Indian MILF’s Headaches Cured by Orgasms

This story is based on Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read in ///″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Savita Bhabhi Episode #143.

It was just another day at the restaurant for Savita Bhabhi, but she could not concentrate on her work. She was having migraines, and she clutched her head in pain. Alex, her restaurant partner, saw her in pain. He didn’t want her to burn out, so he told her to go home and get some rest.

Savita agreed and went home to take a nap. However, when she woke up, the headache felt worse. She was trying her best to fight it when Ashok walked into the house and saw her. She told him about her headache, but it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Ashok: Headache? I see. So what’s for dinner?

Savita: Ashok, I have a migraine. I don’t think I can cook.

Ashok: I just came back from a long day of work. You took the day off, so I think it’s fair you cook.

Savita couldn’t believe her husband’s attitude toward her pain. She cooked something up, but she wasn’t too happy about it. She quickly wrapped things up in the kitchen and put an ice pack on her face to hit the bed. She was drifting off when she felt her husband’s fingers on her legs. He pushed them up against her pussy and tried to finger her.

Savita: Ashok, I have a headache and am not in the mood for this.

Ashok: These “headaches” are starting to sound like such a convenient excuse…

Savita: You know what? It’s fine. Let’s fuck.

Ashok: Umm, ok. But only if you want to.

Savita: The sooner we finish, the sooner I can sleep.

She pulled off Ashok’s shorts and sucked his cock softly. She got his cock lubed up with her saliva and hopped on it. Ashok’s eyes widened as he felt Savita’s warm pussy grab his cock tight.

She rode him and bounced on his thighs. Savita wanted to cum, but she knew that Ashok could not make it happen. So she rode him hard and began touching herself.

Ashok: I love it when you play with yourself, fuck!

Savita (moaning): Yea?

Ashok: You like playing with yourself, don’t you? (Grunt)

Savita: Mmm, yea!

She rubbed her clit as Ashok rammed into her, and she felt her body convulse as she came on his cock. He felt her cum drip down his thrusting cock, grunting as he shot his warm cum deep inside her. Ashok collapsed and fell asleep from exhaustion. Savita woke up the next day, and her headache was gone.

Savita: Wow! I can’t believe my headache is gone!

Ashok: Really? I guess you can thank my cock for that.

She leaned over and kissed him. Then she got ready and headed for work feeling lighter than she did the day before. While at work, she kept thinking about how Ashok might have a point. Maybe orgasms do cure her.

Alex: How are you feeling, Savita?

Savita: I’m feeling much better today.

As they talked, Deepa, the waitress, walked up to them in a panic.

Deepa: There’s a bus parked in front of the restaurant.

Alex: Yea, it looks like a tour bus, and it’s filled with people.

Savita: Really? But we’re not even fully open yet. Deepa, why are you smiling like that?

Deepa: I’m just thinking of the tips I’m going to make. Oh, the assistant chef hasn’t shown up yet, and I’m the only waitress scheduled for today. I’ll need backup to handle these guests.

Savita felt her migraine return stronger than the night before. Ashok was nowhere nearby, and she needed to get off. She looked over at Alex and decided to go for it.

Savita: Alex, I need a favor from you.

Alex: Sure. What do you need?

She dragged him into the storeroom and closed the door.

Savita: I need you to have sex with me!

She started pulling off her clothes. First, the saree dropped off her shoulder, and she undid her blouse, and Alex was shocked.

Alex: What?!

Savita: It’s the only thing that cures my migraines.

Alex: Savita! We’re both married to other people. This isn’t right!

She tried to kiss him, but he pulled away. She slapped him and knelt between his legs. She pulled out his soft cock and looked at it longingly.

Savita: We used to do it before!

Alex: Circumstances have changed!

Savita: Oh, I get it. It’s ok, Alex. Erectile Dysfunction can happen to anyone at your age. Never mind.

She mocked and teased him mercilessly until he finally had enough of it.

Alex: My dick works just fine. Unless you forgot…

Savita turned around and opened her soft legs. She split her pussy lips and pulled him in close.

Savita: Why don’t you remind me?

Alex knelt between her legs and ate her pussy ferociously. Her pussy dripped as she felt his familiar tongue on her throbbing clit. He stood up, and she opened without hesitation to swallow his cock inside her, but it had been so long.

She had forgotten how big Alex was, and he grunted as he squeezed his hard cock inside her tight pussy. She kissed him hard, pushed him against a table, and sat on him.

Savita: I missed the way you stretched me out, Alex.

Alex: You still fit my cock like a glove, Savita.

He rammed hard inside her, and her moans echoed off the barren walls of the storage room. She opened her legs and undulated her hips into her forgotten lover. She bit his lip, and he buried his face in her neck as his cock slid smoothly in and out of her starving cunt.

Savita: Fuck, I missed this! Now I need one of those explosive orgasms only you can give me!

Alex: I’ve got one ready with your name on it!

He nailed her harder, and her moans bled through the crack in the door. The two of them were lost in the throes of passion when they heard a gasp at the door. It was Deepa, the waitress. She had come looking for them.

Alex looked at Deepa, but Savita told him not to pull out. She threw her head back and let him go at it as she looked deep into Deepa’s eyes. Deepa walked into the room and shut the door.

Deepa: You guys have an affair?!

Savita: Deepa, I need an orgasm to make the migraines go away. It’s a one-time thing.

Deepa: Fuck! I’ve found both of you so hot! Let’s fire up some orgasms and get back out there!

Deepa watched as Alex fucked Savita Bhabhi’s warm pussy. She leaned over and rubbed Savita’s clit. Savita bit her lip as she looked into Deepa’s eyes. Deepa opened her legs and ground her wet pussy against Savita’s knee. She played with Savita’s clit and whispered into Savita’s mouth.

Deepa: Please don’t fire me for sexually harassing you!

Savita: I won’t as long as you help me…

Before she could finish, Deepa got on top of her and kissed her deeply. Alex pulled down Deepa’s panties and fingered her asshole. She moaned into Savita’s mouth as Alex finger-fucked her ass. Savita felt herself getting closer to the climax.

She grabbed Alex’s ass and pulled his hard cock deeper into her. She bit Deepa’s nipples as Deepa grabbed onto both of Savita’s breasts. Alex pulled out and sprayed Savita and Deepa with his cum. Savita licked his cum off Deepa’s chest. The two kissed deeply and groaned into each other’s mouths.

Savita: Oh fuck! My migraine is completely gone again!

The three of them fixed themselves up and headed back to the restaurant.

Deepa: Now, let’s feed some customers!

A week later, she was at a farmer’s market shopping for mangoes when she felt it again. Another migraine had hit her hard. She looked at the young vendor in front of her, and her pussy throbbed gently as her mind raced. She grabbed him and pulled him out of the market, but he had no idea where they were headed.

Savita: Come, I’ll show you something.

Vendor: Ma’am, whatever lower prices you get offered for mangoes. I’ll match it!

She took him into a forested area and grabbed his hands. She kissed him deeply and placed his hands on her juicy tits. She let her top drop, and he instantly latched onto her soft nipples. She undressed and lay on the soft grass as he groped her aggressively.

Vendor: Fuck! That pussy looks good. Let me taste it.

Savita: Yea. Put your mouth on it. How’s it taste?

The vendor licked her tenderly and then shoved his thirsty tongue inside her. She moaned as she felt his tongue grinding against the inner walls of her dripping pussy.

Vendor: You taste like an exotic fruit…so fucking juicy!

Savita: Why don’t you put your cock inside me and fuck me good then!

He teased her labia softly, then started to push the length of his thick cock inside her. She groaned softly and bit her finger as she felt his cock slide inside her. Her pussy dripped onto his cock, and she kissed him. Her tongue swirled around his.

Savita took his hand and licked his fingers. She got them all slobbery and guided them toward her throbbing clit. She threw her head back as he licked her juicy tits and fingered her. His cock slid in and out of her as she felt her body arch and tighten.

She breathed heavily as her juicy pussy squirted onto his throbbing cock. He thrust himself inside her faster and came inside her MILF pussy. The young vendor laid his sweaty body on top of Savita and breathed into her mouth as they kissed. He licked the sweat off her neck and whispered into her mouth.

Vendor: I think I came inside you!

Savita: (sloppy kiss) Don’t worry. It’ll be our secret.

The two of them returned to the vendor’s stall. She purchased some mangoes and walked away as he tended to his other customers without saying a word. She felt light and free. Her migraine was gone for good.

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