Hungry teacher Madhushree’s backseat sex

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This story will be narrated from the footsteps of Madhushree, the teacher. This is a real-life incident of one of my readers, and I am writing in her stead.

Coming to the story, I am Madhushree, a true Bangalorean. I am happily married with no kids. I am aged 35. My husband works for a sales company. Ours was a love marriage(husband is a college senior), nine years and running.

I have a Master’s in English and am a professor. After Covid, I changed jobs from being a professor at Koramangala to a college at Yelahanka for better pay. It is the main reason behind Madhan entering my life.

I was introduced to all the faculties on the first day of the new college. After introductions, I noticed that I was the youngest faculty of that college. For the first time, I watched Madhan from the college balcony while he was playing intense football and sprinting with the ball.

On the second day of college, I witnessed Madhan being one of my class students. Madhan was a well-built, tall, and handsome guy. He sat one row behind the last bench and was very magnetic to me.

A back story: We wanted to enjoy life in the early days of our marriage. So we delayed kids with protective sex for around three years. After three years, we tried for a kid, but I could not conceive. When the craving for a kid climbed high, we started consultations with a gynaecologist.

Due to the nature of work and maximum exploration of each other, our mutual interest in sex had plunged very badly. We used to have sex only when I was ovulating if he was available at the station.

His interest in me had worsened so badly that these days he hardly sees my face while talking. He almost keeps himself dug deep into his cell phone. My sexual cravings and appetite were never fulfilled. Many a time, I had to masturbate to satisfy my physical starvation. I still urged for more erotic and thrilling excitements.

Present day:
One weekend, since my husband was out of the station, I went to a restaurant to have dinner. While I was ordering food, I saw Madhan with his friends outside the restaurant on the footpath. I noticed his disorderly walking.

Madhan immediately turned and caught my eyes. When Madhan’s eyes fell on me, a jolt of current ran through my body, and my eyes fluttered. He gave a gentle smile and kept looking at me now and then. After finishing my dinner, I came out and started my car home.

After driving a few meters, I noticed Madhan walking alone on the footpath. I stopped my car to a side and honked. I asked Madhan, “Come. I will drop you home.” He initially denied it since he was high with a kick. On my compulsion, he came and sat next to me.

I realized from the smell that he was heavily drunk.

I asked him, “Yenu party, na?” (What party, ha?)

Madhan: “Yeah, slightly.” (scratching his head)

Madhushree: “Does your family know?”

Madhan: “No, they will kill me.”

Madhushree: “How will you manage now?”

Madhan: “I will go straight to the room.”

I dropped him just close to the house. After dropping him off, I watched him walk to his home. A crazy idea made my hand travel down my panty. I fingered, imagining Madhan while he walked slowly out of my sight. I drove home, stood under the shower, and smiled, imagining Madhan.

I dried after the shower and poured a glass of whiskey. I drank the whiskey neat and poured another round. After two shots, I jumped on the bed with no clothes. I grinned absent-mindedly, thinking about my dirty imagination.

I unlocked my mobile, scrolled through Instagram posts, and found a new request from Madhan. My account was private. I did not accept the request. I scrolled through Madhan’s account, seeing his pictures and reels. I started caressing my body, thinking of him.

I slowly touched my fleshy boobs and rubbed with my fingers the erect nipples. I squeezed my boobs hard and ran my hands down to the forest of my pussy which was already wet. I was moaning.

I thought about Madhan and fingered my pussy to ejaculate. Oh heavens, after a very long I was satisfied with the shot. Madhan is a great satisfaction to my cravings.

The next weekend I wore a tight T-shirt on top that carved the shape of my huge boobs and skinny jeans sticking onto my legs. I lied to my husband that a friend was coming for dinner. I took my car and went to the same restaurant as the last week, hoping to see Madhan.

Before entering the restaurant, my eyes hurriedly searched all around for a glimpse of Madhan. But I was disappointed not to find him. I went inside the restaurant and ordered the food.

While I was sipping my soup, Madhan walked inside the restaurant’s front door. But he was with his friends who were my other students. Seeing me, all the students wished me, and I noticed all were drunk and high. The moment my eyes caught with Madhan, I had a blush.

Madhan had his eyes scanning me from head to heel. There was chemistry with messages being passed with the look of the eyes. I asked them to sit at my table. But they did not agree and took a different table.

Like lovers, there was often brief eye contact between Madhan and me while having dinner. I waited for the group to leave the restaurant before me. I slowly walked to the car and started the engine.

I saw Madhan at the same location, and he seemed to wait for my car. When I stopped the car, he came and sat inside the car. We started talking. He told me about his problems with conversing in English and his problem talking to a crowd confidently. Madhan smelled of alcohol and weed.

Madhan asked me for suggestions to improve his stage speaking skills. He volunteered for the annual day this year. While talking to me, his eyes fell uncontrollably over my boobs. I noticed him correcting his tight pants. I was thrilled to see his attention on my craving body.

To my utter disbelief being his teacher, I was acting more of a seductress to him, correcting my eyes, gracefully touching his body in the name of the seatbelt. When I stopped near his house, I stopped him from unbuckling the seatbelt, saying it was jammed. It had to be removed carefully (an open-eye lie).

I bent so that my soft boobs would touch his shoulder. I moved further to squeeze my boobs over his shoulders. I could smell his body aroma and a slight shiver. My eyes surveyed his huge erection in his pants, and I teasingly touched my hands.

I saw the pant look into his eyes and give a naughty smile. He was so confused and blank. He woke up and left for home (turning multiple times to see my car). I waved my hand with a smile, and he bid with a blank face. That night was imagining all the scenes. I fingered my pussy twice.

After this incident, we spoke very less. I was feeling guilty, and a sense of society brought me back to reality. I acted as if nothing had happened and everything was normal.

Without wasting much time, let me jump down to the annual day. Before the annual day, we met multiple times about the reason for helping him with the annual day anchoring. At every meeting, one or the other things improvised the intimacy with each other.

Annual day:
The function started at 6 in the evening. I wished him well. Madhan did excellent hosting of events along with another female host. My eyes followed Madhan all through the show. He was looking very dashing.

The show ended at 11 at night. After the completion, he got surrounded by all his friends. But Madhan’s eyes scanned the auditorium and met mine. I scanned him from head to knee and gave him a naughty smile. After the smile, I walked slowly towards the parking lot.

While walking, I turned to ensure Madhan was following me. I unlocked the car and sat in the car. I did not start the engine of the car, waiting for Madhan. Madhan slowly walked to the mirror of the car. I opened the door, and he sat inside with no word spoken.

I drove the car towards Doddaballapur and stopped at a dark, lonely corner with no hint of people. I turned to Madhan and asked, “Do you want to?” Madhan nodded. I told him, “Get in the backseat.”

Madhan stepped out of the car and entered the backseat. I looked all around and entered the crampy backseat of my car. I said, “We will not do it if you don’t want to.” On the pitch night, I could hear only the sounds of our heavy breathing. Madhan was blankly faced, and his eyes locked with my lips.

I cupped his face with my hands. I could feel his warm breath on my face. My lips hungrily caught his lips, and we kissed wet, with our noses squeezing over each other. He was sucking my lower lips and upper lips, sucking my saliva.

While our kiss continued, he pulled away the saree drape. He undid my blouse and bra hurriedly over the shoulders. Madhan’s firm hand grabbed my boobs simultaneously with both his hands and squeezed them harder. I couldn’t stop and started moaning with heavy breathing.

I moved my hands over his cock and grabbed the huge bulge over the pants. I started massaging the huge cock. I wanted his huge cock travelling inside of my warm wet pussy. In the cramped small space, I removed my panty. Madhan hurriedly pulled his pants low.

I hurriedly climbed over him with our sweaty bodies crushing each other. With half-removed attires, I positioned his cock with my hand and drove the hard cock into me. I locked his lips again and moved my navel in and out of his heavy rod. I was moaning heavily with each stroke of Madhan.

My pussy was lubricated like never before. I was ecstatic, and the pleasure was to a different level. Madhan started sucking my erect nipples with his cock pushing hard and harder into me. I cummed with a huge moan, which was too fast for me.

Madhan continued to push into me and cummed into me. After relieving ourselves, we left with no words exchanged between us. The sex was very intense.

Hope you guys enjoyed the story. Thank you to all the ISS readers.