I learnt a lot about sex in hostel

I am writing this for the first time. Please bear with me if I make any mistakes or make it long.

I come from a middle-class family. We are two sisters to my parents. My father and mother got divorced when I was in elementary school. Since then, my mother has taken care of us. Education was the only thing that could turn our lives around.

Since childhood, my sister and I have only concentrated on our studies. We rarely watch movies. I got a mobile phone after joining college. I cracked the medical seat in Andhra Pradesh with a good rank. It is the first time I will stay away from my mother and sister. I have to stay in a hostel and study.

My mother managed to secure funds (she always does) and sent me to a hostel. The college was big, and the hostel rooms were small. The room had two beds and small walking space between them. There is an attached bathroom and two small cupboards.

I am very introverted and not good at socializing. I was very nervous about my roommate. Thankfully I had Sneha as my roommate. She is from an upper-class family, very friendly and jovial. I was initially tensed in talking to her. She only approached and made it easy for me.

She is my first friend in college. She had very smooth skin and always smelled like chocolate. She had thin lips and big eyes. She was one of the hottest girls in the freshers. Unfortunately, it is a women’s college for her, and I am lucky to have her as my roommate.

I had a very fixed download limit on my sim. She has unlimited data. She used to watch Korean dramas. I had never seen a foreign film before. I have watched English movies but not Korean ones. She used to watch all kinds of movies and had all OTT accounts. She would let me use her accounts.

One night, I asked her, “Why do you watch these Korean dramas?”

She said, “They have the most beautiful people and the right kind of romance.”

“Do you like romantic movies?”

“Yes, I love romantic movies. I love Mani Ratnam movies!”

“I think I like comedy movies the better. I did not watch many romantic movies.”


“My mother would not allow me. She said it’s all for good-for-nothing people. According to her, every girl should study well, get a good job and marry into a good family through an arranged marriage. Love will only spoil careers.”

“It’s nothing like that. Times are changing. It is better we choose our husbands. What if the arranged marriage husband is a psycho or worse, impotent,” Sneha said.

I blushed and did not know what to say. No one talked to me this openly before. Sneha said, ”Remember, it is our lives. We have to take control of it. Nobody else will come to our rescue. Don’t worry. I will show you good romance movies and series. You also fall in love with love.”

Every night we used to watch Korean movies or series. On weekends we would watch throughout the day. In the night, we would watch it on her mobile and, in the day, on her laptop. As I did not have data on my phone, she would give me one earphone, and we would watch together.

One of those nights, there was a scene in the movie where the hero kisses the heroine out of nowhere. It was so romantic. I said, “I think these things happen only in movies.”

“No,”  she said, “They happen in real life too. It happened to me.” I was shocked and blushing at the same time. “When? How? Who? ” I asked.

“It happened in junior college. It was one of my classmates. I had a crush on.] him,” she said. “We have been talking on the phone and texting. We both knew we had a crush on each other. One day after college, he asked me to wait in the library. He pushed me to the wall and kissed me for 5 minutes,” Sneha said.

“Wow! I didn’t know you had such an experience!” I said.

“Are you judging me?”

“No! I am just surprised and happy for you. Maybe a little jealous too.”

“Why are you jealous?”

“I don’t think something like that would happen to me. Who would even like me? It is not like I am beautiful or anything.”

“There is nothing about beauty. There will always be boys who are looking at you.”

“No, not in my case.”

She turned toward me, lying on her side with an elbow under her head. She pulled my lips and said, “You look beautiful to me. You have been hiding these assets from boys for far too long.” She just slid her hand on top of my breast and gave a quick squeeze.

It felt like an electric shock inside my body. I was totally in shock, and I was blushing. She saw that and started making fun of me. My body temperature rose, and I did not talk.

She observed that and asked, “What happened?”

I did not speak for some time. Then said, “I don’t know, I felt weird. I never felt like this.”

“Felt like what?”

“I don’t know. I can’t explain.”

“You mean like this?”

She just grabbed my left boob again, squeezing it. In an ideal condition, I should leave that bed and move away. Instead, I froze, gave out a small moan and hid my face. She turned my head and said, “You don’t have to be shy with me. What you are experiencing is a pleasure.”

“I have never experienced it.”

“What! You never orgasmed before?”

“What do you mean by orgasm?”

“Oh my god! You need to learn a lot. You are missing out on all the fun!”

“I never felt it. Whenever I see movies, I feel weird.”

“You see this?” Sneha started circling her fingers on my boob. I was not wearing anything underneath. Nobody wears anything underneath in the hostel. She rubbed her finger gently on my boob, and my nipples were erect in no time. I was breathing hard.

She looked into my eyes and said, “This is a pleasure.”

“Please stop it,” I just mumbled. Internally I don’t want to stop.

She removed her hand and held my face in her palm. “There are other pleasure points also if you want to know. I will only tell you if you want to know,” Sneha said.

I nodded. She slowly rubbed my lips with her thumb. “This is my favorite spot. Lips are the easiest way to turn you on,” she gently pinched my lower lips. Blood was rushing inside my body. “Have you kissed anyone?” She asked. “I know the answer, but I just want to confirm,” Sneha said.

I nodded sideways, saying NO.

She said, “It feels like silk on your lips. Wet and warm silk on your lips, someday you would experience it.” She started rubbing my ears. “These are other tender spots of your body. I like it when someone whispers into my ears and kisses them like this.”

She came close to my ear and exhaled into my ear. It tickled, but it felt really good. She can feel my body temperature rise. I can see her dreamy eyes. She ran her hand around my neck, just the fingertips. “Neck kisses are so sweet, and neck bites are sexy.”

“Bites, aah?” I asked.

“Yes. Bites.” She took my hand and gently bit the edge of my palm. I could feel her wet mouth and tongue on my hand. My legs were twitching. She put her hand on my stomach, gently lifted my t-shirt and asked, “Do you like the feeling so far?”

I said, “Yes!”

She slowly started sliding her hand into and up the t-shirt. I had to stop her, but I could not. She slid her hand between my boobs and kept her warm palm on the left boob. Her fingers were waking up my nipples. I was holding her hand. She just dipped her head into my neck.

She was gently rubbing the nipple, my hard nipple, against her fingers. She moved her hand onto the other boob and did the same. I was holding her wrist on the t-shirt. I was not stopping her but just holding it hard.

“Shhh,” she whispered in my ear. I can feel that something is melting in my lower body. I could not feel them. All I can feel is her breath, her wet lips on my neck and her hand squeezing my boob.

She circled her finger around my nipple, pinching it, and grabbed the boob. I was totally in heaven. I was moaning. She was gently kissing my neckline. I slowly moved my head towards her. Her kisses moved toward my lower lip, and our lips met.

She kissed my tight lips and gently started rubbing her lips on mine while holding my nipple between her fingers. She gently pinched them. I let out a moan on her lips. She slid her lips into mine. It was heaven. She suckled on my lower lip. I could feel her teeth and her tongue brushing my lips.

I just held her in a tight hug. Her kisses were so warm and wet. My lips were sliding in and out of her mouth. She would pull and suck them into her mouth while playing with my boob under the t-shirt. She slid her hand to my back and pressed her body into mine.

Our boobs were crushed between us. I could smell her sweet mouth and chapstick while running her nails on my back. I wanted more I did not know what. Her hand moved to my lower back and then into my pants. She pulled me towards her by placing her hand and squeezing my ass cheek.

I just melted in her hug. Her half-body was on me. My arms were all around her. She moved her hands from my ass to between my legs. My heart stopped for a second.  She kissed my neck, and her fingers and palm rubbed me down there.

I was moaning. I did not know how to control it. My whole body was on fire. There was electricity in all my hair in my body. I was moaning with my mouth open. She covered her face with my mouth. I started biting her lip. I could feel the wetness between my legs.

It was spreading around my pussy because of her hand. She would run her finger the entire length of my pussy. I would close my legs in pleasure. She would forcefully open them and start rubbing her thumb on my clitoris, which I thought I never had.

She rubbed my clitoris while her fingers squeezed my pussy lips. I was breathing hard. She whispered in my ear, “Do you like it!”

“Haaaaaa,” I moaned. She whispered in my ear again, “Kiss me hard.” I just obliged. All I could do was how I used to enjoy a lollipop. I was madly kissing her lips. She was pulling my lips with her lips.

She continued rubbing my clit, only faster with every turn. Pressure increasing. My blood was rushing between my legs. My mind was going blank. She lifted my t-shirt and put her mouth around my nipples, and started sucking them into her mouth. Then suddenly it happened, there were fireworks in my entire body.

My body was in electric shock. I just gave out a huge moan, and my entire body shivered. She gently let go of my boob and slowly removed her hand, holding my waist with her wet hand. She kissed me deeply. I was lost in pleasure. I had my first orgasm.

My legs were weak, and my pussy was quivering. Electric impulses were everywhere in my body, from the hair follicles on my head to my nipples. She gave me a long kiss, but my body was numb. Slowly panic kicked in. I quickly jumped out of bed and said I needed to pee.

I just went into the bathroom and waited while the guilt kicked in. I did not come out for 20 minutes. When I came out, she turned to the other side and was sleeping. I went to my bed and lay down. I could still feel her lips in mine, her fingers on my nipples, her hand between my legs.

I was wide awake in pleasure. I started hearing squeaks from her bed and gentle moans. I was embarrassed to move toward her bed because of the bathroom episode.

That’s how my pleasure journey started. Throughout our hostel life, we did many things and experimented a lot more.

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