her outside.

Suddenly the door of the washroom opened, and she pulled me inside.  I was shocked as her hairs were open. I could see the lust in her eyes. I asked, “What happened, Mrs. Jessica?” She hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips. I was going nuts after the kiss. I pecked back a good kiss on her lips as a return.

We both started kissing each other madly. Our tongues were exchanging saliva. She quickly pulled my t-shirt and started kissing me on my chest. Her bites on my nipples were making my cock hard.

I whispered in a low voice, “Isn’t it wrong, Mrs. Jessica? You are my friend’s mom.” She smiled and said, “Raj, don’t worry, he won’t know about it. Let’s have fun tonight.”

She opened my shorts and pulled my underwear down. She grabbed my cock and started licking my balls and sucking my cock. I was pulling her by hair. After few minutes of sucking, I got her up and said, “Mrs. Jessica, can we go home and make out?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, we will. But let’s complete one round here. I pulled her top and saw she was wearing a black bra. I unhooked it, and God, her 36 size boobs and her big nipples drove me crazy.

I pressed her boobs hard, giving her a loud moan, biting her nipples, and sucked them like a baby. Her nipples were so sensitive that she would make noises like a slut. She removed her shorts and pulled her black color panty, and threw it on the floor. Oh, god, her pussy was clean shaved.

I bent on my knees and started licking her pussy and fingering her cunt. I licked her pussy for almost 5 minutes. Soon she was ready for penetration. I got her in the doggy style and rubbed my cock against her pussy. I pushed it quickly inside. Oh gosh, what a warm pussy she had.

I was stroking quite hard as I was hard down there. She was moaning in pleasure, saying, “Ah, Raj do it faster, make me cum.” I was banging her pussy and also spanking her ass to make her aroused.

After few minutes, I sat on the pot and got her on top of me. Now she was riding my cock like a slut. I was happy banging my friend’s mom’s pussy.

She was screaming in pleasure, and soon after 10 minutes of penetrative sex, she reached her orgasm. But I was still hard, so she laid in missionary. I fucked her pussy again till I finally cummed inside her pussy.

We both finally dressed up, and she kissed me on my lips again and said, “Raj, let’s continue our fun at home now.”

Guys, my fun continued for the next few days. I tore this mom’s pussy every day, at least thrice. In the next part, I will tell you how I made out with her when her son was home.

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