How It All Started With Me!

Hello everyone! I am Sachin, 21 years old student and job aspirant. I am back on ISS after 2 years. My previous story was on a gay theatre in Bengaluru.

This goes back a couple of years back. I and my parents lived in a colony kind of building where there were say..15 families living together. I was a very active boy, everyone’s favourite. I was very active in my studies too – a typical student with very good grades, good in sports.

Every evening, I and a bunch of boys in the colony used to play outdoor (boys these days are stuck to their cell phones!). Everything was normal in my life before the entry of this person. Whatever happened next, changed the whole course of my life.

There was a vacant house in our colony – a newly married couple moved in. Let’s call them Manish and Sinchana. Eventually, they started blending in with their neighbours. We were next door.

As time passed, my parents became very much close to them. I use to spend a lot of time with them.

Sinchana and Manish use to help me with my homework, take me to the park, playground, movies, etc. I use to sleep with them sometimes. Many times, I had overheard them talking to my parents that they want a son like me (not bragging about me).

One fine evening, as usual, I was playing cricket with my friends. I hit the ball so hard, it went inside our building.

I went to fetch the ball. I passed by Manish’s house. The door was slightly open and the ball was inside his house. I went inside to pick up the ball. I noticed Sinchana wasn’t home. I didn’t make much noise as I didn’t want Manish uncle to notice me.

I slowly walked across his living room to pick up the ball. As I went past his bedroom, I heard some weird sounds coming out of his bedroom. It was some girl screaming (I thought it was a scream, but actually it was moan).

I slowly went near his room and placed my ears on the door. Out of curiosity, I pushed the door and caught Manish uncle on top of Sinchana having sex with porn running on their TV. Before they could utter any word, I ran away from there. I didn’t understand anything. I thought he was punishing her for something.

Soon those two came out and called me to their house. I reluctantly went to their house. They sat beside me, gave me a box of chocolates and asked me not to tell anyone about what happened and what I saw. As soon as I saw the chocolates, I kind of forgot about the whole scene, happily went to my home.

Days passed and Sinchana was out of town. She had gone to her parents to stay with them for a month. Manish uncle was my favourite. I always liked him. He was in his mid 20’s, muscular, tall wheatish complexion. Since she was out of town, I use to sleep with him at night.

One fine night, we were lying on his bed after finishing my homework and our dinner at my place. The chocolates were kept on the table next to his bed. I saw them and kinda remembered the whole scene that day I saw. I had so many questions in my mind and I wanted to ask him. I started the conversation.

Me: Manish uncle..What were you doing to Sinchana aunty that day in your bedroom?

Manish (in an angry voice): Didn’t we tell you to forget what happened that day?

I was shocked to hear him. He had never shouted at me before. I kind of got scared. I was very sensitive and started crying. He calmed me down, gave me some chocolates, and asked me not to cry. He kissed me on my cheeks.

Meanwhile, I could see a tent in his lungi (poor guy was horny xD). I was still not done with my questions but was scared to ask him. After a few seconds, I gathered some courage and asked him –

Me: Uncle, why do you have such a big cock? I saw that day too. Look at mine. It’s so small (pointing at my cock).

I can still remember his reaction. His jaws dropped and he didn’t know what to answer.

Manish (this time calmly): Sachi…Didn’t I tell you not to ask any questions? Forget that. It’s past your bedtime. Go to sleep. You have to go to school tomorrow.

Me: Uncle…Please… tell me.

Manish: Okay…I will. But promise me that you won’t tell anyone!

Me: Okay Uncle… I Promise.

As soon as I said okay, he took my hand and placed on his crotch. I could feel something pulsating, very big.

Manish: How do you feel? Do you like it?

Me (confused): I don’t know.

Manish: When you grow up one day like me, you are gonna have a dick of the same size as mine. Do you wanna touch it?

I was still confused. I just nodded my head.

He slowly removed his lungi, slid down his underwear and I could see a black long and thick monster with veins around it. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. He gently started stroking it. I didn’t know what was happening. It was warm and I kinda liked it.

He started running his hand around my body which was ticklish. I kinda liked it. Now I was stroking his cock slowly with both my hands.

Manish: Do you like lollipops?

Me: Yes uncle..why?

Manish: Will you take my dick in your mouth? Don’t worry! It tastes exactly like a lollipop. I’ll get you more chocolates tomorrow if you do this and not tell anyone.

Me (I thought for a second): I had no idea what was happening. I couldn’t refuse his offer of more chocolates) Hmm…Okay.

I slowly moved my head near his cock, pulled his foreskin like removing the wrapper and slowly licked his precum off his dick. It tasted salty.

Me: It tastes funny. No other lollipop tastes like this.

Manish (laughing loudly): It is salt flavoured. Do you want chocolates or not?

I nodded yes.

I started to lick his cock and tried to take it in my mouth. It wasn’t fitting in my mouth. He started making weird sounds like the people on TV that day. (He was moaning).

He gently moved his hands around my head with one hand and started stroking his cock with other. After some time, he pushed me onto the bed, ran inside the washroom, moaned the loudest and came out after some moments. He reached climax and didn’t want to cum in my mouth.

He came out with a big smile on his face, came next to me, kissed on my cheeks and whispered in my ears, “Thank you, Sachi”. I still had no idea what was happening. He hugged me from behind and we went off to sleep.

The next day, I woke up, went to my house, got ready and left. When I returned, he gave me a tight hug and lots of chocolates.

This continued for the next whole month until his wife returned. Every day he use to give me chocolate and me, a blowjob.

After Sinchana returned, I did suck his cock but less frequently.

I think I should stop here with my first part.

I have told this to few and I think this is the reason why I started liking men. Out of those few, some have criticized, liked, agreed. Whatever you might think, I still believe this is the sole reason why I turned GAY!

Soon I will come up with my next part. Until then, stay tuned.

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